Russia and US cut a pipeline deal

Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control Of Europe

Eric Zuesse

On Friday, March 18th, a combined effort by George Soros, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Tayyip Erdogan, arranged to get the EU to abandon previously sacrosanct fundamental human rights of refugees, and to transfer $6B+ to Turkey, in return for placing the refugee burden onto Turkey and getting Turkey to cooperate so as to assist the breakup of Syria, which will enable a gas-pipeline and an oil-pipeline to be built through Syria to enable Qatar’s gas and Saudi Arabia’s oil to be pipelined through Syria into the EU, so as to replace Russian oil and gas, which now fuel the EU.

Here, in my rush translations from the original German-language reports at German Economic News (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten) are the key reports and headlines:

Turkey deal: Germany could take majority of refugees

[Translated by Eric Zuesse from] German Economic News  |  Published:18:03:16 02:56 Clock

The most important consequence of the EU summit is not in the official statement. A plan long discussed, now finalizing: Germany takes the majority of refugees from Turkey, and oil and gas pipelines will replace Russian oil and gas to Europe by Saudi oil and Qatari gas.

Europe’s energy supply should result in future Syria. (Graphic:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.40.37 PM

According to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the leaders of the European Union mutually agreed with Turkey to cut Russia out of the EU gas market, cut Qatar [a U.S. ally] in. They agreed in the early hours of Friday on a refugee-&-gas-pipeline package to be approved by the Turkish government.

This agreement will substantially correspond to the Pact of Angela Merkel with Turkish President Erdogan. But it apparently comprises only a small portion of the prepared between Germany, Turkey and the USA.

Gerald Knaus, director of the Soros-funded think tank “European Stability Initiative” (ESI), for many months now has been advising Chancellor Angela Merkel on the refugee crisis. His ESI submitted the plan in October.

The original plan consists of two parts: On the one hand, Germany should, during the coming year, “grant 500,000 Syrian refugees asylum, who are now in Turkey.” Other European countries may participate, but on a voluntary basis. At the same time Turkey will take from Greece “all new migrants.”

Knaus, himself Austrian, told the Viennese daily the press, that “in the background, a more radical idea has already been largely negotiated” which will “probably very soon be announced“: Knaus said that a “coalition of the willing” will take 900 Syrians per day — “no matter how many Syrians come to Greece.” This would be about 300,000 people per year — slightly less than in the original Soros plan.

The reason for Europe’s acquisition of hundreds of thousands of refugees is obvious: The proposed EU summit one-to-one solution would not be enough to relieve Turkey significantly. Moreover, it’s not lawful from the perspective of the Geneva Convention, as human rights organizations have complained since the start of the Soros proposal. The coalition of the willing currently consists of Germany, Portugal and Sweden. Austria has not yet agreed. Presumably Merkel will move some other countries also to participate. Thus, the plan could be presented as a European solution.

From an organizational standpoint, Knaus thinks that consideration in Turkey of the plan will succeed in an agreement being reached. Knaus holds this to be essential. He told the newspaper Die Welt: “The acceptance, by the public, of receiving the refugees is essential. Had we in Europe started earlier with a quota solution, we’d be farther along today. I think that also Sweden and Austria would have been on our side. Unfortunately, the process in the past year fell out of control. We had no idea who is coming into our country. This fueled fears. “

The Soros plan is apparently agreed with the US government. Angela Merkel supported in this way the geopolitical plans of the Americans, who have a special interest in developing their energy policies in the region. They are planning the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). Construction of TAP is pushed by the United States. This will run from the Turkish border via Greece, Albania and the Strait of Otranto to Italy. Thus, one of the main refugee routes to Europe, which is particularly overloaded after the closure of the Balkan route, will be cleared for pipelining gas into Europe.

Further destabilization of the TAP region is therefore not in the interests of the United States. They also want to ensure that Europe is supplied via a pipeline that’s under US control, not under Russian control. The US and Russia are fighting for the European energy market.

It is interesting in this context that a competing Russian pipeline through Syrian territory could also result. The surprising retreat of the Russians from Syria might suggest that there could be an agreement between Russia and the US: In this way, the geopolitical interests of both Great Powers could be safeguarded. The relationship between the pipeline projects and the war in Syria has the raw material site analyzed in order that all parties want to solve the dependence of Saudi oil.

In this connection the role of the Americans is also in the media largely ignored regarding the visiting US diplomat Victoria Nuland in Idomeni. Nuland’s pithy sayings (such as “fuck the EU”) and her role in Ukraine, made her try to become known as a Goodwill Ambassador for Europe; she Thursday visited the refugee camps in the northern Greek Idomeni, reports Kathimerini .

The Turkish news portal Haberler reports what Nuland said in Idomeni: “It needs to be done for these people more. Athens has made a direct request to Washington. In this difficult situation, I’m here, for American-Greek solidarity. We will work together to solve the problem of distribution of refugees within the EU. In addition, we want to help ensure that the deal between the EU and Turkey is fair and transparent. It’s time to better accommodate the migrants. “

On 11 March, Nuland met with representatives of the Greek government in Athens to discuss the full range of bilateral and regional issues, including the request for assistance of Greece to the United States, in solving the migration problem, reported the US State Department .

This context could explain also why Angela Merkel has waited so long to go to the German public with a real plan for the refugee crisis — even though they have long been familiar with the Soros plan and he apparently also laid the basis with the Chancellor for Turkey jointly to launch the proposal at the EU summit: this was to help Merkel not to inflame sentiment in Germany before the state elections. Because the message that Germany could possibly be the only country to take a large number of refugees, would have a serious impact that has led even without this perspective to tectonic shifts in favor of the AFD [anti-immigrant party].

Knaus sees the axis Ankara-Berlin as crucial for geopolitical orientation against Russia. He said in an international interview that Germany made the mistake not to place undue reliance on the EU Commission: “Germany has early understood much. But it made the mistake of relying too much on the implementation by the Commission. Germany would have taken matters into its own hands earlier.”

Knaus sees the role of Germany as partners with Turkey and the USA. Here lies the common interest to host the refugees: “Germany does not expire like other states in an anti-Islam rhetoric. At the same time it sees Ankara, in a delicate geostrategic position between anti-Muslim governments in Europe and a strong Putin. A successful and connected in partnership by Berlin may be worth a lot for Turkey and its approach to Europe.”

This closes the circle for the TAP pipeline: The Americans want to snatch the European energy market away from Russia. In the absence of our own energy policy, Europeans are currently completely dependent on Russia. If both pipelines – quasi in a duopoly of the Americans and the Russians – are built, the energy policy space for the EU would increase significantly.

That led to the present situation, a murderous war that’s driven hundreds of thousands from Syria and Iraq. It had to be, from a geopolitical point of view of the parties — Russia, the US and the EU — regarded as collateral damage.

After all, the Soros plan would in fact lead to the result that the right of asylum would be respected so that immigration to Europe is not completely disordered. What guarantees that the EU gets Turkey to treat the refugees humanely, is completely unclear. It also is unclear whether the acceptance of refugees in Germany can be satisfactorily prepared. It also remains open whether the EU will have, as a result of the apparent cleavage of the project, neither the power to play as a political union, nor a role that goes beyond that of simply a large, attractive market.


EU and Turkey Reach Agreement on Refugees

The EU and Turkey have agreed on a deal. The deal enters into force on March 20. From then on, refugees who arrive irregularly in Greece will be returned to Turkey.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 19:08 Clock


“Shabby EU-Turkey deal is a day of mourning for asylum”

The human rights organization Pro Asyl has sharply condemned the deal with Turkey. Today is a day of mourning for the right of asylum. The organization announces that it will file lawsuits.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 19:00 Clock


EU deal: Turkey does not agree to respect human rights 

The deal with Turkey stipulates that Turkey serves as large refugee camps for the EU. Turkey seems to have succeeded to determine the standards for the treatment of refugees and migrants. A commitment to respect for human rights was deleted from the final document.

German Economic News  | March 18, 2016, 18:13 Clock

Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control of Europe

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,


7 Responses to “Russia and US cut a pipeline deal”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    A MEP Member Of Merkel’s Own Government Suggests She Should Flee To South America Over Migrant Crisis

    Editor’s Note: Von Storch seems to understand the nightmare of the Hitler regime as opposed to the plethora we see on the web goose stepping and trying to idolize this maniac! Decades later due to the controlled press, many Germans and Russians do not know what a murderous scenario was fostered upon them by Stalin the jesuit priest and Hitler, the Rothschild plant. The Hitler fanboys who still promote this ideology are nothing but murderous thugs in my opinion.

    Von Storch had earlier blasted Chancellor Merkel on Facebook for “ruining our country like no one since 1945.”

  2. edbutt says:

    It’s a good thing I’ve read quite a lot of Eric’s hysterical interpretations of major events before, otherwise I might just be misled into believing Russia had just agreed to surrender its oil and gas trade with Europe to the Arabs and thus trash its own economy. Now why would they do that?
    Also the migrant deal with Turkey can still be vetoed by any one EU member state and several have said they will veto it.
    Meanwhile with the latest publication of leaked top secret emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server, we learn that for the USA, the Syria conflict was always about weakening Russia. If we know that so does Putin. That being the case why, after fighting and winning a war, would the Russians meekly surrender.
    I’ll do some research and if there is any substance in it at all, I’ll send you what I find.

    • edbutt says:

      First thanks to Dublinmick for the well informed and perceptive comments on Ukraine (below).
      Having done some digging on this suggestion from Zeusse of a carve up of Syria by Erdogan, Merkel, The Kremlin and Washington. Apart from the highly speculative article in Deutschland Wirtshafts Nachrichten that Eric uses as his source, there is nothing anywhere (and I have access to some news feeds not available to general web users – nothing sinister, just business services) to suggest such a deal.
      There have been unconfirmed reports that Russia, at loggerheads with Erdogan’s Turkey and thus thwarted in its plan for a south stream pipeline from the Caspian oilfields, through the Black Sea to Bulgaria and the eastern EU nations has acknowledged a factor in its propping up Assad has been the possibility of running a southern pipeline through Syrian territory.
      Already having the nordstream pipeline from Vyborg on the Gulf of Finland through the Baltic to northern Germany, it is unlikely they would hand that lucrative and secure trade supplying Germany, Netherlands, France etc. to the US / Saudi cartel in return for a pipeline that is not yet built and would pass through the most politically unstable and volatile region on earth.

      The only thing I could find on pipelines through Syria apart from some very fa fetched speculations is an old article from Deutsche Welle, publised in 2009:

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I hope you are right. That certainly seems to be the plan of the genetic engineers in Russia. Here is what Rebbe Schneerson had to say.

    Maybe somebody filled him in on what the Rebbe was saying

    Caesar compares what is going on now in the Ukraine to what is happening in Palestine, total annihilation.

    She in fact quotes the Rebbe as saying the Slavs are a most unbending people who cannot be conquered due to their pyschological and intellectual abilities created over many generations. However he feels they can be destroyed. There will be a need for a sharp reduction in their numbers before they are liquidated.

    The Rebbe is from Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine where the largest holocaust museum on the planet is located. It is slated to be the next promised land.

    Ideological and economic methods will be used according to the Rebbe, pitting them into small weak countries and encouraging civil wars for their mutual destruction.

    This is the kicker here, the Ukrainians think they are against Russia while they become fully subdued by us.

    “In this war of fools, the Slavic moronic herd will be weakening itself and strengthening us, the main controllers of the chaos, pretending to stand aside, not only without participating in the bloody events, but also without involvement.”

    What a guy!
    Chabad leader-Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia

  4. Lynn says:

    Russia knows this game….do we honestly believe non Zionist regimes are going to allow their peoples to be slaughtered. ????? Me thinks they got that very wrong. Excuses and false flags are over. They have blown this method of Chaos and problem reaction solution. It really is transparent now.

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