Suits, Costumes and the Mask of Uniformity

by Zen Gardner

What’s been pre-programmed into the human psyche seeks affirmation. That’s the nature of the game we’ve been dropped into. Waking up to that reality takes some guts and determination but it’s happening on a massive scale despite the truth blockade and deliberate media and geopolitical insanity.

It’s hard to believe humanity falls for this uniform code stuff. Whether it’s dress codes, bar codes, speech codes or computer codes, it’s designed to dehumanize and forcefully structure our natural being into something mechanistic and clearly unnatural.

Just the word uniform is a dead giveaway: “Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times.” Suits is another. What “suits” you, playing cards come in “suits”, “suit” yourself, you’re well “suited” for the job, etc. There’s a world to explore there.

All this appeals to our left brain and rational reasoning side as far as practically organizing things, but completely muffles our imaginative and creative side. That’s largely how all this works. Sacrifice creative life to promote a determined, controllable outcome in order to survive and thrive in a deliberately hostile environment.

That just happens to be the world we live in. We apparently have some sort of self-appointed  “super” race of whatever origin designing the society we live in. Or so we’re led to believe. The program from whatever origin is sure in place. And we’re supposed to just fall in line with it without asking obvious questions.

Stark perhaps, but true.


The Mimicked Mechanization of Natural Processes

This is where the uniform programming is its most horrific. Schools, sports teams, jobs, the medical and scientific worker bee community, judges, priests and pastors, etc. And worst of all the police and military. Everywhere we witness dutifully dressed drones in white coats, black coats and uniforms of all kinds of foolish, mind-stinting and for some strange reason authority invoking regalia.

Not only are the military and now refurbished police the front line of this insane reinforcement of the uniform paradigm, but now this manufactured terrorist meme has become some kind of sophisticated horde of masked marauders in ominous matching outfits. All by carefully constructed design of course, but the masses can’t see that. They just react.

The deliberate dehumanization of these regimented machines is thunderously dystopian yet humanity justifies it by their shifting standards and controlled acceptance, saying it’s needed for “discipline” and “efficiency”. That’s essentially a massively ominous idea since most of these parading caricatures we are forced to witness are clearly designed to carry out pre-programmed agendas and cause horrific mayhem, and ultimately kill, maim and destroy anything they’re told to decimate.

Or “win” their game, “heal” humanity or cooperate with the paradigm they’ve been shoved into.

But uniformly of course. It’s the mimicked image of organized nature. The ultimate goal is to dehumanize the entire phenomenon and use humanity against themselves under the guises of order, progress, national security, defense, and the supposed proliferation of protection, and human welfare and freedom, of all things.

Again, the “uniform” cloaks all, whatever the design. Notice how masks have been implemented not just by this new wave of staged terrorists to hide their true origin and identity, but even in the military and police. Same agenda. Dehumanize, lose your personal human identity, and carry out the designed plan without compunction.

Ritualistic occultists do the same. It takes the accountability out of it and they can yield to their basest instincts for whatever motive. Artificial intelligence is designed to have the same effect. Never forget that emerging false reality.

AI takes all the personal accountability out of the picture. Like faceless rituals, anonymous drones, androids, robotic machines and other technofascist machinations including the increasingly powerful AI grid, are the extension of this thrust on the human domain. Just watch them blame the “machine” for going amok or some other malfunction.

It all follows the same script.

Business School --- Image by ©

Business School — Image by ©

Marketing Uniformity to the Masses

This uniformity infestation is very much like corporate branding. The logo is no small weapon, all while logo and slogan-blazened advertising including television, clothing, knickknacks and other bullshit is now the standard. Now think about badges and flags and uniform gear and the “lockstep”, mechanistic movements of social conformity.

All designed to dehumanize those involved while cultivating inordinate desires and allegiances. It’s a complete giveaway of the longstanding globalist agenda for subjugation and control, and the corporate world is a major arm of this social engineering program.

Just look at the media barrage, and the music and film industries, and every packaged film clip, product and poster you can find. They’re laced with this program. Some call them fads but they’re much more nefarious than that seemingly benign word. It’s a mind control and social engineering program in full swing.

Clothing and the Egoic Screensaver

That we need to be clothed a certain way to assert or project our identity according to the latest meme pretty much says it all in this unconscious world being projected on us.

If we’re afraid of making our soul and spirit our statement then let’s throw up some “screen saver of identity”, much like the social media phenomenon going on today. It’s no longer just physical clothing, nor has it ever been, but now more than ever humanity has the ability to throw up an engineered projection of themselves on a major scale.

Fake personalities are part of the same projection.

The problem is, this is exactly what’s being used against those who use them through strategic manipulation by the monolithic mainstream media. They’re simply reinforcing, as well as re-generating, this mechanism that is only becoming more transparent.

This is why so many are breaking free of this programming as their inner selves cry out for freedom. They know something is seriously wrong with this phony projected world and want out.


Worker Bees and the Profoundly Insipid, Usurping Royals

This is another stain on the human psyche. To accept these ruling parasites is akin to abject insanity. And how do they get away with it? Pomp and circumstance and a whole lotta bullshit regalia, passed down for millennia and groveled under by a forcibly, and voluntarily subservient, passive observership.

It’s not just uniforms, but ornate costumes and threatening scabbards and crowns designed to subjugate the unwary. Blow enough trumpets, rattle your sabers, show your self-given medals, and dress accordingly in bright colors and lots of flashy medals and it seems the masses will swoon.

But not all.

Once the wake up happens these images and phony symbols lose their power. They’re clearly empty self-aggrandizing crap, like all the awards and ceremonies they and Hollow-wood and others perform continually to congratulate and reward each other. A closed club of inbred psychopaths reveling in their self induced sense of importance.

So why do so many fall for it? It’s pre-programmed and socially engineered to be reinforced. It’s deep within the human archetypal landscape and needs to be identified and routed out.

It’s time to fully snap out of this hogwash and wake up from it. With clear cut indignation, amongst other natural reactions. But break the spell and sick, historical psychic cycle we must.

See It for What It Is

When the phoniness and intention of this staged reality becomes clear it only massively empowers. But only if you’re willing to let go. Unfortunately these memes are so woven into the fabric of society it isn’t easy to break free.

Uniform identity and behavior implies connectivity and hence security, something everyone craves. As well as a common cause and possibly some sort of brother or sisterhood, which is where secret societies gain their membership as well as cloistered groups trying to find an alternative identity.

This is also why rituals are so powerful and attractive, such as religious and occult practices. They give a sense of collective identity, something we all sense is real but is cleverly shunted into lower level, manipulated expressions of such, having been given no other recourse within this worldly matrix of deceit due to the engineered degradation of the family and society and any real sense of self.

We now know our connectivity is much more profound and empowering than any of this “surface tension” trying to keep us from discovering and utilizing that very connectivity.

The phony façade is dissipating as we speak.


The Future is Up to Us

We determine what the road ahead will be. No matter what has led up to this point in history we can change its direction. Simply following and repeating a clearly failed system and its corrupt teaching is akin to complete insanity, and there are plenty of us left that aren’t in that state.

We need to simply rise to the occasion. Point out the obvious flaws and fallacies and direct others towards true resources of truth and empowerment. What’s lacking is courage. The courage to take this challenge on headlong and defy this overreaching system.

Building the future by being fully here and now needs to be our life statement. But that has personal implications that far transcend just being “aware”.

As Buckminster Fuller aptly said, “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

Much love always,



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