Poland Debates Banning Abortion After Live Baby Cries Itself to Death

“The scream of this child was so traumatic the personnel declared they will never forget it.”

3.24.2016 by Paul Bois
TAP – Abortion business is run by Satanists.  It’s a great way for them to acquire live foetuses to torture and kill.

A national debate has sparked in Poland around the morality of abortion after a baby was born alive during a procedure and left alone for one hour to cry itself to death.

According to witnesses at Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw, the 24-week baby was born alive after two botched abortion attempts. The baby received no help from hospital personnel and died as a result of neglect after screaming in agony for up to one hour.

In an interview with Church Militant, Polish reporter Anna Wiejak of SOS Foundation to Save Unborn Children said, “The scream of this child was so traumatic for the personnel that they declared that they will never forget it.”

The story broke in Poland after hospital medical staff reported the incident to the SOS Foundation, who then informed the media and legal authorities, sparking a nationwide debate.  

Poland allows abortion only in cases of rape, when the mother’s life is in danger, and when the baby has an abnormality, which in this particular case was a baby with Down Syndrome. 

Pro-lifers in Poland have begun calling for criminal charges against the hospital for refusing to save the baby, which corresponds with the Polish Criminal Code that deems all newborns worthy of legal rights and protections.

Image: JANEK SKARZYNSKI/Agence France-Presse

Source: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/poland-debates-banning-abortion-after-live-baby-cries-itself-death


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