Operation Beluga: A US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize the Russian Federation

by William Dunkerley


Headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6)
Headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6)
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Renowned French security expert Paul Barril has let loose a bombshell: the existence of Operation Beluga, a covert Western intelligence scheme intended to undermine Russia and its leaders.

Is that what’s behind much of the threatening rhetoric now going back and forth between the US and Russia?

Barril exposed Operation Beluga in a recent interview with Swiss businessman Pascal Najadi on the 2006 Alexander Litvinenko death case. Litvinenko was a reputed former spy who many believe was murdered with radioactive polonium on orders of Vladimir Putin.

Najadi says the interview drew out the converse revelation that Litvinenko was actually killed by “an Italian who administered the deadly polonium 210.” What’s more, he astonishingly says, the operation was carried out under the auspices of the US and UK.

In my books The Phony Litvinenko Murder and Litvinenko Murder Case Solved I’ve written about an Italian connection. But I can’t confirm that Barril is talking about the same person.

Here’s what Najadi told me:

“According to Paul Barril, Litvinenko was himself working for the late Boris Berezovsky [a Russian fugitive oligarch that made London his home] who, according to Barril, was in turn working for and with the British intelligence service MI6. Barril said, ‘Litvinenko has betrayed his employers, Berezovsky and the MI6, and has pocketed large sums of money, millions of US dollars, that were destined for agent provocateurs within the Berezovsky clan. The sole goal was to globally discredit Putin and the Russian Federation. This Western intelligence operation was directed from Washington DC and London. Its code name is Beluga.'”

Barril’s comments deserve serious consideration. A former officer of the French Gendarmerie Nationale, he’s been dubbed “Supercop” in France. Barril is cofounder of the GIGN French antiterror group, and has also served in French presidential security. During his career he has led several private security companies, as well.

Najadi says, “These new revelations from Captain Paul Barril now open a new window to the truth about the motive for killing Alexander Litvinenko.”

Litvinenko’s death has been a hot topic for officials within British officialdom. A UK coroner’s inquest failed to reach a verdict on the manner and cause of Litvinenko’s death, even after the passage of almost ten years. Then a politically-motivated official inquiry was authorized by Prime Minister David Cameron. Its final report hypothesized that Putin was behind the death, but it failed to produce any credible evidence. (See “Six Reasons You Can’t Take the Litvinenko Report Seriously“)

Britain had accused two Russians of poisoning Litvinenko. But the UK prosecutor failed to make his case against them, claiming that he had only “grave suspicions” about who’s to blame. Then there was the aborted coroner’s inquest, and finally a report was issued under suspicious circumstances by a discredited judge who lacked the basic qualifications for conducting an official inquiry. (See “Britain Allowed Unqualified Judge to Decide Litvinenko Case. Now Inquiry Report Must Be Recalled” and “Discredited Litvinenko ‘Judge’ Sends Parliament Untrustworthy Verdict.”)

Now the Litvinenko scandal takes on a new proportion. It’s no longer just an incessantly long-running murder mystery. It just might be the telltale sign of an enormous geopolitical provocation that is wreaking havoc with world stability.

In the run-up to the American presidential election many of the candidates have talked very tough on dealing with Russia’s role in the world. I wonder how many of them have bought into the Beluga scheme.


Source: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Operation-Beluga-A-US-UK-by-William-Dunkerley-Antiterrorism-Database_France_Litvinenko_Putin-160327-385.html


3 Responses to “Operation Beluga: A US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize the Russian Federation”

  1. Nicky says:

    Makes me switch off every time sky or the Beeb and channel poor start nitpicking at Russia and Mr Putin. The phrase “A cat calling a dog hairy arse” comes to the fore quite a lot. And much worse.
    Some of the articles on the Tap right now back up this articles view. Including disaffected Generals and SAS within our own Military, whom seem to be on the same page when it comes to the state our leadership finds itself in.
    Mr Obama’s comments on not being able to get anything done spoke volumes on the state of play at the top. Corporations and the Banks and those behind them have overstepped the boundaries and the power held by them needs to be curtailed, They are an existential threat to everything including their own.
    The engineered WW III is upon us. Hope someone is Watching out for the migration of the same and publishes where and whom so we at least can get an idea of the safest place to head for when it kicks off and the identities of the Godblind perps behind this mess.

  2. Lynn says:

    They will be picked off one by one..let it kick off..we know it’s coming…they are delaying it not us. They will be the main targets. Guns can be found when needed. They know what’s in store for them. All named shamed and guilty. Bring it on.

  3. Lynn says:

    Nicky we know the enemy…..they can recite claptrap and we know the truth. We have access to the real story. They are fooling only a drugged up and drunk public. The rest are scouring the truth on these web sites. It is too late for the Cabal. The world is awake and ready for a takedown. Their money will be useless. Power is their thirst. It is being taken from them now. The damn is ready to burst. How lucky are we to witness this cartel being outed and found guilty of every crime against Humanity. Yipee !!! Ring a ring of roses.

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