Renowned Scholar Warns Common Core Education Dumbing Down Kids

Common Core

Alex Pietrowski, Staff
Waking Times

Educators and parents in the United States are becoming increasingly frustrated by the Common Core States Initiative program, which was deployed in June 2010 as part of President Obama’s Race-To-The-Top (RTTT) program. During the following four years, public schools throughout the states were enticed to integrate the Common Core program as the Federal Government dangled $4.3 billion in funds to reward schools for satisfying certain federally determined performance on standardized tests, with the funds only going to schools which implemented Common Core.

The US federal Government has stated that their goal with Common Core was to make all students “college-and-career-ready”. Sounds great in theory, but Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, thinks that the Common Core program is actually resulting in colleges being flooded with students unprepared to do college level work. He believes that:

“Common Core pretended that it was going to be raising standards, but what it did, in fact, is put enormous pressure on colleges, many of which are now succumbing to that pressure, to lower their standards.”

In other words, the actual effect of Common Core is the further dumbing down of America’s children.

Among other things, with the Common Core program in place, students are guaranteed entry into state college without the need to take any remedial courses, as long as they pass the Common Core standardized tests.

With standardized testing and federal programs like Common Core, which focuses mostly on math and english , there is little that teachers are allowed to bring to the learning experience, and creative teaching styles are trivialized and pushed out of the classroom altogether. It’s as though U.S. public school have now been entirely co-opted, stolen even, from communities, and no one at any level in the actual school building has a say in what students do during the school day.

What effect will this have on the ingenuity and creativity that is to come from America’s future generations?

“Common Core is described by proponents as a utopian education for the 21st century with primary, almost exclusive, emphasis from grades K-12 on mathematics and English language arts through “disruptive innovation” using the latest in “educational technological advancements”. In reality, as you will read below, it is a critical step towards the stated goals of the wealthy elite to uniformly ‘mono-mind’ the global educational system, create a 24/7/365 community at our public schools, and to develop a “from-cradle-to-work-force-ready” individual.” ~ Jamie Lee

Below is an interview with Wood, who is also the co-author of Drilling through the Core: Why Common Core is Bad for America, during which he shares his opinions.


common core


More about the corporations who’ve funded the RTTT program and have had the biggest hand in writing the Common Core standards can be found here: Common Core – The Business Side of the New Modern Global Education System.





18 Responses to “Renowned Scholar Warns Common Core Education Dumbing Down Kids”

  1. ian says:

    I think that the premise suggesting that the owners of the US want well educated kids, is a hoax. America as in the US, is doomed to third world status. That’s what’s on the cards in my opinion.

    • Lynn says:

      They want another Gaza. A prison state. Slave labour.

      They have robbed us all of everything. I hope the people take up arms and chase these scum underground and lock em down. Feed them the shite they have pushed on us. Disgusting what they have gotten away with.all for a greater Isràel.

      Well it ain’t happening, the wake up is huge.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Yes I suppose there might be a group of people who are gleefully looking forward to that prospect – I wonder who they are and who they have working for them?

  3. Gordon says:

    The education system throughout the world let alone America is a fraud. It is designed that students remember unquestionable facts. Knowledge is never gained by memorizing facts alone.

    Over many years of associating with friends and people with higher education degrees and doctorates I have found them to be on the whole ignorant outwith their chosen subject. They have little knowledge of the basics of life and have allowed themselves to be deluded into a false reality of this world and forever going with the flow

    I recall, not too long ago, visiting a child nursery and was aghast to see there hanging on the wall of the infant room, drawings and cutouts of aliens and flying saucers. Of itself this may seem harmless, but to be displayed before such impressionable minds who have yet to develop sufficient language skills to question what they are seeing is beyond comprehension. These images are being etched into the child’s conscious mind without an explanation of what and who they really are.

    Equally, I was horrified to read instructions from the local authority explaining supervised child oral hygiene should include swallowing the toothpaste.

    The classic of course, is, “the doctor said.” How many times do we hear that cry, and how many cases have proven “the doctor” to be wrong?

    Undoubtedly, everything is unquestioned and people need to realize, especially as parents, that they have and is indeed their duty to themselves and their children to question everything and never to be fobbed-off by anyone considering themselves of superior position.

  4. Lynn says:

    Lulled into a false sense of security..

    We were led to believe these parasites were looking out for us. Now we see how treasonous and poisonous they truly are.

    Nothing is as it seems. Up is down and back is front.
    Cut people some slack, bringing up a family and working all hours is stressful and tiring.

    They have engineered this life for us by playing mind games with us. Outright liars and criminals. Hiding the truth and deliberatley cheating. Parents do not have time…remember they fooled the women into work for this very reason.

    We all believed a fairy tale of a fair and just Government..who turned out to be monstrous. How can you on here blame the people.

    The blame is the British Establishment and always was.

    • Gordon says:

      In principle I agree with you Lynn not forgetting that most of this evil commenced after the second world war when TV and consumerism came to the fore.

      How tactical of the elite to send the menfolk off to die in orchestrated wars while forcing women with little or no income onto the land and into the factories under the rouse of “helping the war effort” whose main roll previously was looking after the children and the home. There is no greater privilege that to nurture and educate your own children.

    • beLIEve says:

      The “british” so-called “establishment” as we all know a’int British.

      That in my opinion is a huge part of the problem.

      If the Sovereigns of the British Isles and Europe woke up to the FACT that THEIR COUNTRIES have been HIJACKED by an INFESTATION of a$hkeNAZIs whose AGENDA is GENOCIDE the tide would turn overnight ….Imho.

  5. Lynn says:

    Social Engineering….is mission creep.
    They knew how to play us like fiddles.
    Women have been used to dumb down men. Empowering women was a guise !! We all fell for it. Modern women believed in all the equality bull..all it did was break up the family just as they planned. Men can no longer earn a wage big enough to support a family. Women take all when the inevitable split comes therefore destroying the male. Once bitten syndrome. This has been a very cruel and deliberate plan. All to make society fragment.
    These scum are laughing at how easy the break up of the west was achieved. Then they encouraged women to act and dress like hookers. Hence men will sleep with them but no love or commitment. Lust replaced love.
    Children were born into a no win situation, traumatised and a huge responsibility to the young women who were not able to nurture. They have screwed our society up in so many ways people can’t cope with this.
    Keeping up with who how why is almost impossible, unless you devote hours of research.

    This is not easily available unless you are searching for it…I am just as frustrated with the lack of knowledge as everyone else is.the waking up is happening, but the ones who have fallen into this trap may never realise who was behind this.

    Until the awake can make this depraved and evil onto the trusted headlines of every newspaper and news channels…what chance have they got.

    That is our most important task…!!

    Because we are awake we know the truth and we have a bloody duty to inform the rest.

    • Gordon says:

      Accurate and well said Lynn.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Lynn, you need a blog of your own. I am serious. That was serious insight there in just one paragraph. I am so bloody proud of you and Tap and the rest. I am actually sitting here and there is a tear in my eye!

      There are a lot and I mean a lot of young women and young men out there in pain (when they take their eye off the distractions placed all around them). They need to hear this kind of wisdom and insight coming from women who perceive what is true from what is false

      It is our collective duty to try to repair and try to defend. It is a team effort. No Women no family no babies no future!

      Frankly in my opinion it is men who are in a bigger state of collapse at the minute but that is still a mutual thing and jsut because a lot of women have been beguiled and deceived by things, elitist contstructs like feminism and victimhood it does not mean they are not actually in turmoil inside. Many women are lonely out there as they long for things that they cannot talk about openly sometimes like having a stable and secure partner, family. They are bombarded with propaganda and men are just undermined all the time. This is all just bullsh*t. I suffered all my life for seeing this crap and thinking what a load of old cobblers.

      You want a future then you want Real Women and that is Real Empowerment
      Not elitist bullsh*t.

      Real Women are incredibly SEXY adn that is Real Power!

      Likewise Real Men should be STRONG without being thugs and Real Women are attracted to that.

      Men and Women cannot function without eachother. If one does not function (that means true healthy happieness and balance) then the other does not function. When both start to function then they both help each other. This is union this is balance

      Women cannot be Men. Men cannot be Women. Anything else is mutilation. Seriously this is the battle with the young right now (it is not about who does the bloody dishes). They want us all to be gay or perverted or childless and lonely do not fall for it. It is all lies!

  6. Lynn says:

    Thank you MS. This is how our young have been herded. Being cool and trendy is all that counts to them. I was there once. In with the in crowd was all that mattered.

    I have hit a few walls in my time. This is where the why comes into play.

    I met So vile and the rich and famous…my life took me into theirs, they were just people to me, I didn’t get the big picture until I was given access to the net.

    Then wow my life took on so much more meaning. It all resonates with me now. I thank goodness that my life has become meaningful and my quest for reality and truth has given me the answers I was looking for.

    Social Engineering is a cover story. It is Mission Creep. Turning lives upside down and emptying the souls of the young. Like sheep they can be herded into danger.

    We have a moral duty now to save them.

  7. salty says:

    Jewish mentality:
    israeli army destroys Belgian-financed playground for Palestinian kids

    April 12, 2016.

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