So It Begins: American Police Start Pushing to Weaponize Domestic Drones



By Claire Bernish

Police are now voicing their concerns about domestic drone use — specifically, they want the option to be able to employ weaponized drones in the future, should the need arise.

As if police brutality and aggression weren’t already an epidemic in the United States, police departments in Connecticut oppose a bill to outlaw the weaponization of drones. The bill also addresses unmanned aerial vehicles fitted with cameras, and their potential to violate the privacy rights of individuals. But law enforcement departments in the state appear far more concerned with being deprived of the possibility of arming them with weapons, rather than cameras.

As FOX 61 reported, bills currently being considered would both restrict drone use and classify arming them with any weapons — such as firearms or flamethrowers — as a Class C felony. Employing drones to set off explosives, deadly weapons, tear gas, and the like would be punishable by ten years in prison — and, at the moment, that would include law enforcement. As written, the bill would require law enforcement to procure a warrant prior to using a drone for any reason.

Connecticut legislators seem to be taking practically the opposite route of those in North Dakota.

In 2015, North Dakota passed a law granting police the right to arm drones with “less than lethal” weaponry. Quietly slipping under the radar of the public and the media, the bill as originally written by its sponsor, Representative Rick Becker, banned all weapons on police drones — until a powerful police lobby had its way with the original draft.

“Bruce Burkett of the North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association was allowed by the state house committee to amend HB 1328 and limit the prohibition only to lethal weapons. ‘Less than lethal’ weapons like rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers are therefore permitted on police drones,” Justin Glawe reported for The Daily Beast in August.

Of course, ‘less than lethal’ is quite a misnomer. Besides maiming and seriously injuring people, many of those options can also be fatal — particularly Tasers.

“This is not one I’m in full agreement with. I wish it was any weapon,” Becker rued at a hearing in March. “In my opinion, there should be a nice, red line: Drones should not be weaponized. Period.”

He noted the potential for police to mimic U.S. use of drones abroad, as in fighting ISIL — particularly because, he added, “When you’re on the ground, and you’re making decisions, you’re sort of separate. Depersonalized.”

North Dakota may have succumbed to Big Drone’s wishes — as the Daily Beast described the booming industry and its lobbyists — but it’s almost inevitable that privacy rights groups, legislators, concerned citizens, and law enforcement will point to its and Connecticut’s laws as reference precedents. Depending on which turn the bills before the Connecticut legislature take, that state could be added to what will likely be a growing list of laws for how to deal with weaponized drones.

Joining the battle to prevent police spying by drone, the ACLU was slated to testify about the Connecticut bill on Tuesday.

For now, the prospect of law enforcement arming drones remains a legal gray area — at least, in most areas of the U.S.


Also by Heather Callaghan


5 Things You Need to Know About This Week’s Drone Wars

It’s the rise of the drones, an era more likely concocted in the surreal world of Ray Bradbury – not meant to interact with us in everyday reality. But here they are among us.

As drones – all types of flying drone aircraft (hobby, media and law enforcement) – become ubiquitous, the process of figuring out legalities is long overdue.

There is already an obvious bent toward arresting anyone obstructing the use of snooping law enforcement drones; whereas, personal drones or products that protect individuals from invading drones are heavily probed.

Here are five important drone developments from this week alone:

1. Non-violently protecting others from an invasive drone and potential injury ends in arrest.

You may have read Joe Wright’s report on Activist Post. A California man merely tossed his T-shirt at a beach drone because he thought it might hurt some nearby children. Drones have been known to hit, injure and even cut people. Singer Enrique Iglesias probably does not find drones to be a friendly presence after one sliced his hand at a concert.

Within 10 minutes of downing the craft, the beach-goer found himself surrounded by police, under arrest and detained on $10,000 bond. Not much is known about the drone operator, any connections with police or why his drone was on the public beach in such close proximity of people.

In the same article, Wright mentions a New Jersey man in trouble over keeping one off of his own property. Well…

2. NJ man arrested for downing drone actually indicted by grand jury – faces two felony charges.

This is getting serious. The Smoking Gun reports:

Russell Percenti, 33, is facing criminal mischief and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose charges. The latter count carries a maximum of ten years in prison, while Percenti could face up to 18 months on the lesser felony rap.

Percenti […] was arrested last September after Leonard Helbig reported that someone “shot his drone out of the air with a shotgun while he was taking pictures of a friend’s property that is under construction.”

Perhaps seeing an opening in the market…

3. A company just created “Drone Munition” shot shell specifically for protection against invasive drones.

Washington Times reports about the company called Snake River Shooting Products:

“We are very excited to be manufacturing a product focused on defending our freedoms. We see this line as a game changer in the industry and as an important defense against rising threats to our way of life,” says Casey Betzold, president of the company, which specifically cites the case of a Kentucky father who recently shot down a drone that was hovering near his daughter, who was sunbathing in their backyard.

California has just echoed those concerns by…

Hoarding these items is better than having money in the bank (Ad)

4. Approving drone trespassing crime bills.

Associated Press reports:

In the state Senate, lawmakers voted 40-0 to approve AB856 by Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, classifying drone use to take pictures or video on private property as an invasion of privacy.

Meanwhile, the Assembly voted 43-11 on AB856 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, which would create a trespass crime for operating a drone less than 350 feet above ground over private property without consent.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Glendale feels strongly that it makes sense to extend property rights upward and said:

If you drive on someone’s property car, you’re trespassing. If you’re looking on someone’s property to break in, you’re trespassing. It makes no sense that a drone should be able to look in your window and the operator should not be guilty of the same trespass.

Of course, the motivation in California seems to surround paparazzi abuse. Other members disapproved the bills and felt they would dampen the industry and stifle innovation.

Such as…

5. The introduction of police taser and tear gas drones!

First it was India, but you didn’t think it was coming to America? Well, North Dakota just legalized weaponized drones for law enforcement. Yes, it is now possible for police to fire “less than lethal” taser prongs and tear gas at people from the air (while keeping themselves snugly safe at a remote location). If a person didn’t know any better, they might wonder what this newest development in the militarization of police signals for the future.

The pro-police and pro-drone lobbyist succeeded in pushing for “less than lethal” weapons like rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers now approved for law enforcement drones. (Read more)

There are simply no more words.

Let’s get this straight – you will be jailed and charged with felonies for protecting children or personal property for injurious and snooping drones. If police fire potentially lethal rounds at you from the air – no probs. There is Drone Munition but it might only be legal if you are a Hollywood actor staving off a paparazzi camera?

Aren’t you glad you stumbled on this week’s “haps” while living under the Drone Apocalypse? I wasn’t either. With enough uproar and refusal to accept this menacing presence in our lives maybe weaponized and surveillance drones won’t be a worthwhile industry after all.

Have you seen low-flying drones out in public where you live? Have you read any other stories of people being arrested for shooting down drones? Please leave details in the comment section and share this story with a friend!




15 Responses to “So It Begins: American Police Start Pushing to Weaponize Domestic Drones”

  1. dkblue says:

    Off topic
    Chris Spivey has just released his long-awaited piece on the death of Diana…his conclusion – she wasn’t murdered

    • I appreciate you being my Spivey translator Abi saving me wading through. Does he mean accidental death? Or shes alive somewhere and it was a psyop? And if so what on earth was the gain for the illuminati faking her death?
      Icke explains in considerable detail on youtube it was an illuminati sacrifice, the goddess l’Alma etcwtc 13th pillar etc
      How the Cabalist Jews took overChristianity

      Whatbegan as a Jewish vendetta against Rome…

      …has turned into an opportunity to rule the world

      While Iwas writing Is Vladimir theJewish Messiah?, Icameto a realization…

      “The more I lookupon the forcible Jewish takeover of the Russian Orthodox Church (through the Communist Revolution), and the guileful Jewish takeover of the Roman Catholic Church (through the Jesuits), the more our current world situation looks like the Jews’ settling of oldscores with the Roman Empire. Rome survived itspolitical fall in the form of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and now the Jewshave taken over both. They have exacted their revenge for Masada and the Inquisition, and they are currently setting about the task of taking a spoil of all of Rome’s sheep (the Christians) by delivering themtwo messiahs…

      Beyond the scoresthey wish to settle, the Jewsalsohave a long-term goal they wish toaccomplish: to take over the world for themselves and their god concept. To achieve thisgoal, they have instigated wars and played money and debt scams in order tobring the world’s royals under their influence and into their fold. They have thus injected the Davidic Bloodline intoroyal families the world over. And soon, they will attempt to bring all of us into aNew World Order, which is the next stop on a road that leadstoa global theocratic dictatorship run by them.”

      Over the courseof thenextfew days, we’re going to explorethis realization in moredepth, and we’ll do so by covering fivepoints…

      Point I – The Origin of Jewish Antipathy to the Roman Empire, theJewish-Roman wars Point II – How theJews took over the Western Roman Empire, theRoman Catholic Church Point III – How theJews took over the Eastern Roman Empire, theEastern Orthodox Church Point IV – How theJews took over the Roman Rebels, the Protestant Churches Point V – How theJews will use the Roman Imperial Religion, Christianity, to install a Jewish God-King over the Earth (unless we wakeup and alter thescript)

      You will find thecoming week most interesting. Beforewe begin, though, I mustgo to theoptometrist today to get somenew glasses. Replacing two of my four eyes will help me better seethis conspiracy.

      Check back tomorrow.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        More than a ring of truth to that one. The jooish fingerprints are too hard to miss all over the crime scene, even for some dodgy JU$A CSI dept. They have been trying to make “the death of Christianity” look like a natural act when it is far from it. In fact it is obvious that we are looking at a cold blooded murder which leads straight to the question, who’s hand is on the murder weapon?

        This idea that Christianity just died out naturally of its own accord, because somehow “it kind of became out of date don’t cha know” is laughable. Even the most hardcore hetrophobes and feminazis (not of the jooish type anyway) were hardly calling rabidly for the closure of churches, forced gay marriage, enforced atheism, relentlessly eulogising Charles Darwin etc etc.

        It is quite obvious what is happening, that it is happening quite intentionally and who is behind it and why.

        The usual suspects of course. Oy Vey.


      Thursday, March 3, 2016

      Third Quarter Moon Phase: complete, take responsibility

      Moon in Capricorn

      Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

      Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

      Skill: be open to receiving

      True Alignments: tradition, gatherings, blessings, inner beauty, producing images and art, recognizing qualifications, resolution of a family issue, utilitarianism, facts, putting the fun in something, peace, applying wisdom, favorable presentations, strong foundations

      Catalysts for Change: failure to see improvement, selling out or selling short, false flags, overreliance on appearance, unimpressed, self-sacrifice, tricks, deception, inability to delay gratification, lies, immature, unable to have fun, contempt, believing the grass is greener on the other side

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: ” a large white dove bearing a message” (important information offered)

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of human consciousness)

      Today, Venus reaches 20 Aquarius, reactivating the New Moon energetic and this solar-lunar month’s energy of “a large white dove bearing a message,” doubling the power for us to receive guidance and messages from Source.

      It also means double trouble for the new world order, as their agendas are not in any way in alignment with a dove of peace. We, however, do hold a mindset of peace as the cabal attempts to manipulate the world through North Korea. Mars has moved to the last degree of Scorpio and “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks,” tempting the archontically-controlled Illuminati into playing tricks. Any attempts are “end game” moves because they know their time has run out. Their efforts to create order out of chaos (induce a problem, incite a reaction, ride in on a horse with a solution that “saves the day”) are falling apart in their hands, their energies scattered to the four directions. Nothing that they do now can have any long-term effect because the Wisdom Goddess Gaia Sophia deems it so. Sophia is recalling the Archons, reintegrating her shadow side into her psyche.

      In addition to the heightened power of signs and synchronicities that put us on proper course with our lives, today also carries the energetics of:

      1- RE-ANYTHING – In other words, the prefix “re” is applied to situations. The prefix “re” means back or again. The energy favors re-allocating, re-directing, re-applying, re-forming, re-introducing, re-placing, re-arranging, and re-cycling. The dynamic shows us different or alternative uses or functions or methods of things. This comes to us courtesy of Mercury at “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply for winter.” What can be re-done with what already exists?

      2- LESSONS FROM THE PAST or from family history help us solve something or gain the strength needed to change something. We may have to dig very deeply inside of something or ourselves, going to the core or root of it, as the Earth is located at the degree of “a family tree.” What needs to be re-established? What have we learned from past experience?

      3- MAGNETIC ATTRACTION, following the Resonance Principle of like attracting like and dis-alike repelling dis-alike, is strongly in effect. The Sun is discharging the archetypal energy of “a lady wrapped in fox fur.” We look to see that the outer matches the inner when this symbol’s energy is activated. What qualities are being displayed?

      Today we want to be extra-observant wise owls in our family tree, as signs and synchronicities are falling out of the sky, hoping that we can catch them. They “tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe” – John Lennon, Across the Universe, The Beatles.

      And, speaking of, throughout this solar-lunar year, I have mentioned many pieces of music. What music has inspired and informed your Year of the Music of the Spheres? Give it some thought and if you would like to add yours to the Playlist, for posterity, a Survey Monkey form will be here tomorrow for you to send it in. It will be part of the Records of the Wise Owls – those who foresaw Second Renaissance and proceeded to build it.

      (Fun note: Last August, the Oracle Academy website that was being constructed was hacked into and dismantled. A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Oracle Report, needless to say. That domain is compromised. After a long waiting period, this morning the Wisdom Goddesses sent a large white dove bearing a message directing me to obtain the domain Long, but precise. I follow orders from headquarters and immediately did so, even without checking the astrology. Much to my delight, as I began today’s report, it soon became clear how perfect the timing was for such a thing. Happy day and happy birthday to the Oracle Report Academy! Look for announcements and recordings here at Oracle



      It also means double trouble for the new world order, as their agendas are not in any way in alignment with a dove of peace. We, however, do hold a mindset of peace as the cabal attempts to manipulate the world through North Korea. Mars has moved to the last degree of Scorpio and “children in Halloween costumes indulging in various pranks,” tempting the archontically-controlled Illuminati into playing tricks. Any attempts are “end game” moves because they know their time has run out. Their efforts to create order out of chaos (induce a problem, incite a reaction, ride in on a horse with a solution that “saves the day”) are falling apart in their hands, their energies scattered to the four directions. Nothing that they do now can have any long-term effect because the Wisdom Goddess Gaia Sophia deems it so. Sophia is recalling the Archons, reintegrating her shadow side into her psyche.

      In addition to the heightened power of signs and………..

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “I appreciate you being my Spivey translator Abi saving me wading through”

      Spivey translator, now isn’t that required!

      No offence to the Big Spiv but ye gods I know what you mean. It is a whole different dialect they use over in Essex Yorkie land otherwise known as a small corner of Southend (have I got that right?). It is like some kind of conspiracy gangland argot that you have to be down with the kiddies to understand like. Must annoy Big Brother so its grand as far as I am concerned.

  2. dkblue says:

    Hey Adam – you owe me! That was such a looong detailed expose by Chris.
    Basically after analysing the photographic and cctv evidence it is clear that it has been completely falsified, spliced etc also with ridiculous time stamp discrepencies from beginning to end. It seems for some unknown reason that the ‘establishment murdered her’ conspiracy theory was promoted by TPTB themselves. Why? No idea. Also explains the boys at times cheerful demeanour at her funeral procession tho.
    At the end of the article he starts doing his photoshop thing re key players having multiple identities which I often don’t see to be honest. Then he says it is possible Diana didn’t even exist! So major weird rabbit hole alert there….

    • Wow many thanks for all this mind bending stuff youve brought to us from the Spivey coalface – i owe you bigtime!

      What to make of the Diana revelations. Yes i found it extremely odd William and Harrys odd odd odd odd behaviour on sunday morning smiling colecting flowers from.the crowds. Ridiculous.
      Somethings up definitely.
      Maybe the PTB derive their power from such colossal deceptions…..incl maybe even heliocentrism……since it channels and funnels.the massess attention and Qi etheric energy down a cul de sac they.can.then.more easily drain off. Not to mention manipulate society more easily

      Are we in The Truman Show Abi? More than we ever reailsed?

      Bloody hell

      Interesting Orange order info too thanks a lot. 😉

      • dkblue says:

        Yes, I think the energy harvest is a big part of it – like 911.

        Speaking of fake deaths, reminds me of Nicole Kidman’s fathers death weeks after allegations of his involvement in an elite SRA ring… and she very quickly appeared smiling and fine. Then her sister Antonia’s ex husband died suddenly and unexpectedly of a ‘heart attack’ when in the pinnacle of good health and fitness. Guess he knew too much.
        Do you think we’ll be carted off Adam to a re-education camp or disposed of for knowing inconvenient truths?

    • Quick random thought before i brush my teeth

      – maybe william and harry were.trauma based mind controlled MKUltrad since very small. And on that morning the Royals used handler codes to bring forth completely different Alter personalities in the boys?

      – Diana must have existed surely?

      – in this complex game Abi. Lets not discount the posdibility that chris spivey might be one of the cleverest controlled opposition operations ever produced by the sec services……perhaps even with spivey not knowing this himself? Who knows anymore where the Truman Show ends and Reality begins?

      Just sayin…..

      • dkblue says:

        Apparently the royals are microchipped.
        Would have thought Diana existed and yes to your last comment

    • dkblue says:

      Taken from the article ‘the Night of the Living Dead, Chris Spivey summarises;

      So lets recap what we have so far and make a few accusations while I’m at it:

      The CCTV evidence is all faked although there is more evidence to come.
      Lord Stevens & Paul Condom spent over twelve and a half Million Pounds of your money [not] investigating Diana’s death (now bizarrely reduced to £3.5 Million) and could not fail but to know that the CCTV evidence was all fake – who has stolen the money fellas?
      The photographic evidence is all fake and I once again accuse Gay-Lords Stevens & Condom of knowing that fact
      There was no aggravation from the Paparazzi whatsoever and I once again accuse the Gay-Lords of knowing that fact
      Quite obviously ALL of the senior members of the British Royal Family participated in the fraud, including the Duck, the Queen and Diana: Princess of Wales – and I publicly accuse them of doing so.
      I also accuse Tony Blair, all of his cabinet at the time and the labour shadow cabinet now of actively committing treason .
      I also accuse the whole of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet of the time and the full Conservative Cabinet in government now of aiding and abetting the crime amounting to Treason.
      I also do the same in the cases of former French President Jacques Chirac, Current French President Francois Hollande, French Judges, Herve Stephan and Marie-Christine Devidal – along with the current French Interior Minister and the French Interior Minister at the time.
      I also accuse Judge Scott Baker and all the barristers acting at the Diana Inquest of committing Treason.
      I also accuse various heads of the British Security Services of doing the same.
      I also accuse Mohamed Al Fayed, his son Dopi Fayed, John Macnamara (who doesn’t really exist) and Fayed’s barrister, Michael Mansfield of doing the same
      I also claim my reward of $20 Million Dollars from Mohamed Al Fayed for the proof that Dodi & Diana DID NOT die in a car accident.

      And there are plenty more who are seriously involved in this charade who MUST be put on trial for their participation.

  3. dkblue says:

    Spivey also goes into the Orange Order which synchronistically I wrote about the other day. It appears that symbolic artefacts have been introduced into the faked CCTV images such as skulls and colours such as orange…

    A quick look at the Orange Order from…
    ‘The Orange Order was founded on 21st September 1795 shortly after the ‘Battle of the Diamond’ outside a small village in Northern Ireland called Loughgall. Three well-known local men of the area, James Wilson, Dan Winter, and James Sloan, formed the Orange institution. History reveals that all three men were dedicated Freemasons..’
    ‘there has been a growing evangelical opposition to the highly degrading Masonic ritualistic practices of the Royal Arch Purple and the Royal Black Institutions within the Orange over this past number of years. The public exposure of these two organisations for the first time in over 200 years in Behind Closed Doors and Inside the Royal Black Institution, has hit the Orders hard. The Royal Black in particular won’t openly talk about the startling revelations because it fears a public scandal and more evangelical resignations from the Black.’
    Plus their royal ties’
    ‘The infant Orange Order strategically identified itself with the Dutch-born Protestant William Prince of Orange.’
    and traditional allegiance to the British
    Royal family
    ‘The Orange Order is Loyalist in its outlook, strongly supporting the Monarchy of England and the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.’
    as well as being unionist, so political, it just all seem to be at total odds with the essence of the Cathar teachings – love and personal sovereignty.

    Also, is this related to the Dutch Order of the House of Orange – we have heard of the Dutch Royal connections to heinous crimes against children. I read yesterday that Donald Trump is sponsored by the Dutch Royal family…

  4. dkblue says:

    Sorry Tap
    On topic now
    Regs for privately owned drones in Australia

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