Revisit Agenda 21. The end of human freedom.

Violence, obscenity and pornography are being increased in the media, to make people feel less secure and become assured that life is short and brutish.  Agenda 21 is to put the State in control of everything.  Restructuring of the family unit, people told what their job will be, mass resettlement, dumbing down education,  grass roots movements which are in fact being orchestrated by United Nations local government agency.

Citizens to lose all privacy.   Democracy to be eliminated.   Technocratic rulers to take over, which includes bankers.  A world of regions.  Regions in one country will connect into regions in another – an end to sovereignty, nationality and any democratic process.  Human settlement regions.  An enormous cull of the human population.  Down to half a billion from the current figure of 7 billion.  GM food.  Vaccinations.  Fluoride.  Hunger.  Manufactured disease.  Radiation.  Euthanasia – death panels.  Sperm counts are plummeting.  Third generation of rats fed GMO food becomes sterile.  The Epicyte gene is incorporated into corn (maize) and is distributed far and wide into foods.   Well presented by David Icke.

TAP – Is this why Boris is going for Brexit?  Even politicians will be got rid of.

The Wild Lands project defines America into three parts – no human use section.  Highly regulated use.  Normal use – a tiny section.  Small farmers are being driven out deliberately to get them off the land.  The corporations move in to take over the land.  Community gardens are being destroyed.  People growing food is being banned with the state saying it isn’t safe. Supply and distribution of food will be controlled so that anyone resisting the system can be cut off from supply.

Freeway exits to rural areas are being removed.  Rural communities are dying (In the UK Dr Beeching and the rural branch railways).  Closing rural roads.  Removing tarmac and replacing the surface with gravel.

Manipulating weather, earthquakes using HAAP technology to make food production less and less feasible for small producers who don’t know what weather interventions are being planned and when.  That’s just the first 25 minutes.



5 Responses to “Revisit Agenda 21. The end of human freedom.”

  1. bluefeather says:
    Native American Indians explain in a gentle way, about respect and honour, the cornerstones and basis of freedom, and where the white people went astray.

    • ian says:

      bluefeather, I love the way Native Americans behaved believed and saw things. Beautiful stuff, that I can identify with. I have always embraced nature and self honesty.

      • bluefeather says:

        Yes, I have always leaned towards the Native American Indians even as a child watching the cowboy and Indian films. They truly respected Life, and still do despite all the that has been done to them. They yearn to live the old ways. People indigenous to their country imho should be left to live their original ways and cherish their identity. The implementation of new world order has a lot to answer for.

      • ian says:

        You fu*kin’ bet it has blue’. Their way was honesty decency and morals. I don’t need to add anything.

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