Sleepwalking into oblivion

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False nobility leads to disaster, masks the continuing holocaust

“Your ‘love’ for your people

Puts them in mortal danger.

Your exercise of justice is the root

Of war after war!

Your grand intentions

Will end in disaster!”

I don’t know why news of yet another war has horrified me so profoundly, but that’s what happened when I learned that France was renewing the neverending war on Libya. Here’s a country that has been hammered into virtual nonexistence by an avalanche of lies and false pretenses. All its assets have been stolen, and most of its people murdered.

All the while Americans and most of the Jew-controlled white Western world pay no notice to the continuing crimes against humanity they unwittingly finance. Israel’s goal of turning all of its neighbors — and soon all the countries in the world — into either failed states or obedient vassals has largely succeeded, but the actions of France show us that once Jew-victim countries are destroyed, its people will continue to be tortured until no gentile remains alive.

What makes no sense to me is that while the Jewish leaders of socialist France have made an obvious attempt to Muslimize their country, here they are making war on Islamist targets in another nation that has already been destroyed. What other reason other than the routine practice of violent annihilation the Western powers seem to so eager to practice could France, a country besieged within its own borders by Muslim no-go-zones, should give aid to Islam within its own borders but attack Muslims outside its own geographical confines?

The worst of this continuing insanity is that the French government has made reporting on these maneuvers a crime. The French people by law are not allowed to know what its government is doing. This is the end of France as a free country.

And given what has transpired in the U.S. these last few years, maybe our own condition as well. The Freedom of Information Act has in fact been dead for years.

Likely this is the reason that Daryl Bradford Smith, an American living in France for decades, has closed down his website, The French Connection, which was known throughout the liberty loving world as a repository for some of the finest anti-tyranny texts in the world. Daryl doesn’t want to be put in jail for trying to tell the truth, so who can blame him. Let’s hope he can avoid the iron heel of what Jewish censors do to people they don’t like.

The world is being crushed into silence at the point of a gun, and no one — no country or individual — has the power to stop this madness.

“If you set out to ‘accomplish something great’
You only deceive yourself.
Your love and justice
Are fraudulent.

They are mere pretexts
For self-assertion, for aggression.

One action will bring on another

And in the chain of events
Your hidden intentions
Will be made plain.

Many people have already figured out that this ubiquitous “terror threat” that motivates so much of world’s military motion is really a hoax, that the “enemies of freedom” are really constructs created by powerful manipulative men who simply want to sell weapons and run their economies in that cynical way.

This is how we got Al-Qaeda as the all-purpose terror threat that supposedly brought down the World Trade Center, and now how we have ISIS (ISIL or DAESH), an enemy we created and are funding but are also claiming to be fighting, or were before Russia stepped in and fulfilled the prophecy of the uncanny mystic Edgar Cayce, who once predicted Russia would be the hope of the world, as it now seems to be.

And we also suspect that the tidal wave of refugees now overwhelming Europe with its crass atrocities was deliberately arranged by the Coalition of the Killing, as U.S. ally Turkey not only enabled the refugees from the country it helped destroy, Syria, to scramble toward the country that invited them, Germany. All the while Turkey assisted these U.S. created rebels in stealing Iraq’s oil to further depress the world’s oil market and wreck the oil industries in Russia and Venezuela, precisely two more countries the U.S. wishes to destroy.

“You claim to practice justice.

Should you seem to succeed

Success itself will bring more conflict.
Why all these guards
Standing at attention

At the palace gate, around the temple altar,


In this toxic climate created by the all-encompassing Jewish hammerlock on reality, there is no end in sight to the false flag atrocities and continuing constriction of people’s right to live their own lives free of the sadistic regimentation that is squeezing the life out of everyone.

While the French government has publicly financed a giant mosque in the middle of Paris, in Britain a new law has been passed prohibiting the boycott of Israeli products by public bodies and student unions.

Certainly there is no hope of escaping from the mindlock of Jewish manipulation from the freeze dried crop of current presidential candidates who seem to oscillate between making America’s military even stronger than the nightmare entity it has already become and simultaneously vying for contributions from the billionaires from Israel who control American life in all its aspects.

And do not be deceived by Donald Trump’s apparently relevant iconoclasm, because he, through his gambling interests, is a child of the Rothschilds and staunch friend of Israel, who promises to make America’s military even more demonically insane than it already is.

Again, many people have already figured out that none of the candidates talk about the issues that are critical to our continued survival. They chatter on about a global warming carbon tax yet say nothing about the deliberate poisoning of our food supply, the continuing assassinations of doctors who aspire to bring us genuine health instead of addicting pills, and all agree the sending jobs overseas and keeping the laws it creates secret from the general public is a good idea.

Of course all of these politicians are motivated not by good faith or patriotic duty, but by the cash contributions they receive from Jewish contributors, preposterously rich from their ill-gotten gains.

The same dynamic was at work recently in Oregon, when a majority of the citizens failed to support true patriots protesting the federal takeover of private land because to do so would have meant the loss of their jobs since many of them worked for government agencies and had families to support.

Ammon Bundy and his father Cliven and their friends now face long prison terms in kangaroo courts ultimately controlled by the Jews. They stood up for the the finest patriotic principles, but the people in general, fearing for their own security, refused to stand by them.

“You are at war with yourself!

You do not believe in justice,

Only in power and success.
If you overcome

An enemy and annex his country

You will be even less at peace

With yourself than you are now.

Nor will your passions let you

Sit still. You will fight again
And again for the sake of

A more perfect exercise of ‘justice’!

We see today that most Americans have yet to realize that supporting savagery overseas eventually brings it home upon ourselves. We see how our police, trained in Israel, have basically changed the nature of America. From a benevolent society once accustomed to trusting the police in emergencies, we now have to fear for our lives that they’ll kill us for any reason at all.

This is the perfect result of karma, or the Biblical enjoinder of “as you reap so shall you sow.” Deep down, you know what the end of all this will be, and raking yourself over the coals for not doing what you had to do when there was still time to do it will be of no consequence now, when we are all clambering just to stay alive.

Is it too late to avert this fate? Only you can answer that question, and by your actions, determine whether it will happen or not.

“Abandon your plan
To be a ‘loving and equitable ruler.’

Try to respond
To the demands of inner truth.
Stop vexing yourself and your people

With these obsessions!
Your people will breathe easily at last.

They will live
And war will end by itself!”

Quotes in bold italic were extracted from The Way of Chuang Tzu by Thomas Merton in the chapter titled “Advising the Prince”.

Copyright © 1965 by the Abbey of Gethsemani




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