Now is the time to discuss how the EU endangers our security, says Arron Banks

Arron Banks welcomes Australian Prime Minister’s intervention in EU terror debate

Arron Banks welcomes Australian Prime Minister's intervention in EU terror debate
24 March 2016

Arron Banks, co-chairman of the Leave.EU campaign, has welcomed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “sober and sensible” intervention in the EU terror debate.

In an interview with ABC television yesterday, Mr Turnbull extended his sympathies to the Belgian people, but did not shy away from criticising the Free Movement regime which, in his view, has left EU citizens exposed to danger. “There has been a real breakdown in intelligence. If you can’t control your borders, you don’t know who’s coming or going.”

The EU system, he contended, stands in stark contrast to Australia’s. “We are in a stronger position from a security point of view in Australia than the Europeans are,” he said. “We have strong border protection in Australia. We have a much greater insight into people who we would regard as being threats or likely to pose a risk to the safety of Australians.”

“Anyone beyond the SW1 dinner party circuit will see this as simple common sense,” said Arron Banks. “The fact that every Islamist in Molenbeek with an EU passport is perfectly free to set up shop in the UK obviously leaves us more exposed to danger.

“The EU’s mad proposal for a ‘Security Union’, putting inept and unaccountable Eurocrats in charge of our intelligence services, is not answer to this problem. The answer is the restoration of the same strong border protections which Australia enjoys. This would go a long way towards reducing the risks we currently face.”

Now is the time to discuss how the EU endangers our security, says Arron Banks

Now is the time to discuss how the EU endangers our security, says Arron Banks
23 March 2016

• The EU’s policies have left all its members open to a greater terrorist threat
• The UK being outside the Schengen Area is no protection
• Now is the time to discuss the security risk to the UK – before we vote on membership

Commenting on calls for Europe to pull together without any analysis of how yesterday’s Brussels atrocities were able to happen, Leave.EU co-Chairman Arron Banks said,

“EU supporters like Hugo Dixon have already jumped on the horrific events in Brussels to claim that they help make the case for staying in the EU, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“The Government’s official report on Free Movement in 2014 conceded that it is ‘extensively exploited’ by organised criminals to bring arms, drugs, human trafficking victims and illegal immigrants into the UK, and what goes for organised crime goes for organised terror, too.

“There’s virtually nothing we can do to stop every Islamist sympathiser in Molenbeek from setting up shop in the UK if they so choose, provided they can flash an EU passport on their way in. Many of them are already EU citizens anyway.

“David Cameron is actively campaigning to ‘pave the road from Ankara to Brussels’ for Turkey to join the EU and the hundreds of thousands of migrants invited into Europe by Angela Merkel are only a few years away from winning full citizenship, so the danger to the British public will only grow over time.

“Being outside the Schengen Area is no protection. The political and media elites sneer that this is not the time for making political points, but this threat is a consequence of their political indecision.

“When will it be time to take our heads out of the sand and hold them to account? After the referendum, when it’s too late to change direction, and we see blood on British streets again?”

“With the EU already poised to extend visa-free travel to an increasingly aggressive and radicalised Turkey and a war-torn Ukraine, it’s clear that lessons are not being learned.

“Brussels, the so-called capital of the EU, has taken the grand experiment in state-sponsored multiculturalism and tested it to destruction. The ghettos and extremism are proof this doesn’t work.

“An American politician once said that ‘immigration without assimilation equals invasion’ – and he was right.”









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