On the street. Brexit campaigners talking. Short video.

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Rupert Matthews interviews Brexit campaigners in Chesterfield town centre.  Cheerful.  Optimistic.  Upbeat.  Young supporters much in evidence.  No one’s bothered by Cameron’s Project Fear.  They simply want to get democracy back and functioning in Britain.  It’s a cheerful though amateur production.  No BAFTA awards I’m afraid,  but enjoyable to watch for anyone keen on exiting the EU.


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  1. I used to think recently Tap that Truman Show punch and judy politics geoploitics, was a waste of time. When free energy.technologies existed and SSPs theyve not told us about.

    Now however, you made a good point about Brexit which i fully support
    It goes to show even though our reality operates in layers. A lower layer isnt meaningless, it still has clout. To impact our reality. So i threw the politucal baby out with the political bathwater.

    Saying that im disgusted beyond words with westminster and the eu. Particularly with regards babies. So i can be forgiven i think, for dismising the entire political lot of them, as scum.

    Btw i dont trust edwina currie at all. I used to think she was ok. No. I wont go into why but alarm bells ringing. Savile, keys to hosp, health minister, 1980s?
    What an evil cesspit shower.

    Yet you bringing me back Tap to give time to, and respect, some of the political pricess like brexit. Gives comfort. Comfort in some semblance, of how i used to perceive things were, tge world worked.
    I remember my dad watching weekend world with brian walden in 1970s and 80s on ITV. Such a boring show for me. But it must have had an impact. Your brexit words have given me some reassuring feeling and memory of weekend world. And all is not lost

    Its not a 100% Truman Show


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    Agreed Dublinmick where do i add my signature??;

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Agreed. This is a given.

      I am really rather more interested in when we start taking the same approach to the politicians and the false Israel. Traitors to Christ. Curse of Cain.

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