Ruined Humans

by John Kaminski 20 March 2016



Mistaking friends for enemies, and enemies for friends


We mistake our friends for enemies, and are constantly duped into thinking our real enemies are our actual friends.

We see it clearly in the contrast between the noble leaders we slaughter — from Sitting Bull to Muammar Qaddafi — to the slimy perverts we select as our presidents — from Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama — who are mindless drecks chosen by rich bankers for their corrupt character traits.

We kill the enemies whose qualities we say we admire — independence, fearlessness, reliability — and bow down to scum we convince ourselves are worthy of our trust, even though we know, by their records and their actions, they deserve nothing but our contempt.

To the applause of our bloodthirsty citizens, we destroy other countries who are no threat to our security, but who possess valuable commodities we wish to steal, or are ordered by our Israeli masters to obliterate countries they wish to subjugate.

As a result we become our own worst enemies, and teach our children to murder the people we say we would most like to be like while taking bribes from conscienceless people we really ought to hate.

We no longer can trust ourselves to gauge what a healthy future would actually be like. We are controlled by our fears, by the things we would like to avoid, rather than by the things we love and respect, and what it is we calculate would actually be good for us, like healthy food and clean air.

We think stealing is art and charity is for fools.

We will do anything to escape death, and as a result do nothing to embrace life.

We pass by the man in tatters lying unconscious by the side of the road and venerate the man who put him there.

A half century ago, a funny looking character in a comic strip who went by the name of Pogo told us all we need to know when he said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We laughed nervously at his remark, but we never took his advice and even as we waste our lives on nonessential things, we never realized the eternal truth of what he said.

We are ruined humans, diseased animals, lying for profit as the avoidance of the truth makes us sicker by the day.

Consider the recent war in Syria, in which we massacred 300 children, then laid them out on a floor so that they could be photographed and blamed on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. This was used as a reason to make war upon him, we were told, until the Russians walked in, killed most of the terrorists we were financing, and made us admit Assad’s forces didn’t commit that unthinkable atrocity.

Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress should be charged with this crime, but of course they won’t be.

It was one of the atrocious series of massacres the U.S. government refuses to admit to, and nobody was charged for it. Nobody is ever charged for the crimes we commit that start wars, no matter how horrendous the atrocity.

We are ruined humans. We have always lived by making war on innocent people, from the genocide of the Pequots, through the Sand Creek massacre and the massacre of the Ghost Dancers, the flattening of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden, Fallujah, Benghazi and Jenin . . . we are ruined humans who murder our way to what we call happiness and then ask our fraudulent God for forgiveness.

Obeying the Old Testament psycho known as Yahweh, we believe the shedding of innocent blood is sanctified by God. We sacrifice our children to him and claim our wars are just, even though we know deep inside they’re not.

What kind of twisted God does it take to condone centuries of barbaric murders all conducted by those evil men lying about their ultimate motivation? We continue to murder innocent people for the purpose of stealing their valuable resources, whether it be oil, as it is throughout the Middle East, or land, as it was in the case of the genocide of the American indian, or uranium, as it has been in the U.S. government war against American patriots.

It is not about freedom or liberty, it is about theft, strong armed robbery, and rapidly expanding totalitarianism. If this is who humanity aims to be, we will not survive much longer, for in the quest to destroy others, we will inevitably destroy ourselves, or be killed by the leaders we have mistakenly trusted with our own lives.

And throughout all these hellacious crimes, we deny our responsibility for them. We say, oh, that’s not my government, or, as in the case with Qaddafi, those people don’t deserve to be secure and wealthy.

Qaddafi was the true benefactor of his people and all of Africa, and we lied about him and raped and murdered him in the street. This is the essence of American foreign policy, and the type of person most Americans really are. The new American mantra belongs to Hillary Clinton: “We came, we saw, he died!” (followed by demonic laughter).

The rest of the world should be very worried. Because of the ruined humans in the United States, the lives of every living thing on this planet are in imminent jeopardy.

It is no mystery why our behavior is responsible for the destruction of the world. The lies we have told ourselves have led us inexorably toward our own extinction. We fully realize this now as the government we thought we elected to protect us now concentrates on murdering its own people, through pricey pills that pulverize our internal organs, nuke plants deliberately allowed to leak, and poison glyphosate added to crops just before they’re shipped to markets.

There are two main culprits in the deliberate deception that has profoundly jeopardized all our lives, and especially today, feeds us deliberately erroneous information that could prove fatal to the whole world in a matter of minutes.

The first culprit is the Jews, who control all the media that plants all this false information in our brains that makes us take the lives of all the people the Jews want dead.

And the second culprit is us, the non Jew population of the world, who have been deliberately been dumbed down to do the Jews bidding, terrified that if we betray the Jews, they will take away all our money. There is blood in the teeth of the Jewish god we worship.

The false picture that is constantly reinforced by hateful portraits of Syrian president Assad is the same formula that has been used throughout American history to vilify honest leaders and turn them into monsters so that ignorant U.S. troops will be eager to assassinate in real life the victims of all these unfair character assassinations in the Jews’ totally unreliable press accounts.

It was the same in the time of Adolf Hitler, who only wanted independence from the Jewish bankers who had ravaged his country. But the Jews wrote the story that he wanted to take over the world. It’s wasn’t true.

Here’s what I always say about World War II and the Jewish media that convinced America to go to war. And make no mistake about it — it was the United States and its fellow criminal state Britain that started World War II, not Germany. It was Churchill who bombed Germany first. Hitler made seven peace proposals before the war started. It was Roosevelt and his friends the Jewish bankers who wanted war. They always do, which is why we have had nonstop wars ever since.

World War II was a matter of three countries controlled by Jews — the U.S., Britain and Joe Stalin’s Bolshevik USSR — all ganged up on the one country in history that openly opposed the Jews. The United States chose to ally with Stalin, who eventually wound up killing 100 million Russians, over Adolf Hitler, who killed none of his own Germans. The United States sided with the USSR because both were controlled by Jews, as was Britain, and this evil alliance obliterated what was probably the last chance humanity had to avoid being crushed into a worldwide slave society that is utterly controlled by Jews.

And this in fact is what we have now. It was all because the Jews took control of the world’s media. They could do this because they had already taken control of the world’s money. All of this happened more than 70 years ago. Through their neverending wars, the Jews have merely consolidated their hold on the world ever since.

And humanity has been ruined by their lies. Had Hitler won World War II, we would never have had this endless series of wars in service to the Jews.

Ruining America has always been the top priority for the Jews, because the world, at least for the past century and a half, has always emulated America. That’s why people come here. They want to be Americans.

Unfortunately, America has become polluted by the Jews, and by now so are most countries in the world. Jewish greed, lying and cheating, have overwhelmed the world like a tidal wave of poisoned sewage, and everything we perceived through Jews media has been turned into its opposite.

That’s why the world greatest leaders — Hitler, Qaddafi and Bashar al-Assad — have been totally trashed as the world’s greatest villains by Jewish media, while the American, British and French leaders du jour, all of them shills for Israel and the nest of kike vipers in the city of London, are extolled to the skies by kosher billionaires in service to the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Simply stated and irrefutably documented, the Jews have ruined humanity, and left to their own devices, as Adolf Hitler correctly foresaw, Jews will utterly destroy human society if allowed to do so by the rest of the deluded people on this planet.

Without neutralizing the Jews and freeing the world from their psychotic, parasitic and poisoned practices, humanity will not survive. You really need no further information to calculate your dark future.




10 Responses to “Ruined Humans”

  1. Lynn says:

    All of them in that room are actors. They have been well rewarded for their part in murder and deception. Crooks the lot of them. They should be on trial. No ifs or but’s. Guilty of perverting the course of justice…oh I forget that there are no laws.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    And some like John, Yeager, Darkloon, Topham and Spingola still write books about being a hero and call people names who try and point it out to them.

    The first thing that comes to mind is they are plants holding the narrative together so Isreal can keep getting the reprarations payments.

    If John likes Hitler so much he must also have a crush on Dr. José Simões-Ferreira, John Kerry’s father in law who worked with Mengele on the ebola virus.

    John says he is not religious but yet he loves all of the nazi hierchy who were jesuit operatives.

    He must like the Koch brothers also who financed

    Newly released information has revealed that the father of the billionaire Koch brothers helped to construct a major Nazi oil refinery in a business transaction personally approved by Adolf Hitler. They also built a major oil refinery for Stalin. You see it was all a front but John loves that front and doesn’t want you to talk about it.

    John sprinkles in some very pertinent facts, none which most of us don’t already know, and covers some very telling facts about his handlers.

    John is limited window and a shill.

    • ian says:

      You’re annoying D’, you keep springing new ideas on me that make me think about stuff like Kaminsky’s work. Thank you for that. I still like to read Kaminsky, but you’re blacked out limited window is an absolutely beautiful analogy for his work. Ha ha , thanks.

      • Dublinmick says:

        I thought about doing that photo above with a caption of Hillary stating “oh my goodness the neutron weapon didn’t even kill everyone in the wedding party.”

      • ian says:

        Yes D’ that would have worked. They’re obviously watching porn of one form or another, and I can’t imagine Hills being gobsmacked at the size of Grumpy’s dick, or, of film of children being killed. Most likely the scenario you suggest. Lol.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Ha Ha
    I wouldn’t bother blogging if it were not fun. Mom I can’t see out this window!

  4. guesswhat says:

    Jesus called it when he told the Pharisees and scribes that they were responsible for all the righteous blood shed on the earth. (Matthew 23:35) Its a shocking wholesale condemnation of one particular segment of the world’s population but it is proving its truth now isn’t it.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    I once found myself on Kaminski’s email system for a very very short time. Carolyn Yeager and Spingola were on it. Yeager calls everyone idiots and morons who question if the little corporal was the real deal. Of course she has written some books that have to sell.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    You might have missed the blow up with Darkloon and kaminski about a week ago. They wouldn’t post all of Kaminski’s rant. He declared he was never writing anything for them again.

    One thing I noticed with Kaminski is he comes close to advocating violence in that he is urging Americans to get out there do something, take the jews down etc etc yada yada. I asked him what are you proposing people do, drive their car through a bank window?

    I suspect he might be aiding in people being put on a list that might advocate violence.

    He claims he is living in a trailer in south Florida surviving on lima beans ! LOL

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