Not coincidentally, the regions of Syria occupied by [Daesh] exactly encompass the proposed route of the Qatari pipeline

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Achievement: Syria ‘Rising Like a Phoenix From the Ashes’

Six months ago many thought that Bashar al-Assad would soon be overthrown and the West would establish a “puppet regime” in Syria, but Russia’s involvement has helped the war-torn country to “rise like a phoenix from the ashes,” Czech Free Press asserted.

“Russia has scored a major victory and gained respect of the whole world,” the publication noted, referring to Moscow’s anti-Daesh campaign, as well as its diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syria crisis.

The media outlet called the nascent peace process in Syria “Putin’s victory,” adding that Damascus “was and would continue to be an obstacle” in the West’s campaign aimed at countering Russia. Moscow and Washington have recently brokered a ceasefire. The UN-sponsored intra-Syrian peace talks and elections are expected to follow if all major stakeholders observe the truce.

Despite grim predictions, Syria “has not become a second Afghanistan for Russia,” the publication observed. In fact, Moscow’s aerial campaign has been hailed as a success since its early days.

The operation has helped to change the facts on the ground. In the last few months, the Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Russian warplanes and local allies, has managed to turn the tide of war by making gains against Daesh, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups in key provinces. Despite foreign support, the militants appear to be losing.

Russian Su-30 jets landing at the Hmeymim Air Base.
Russian Su-30 jets landing at the Hmeymim Air Base.

This is not the only positive development for Moscow. The Qatari gas pipeline project was not launched, “sales of Russian-made weapons have soared and the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces have been rated highly,” the media outlet observed.

Many have linked the Qatari project aimed at building a gas pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to the foreign-sponsored insurgency in Syria.In February, radio host, attorney and nephew of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asserted that Washington decided to overthrow al-Assad using seasoned jihadist fighters when the Syrian president refused to back the Doha initiative. These events took place two years prior to the Arab Spring uprising in Syria.

“Not coincidentally, the regions of Syria occupied by [Daesh] exactly encompass the proposed route of the Qatari pipeline,” he observed.

© Sputnik/ Alexei Druzhinin


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11 Responses to “Not coincidentally, the regions of Syria occupied by [Daesh] exactly encompass the proposed route of the Qatari pipeline”

    • Could chemtrails, having metals like barium, aluminium in, be used when haarp or other scalar psychotronic weaponry gets applied to it. Be used to either resist any coming magnetic pole shift, or lessen the effects of one? And/or should van allen radistion hit earth as the Nasa man said yesterday, chemtrails and haarp really act like a kind of protection?

      I know theres probably other uses intentions too for chemtrails. Best to kill three or more birds with one stone.
      But in a perverse way should we be grateful for chemtrails?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        The second half of your question is beyond my knowledge though it is an interesting thought. The Chemtrails definitely are used for mass mind control purposes via scalar psychotronic weaponry as we have spoken of numerous times. But whether there is another actually ‘defensive’ application such as to resist a pole shift or van allen belt radiation is beyond me. I suppose anyone tackling that would have to preface their enquiry with some preliminary questions along these lines,

        1) What is a pole shift (is this a spherical earth or are the magnetic ‘poles’ caused by something else?)?

        2) What hard evidence of a pole shift in the past is there – can we be sure this event happened and caused the damage that some allege? When did it happen, where and why?

        3) Similarly do the Van Allen belts exist (is this a spherical earth and is it surrounded by these belts? Does the sun pump out dangerous radiation?)?

        4) What evidence is there of the Van Allen Belts failing and dangerous radiation reaching earth from the Sun? When, where and why did this happen?

        I am not taking anything for granted anymore so once those pre-liminary questions are answered then it is okay to hit the next stage which is trying to figure out whether the chemtrailing has any connection. As it stands I cannot see how spraying will stop radiation or prevent such a radical earth change as a pole shift seems to involve. Then again I could be wrong!

    • Monday, 7 March 2016

      Bruce Charlton at Monday, March 07, 2016

      What kind of religion is political correctness? The only *completely* false one.

      I don’t personally find it helpful to term political correctness – aka New Leftism, the faith of Social Justic Warriors – a religion. But if we do this, and decide to designate PC a religion – what kind of a religion is PC?

      PC is a religion in the same sense, a limited sense, that devil worship is a religion; which is to say PC is not a coherent world view nor a prescribed way of life; instead PC (like demonism) is a project for piecemeal, incremental destruction: over time, strategically, it entails destruction of that which is good (virtue, beauty, truth).

      PC is therefore not a religion like other religions – not one religion among many choices: it is unique. All other religions are partial truths; but PC is not a partial truth.

      Of course, at any given time point PC has truthful aspects or else it could not survive and thrive – but as a long term project all of these truths are susceptible to subversion, denial and inversion. Over time, sooner or later, by rotation; all values are marked for be destruction.

      Therefore in its essence political correctness is a completely false religion; a religion that has not one single grain of truth.

      (To put it another way: PC is the only religion that denies the reality of truth -but even this nihilism is not a core proposition, but simply what it does in practice: a motivation, feeling and trend

  1. Dublinmick says:

    They can issue a hadith for most anything these days. It is a bit like Billy Graham laying out the true meaning of the bible etc.

    An Israeli rabbi recently pronounced that rape is kosher, the soldiers must keep their spirit up.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yeah Billy Graham, it always makes me laugh when I hear a churchman talking of what a great Christian Billy Graham was

  2. Dublinmick says:

    By the way the Aztec were also taken over and there was some cannibalism in the last days. Probably somebody issued a hadith.

    They caught the Iman in Sweden on tape telling the knuckle heads if someone refuses to fast-kill them.

  3. Nicky says:

    Can anyone else remember the map posted a few years back with various oil concerns dividing up the Kurdish regions?

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Wilcox calls himself the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. I almost busted my sides the first time I read that one.

    Why bother with him when Cayce has over 1400 transcribed readings?

  5. Nicky says:

    Nice one DM. there is a pic of the Sphynx with a patch of sand missing from under a paw. Much like you get around a collapse underground.

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