Monsanto’s War on Mother Nature

Mar 1, 2016



by Joseph Sanders

(RINF) – A perfect example of how insane the system actually is.. Monsanto Company is ranked number 52 among over 30 million US companies in Newsweek Magazine 2015 Global Green rankings. The honour is based on corporate sustainability and environmental impact.

Monsanto does makes $5 billion annually, however, these are profits from glyphosate, trade name Roundup, a herbicide the company began marketing in 1974. The product went off patent in 2000 and is now used globally by farmers for crop management. However, the short term study results are being challenged by the effects of long term usage.

Presently the Netherlands, France and several other European countries are banning use of the herbicide. Three countries in Latin America and Sri Lanka are also rethinking the weed killers’ value. Beyond its documented adverse effect on humans, one can only hope that this deadly toxin can be stopped before entire generations of animals become extinct.

The Monarch butterfly is one example. These beauties counted weather as their only enemy until Monsanto saturated farming fields, grasslands, and lawns with its Roundup. The equation is simple, Monarch larvae food source is milkweed and Roundup Ready genetically engineered crops and pest control formula kills milkweed. Scientists believe the population of these beautiful creatures has decreased by over 90%. Yet Monsanto continues to be lauded for its profitability and business model a ad-nauseam.

The same people who developed Agent Orange with complete disregard for all its consequences, are now turning on the lowly earthworm. Another essential part of nature, these creatures are valued for their soil ecosystem services and functions. They recycle organic materials, their tunneling unlocks soil nutrients, and are also part of an important food chain. Monsanto’s herbicides reduce both the activity and reproduction of this hard working specimen. Use of the chemical disrupts the ecosystem and affects the belowground interactions between earthworms and symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi, which helps plants absorb nutrients and fight off predators. Monsanto is eliminating safeguards that nature put in place without a thought to the future of the planet. It is truly earning its reputation as “the most evil company in the world”.

Birds are included on Monsanto hit list because of glyphosate residue contamination in rivers, ditches and streams. These species are also unable to feed on Monsanto’s genetically altered crop seeds or the insects that ingest the weed killer. Skylarks and corn bunting’s populations have declined over the past 30 years largely due to agricultural practices that suppress weeds.

The only “green” concern that Monsanto should receive an award for is cash. The Company and its formulas have contributed to cancer rates in humans and blamed third parties. Therefore, we hardly expect the environment to be given any consideration. They will stay true to form with influential supporters of its DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act and other actions. Detroit, Michigan’s March against Monsanto this May should have a global impact, accelerating the protest against this irresponsibility.





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  1. Nicky says:

    Monsanto is Evil. It is going to be more of a problem for the coming generations to clean up their mess (As the Maharishi stated more eloquently than I).
    As most will reincarnate that means YOU. It is going to be YOUR problem. I doubt very much those spirits inhabiting those bodies whom work for or profit by Monsanto type companies are moving on to higher realms after they shed their current bodies. All the death and maiming on their hands. Ouch. I pity them. What a monumental bunch of deceived merchants of death these corporations are. The future is not bright for them.

  2. Nicky says:

    For those whom still accept the Earth is not special (and therefore neither are you) I suggest watching the scientists need to come up with ever more bizzare theories to prop up the current cosmology model when the results they expect do not manifest and keep pointing to Earth being at the centre of our Universe. I would highly recommend watching the following video. “The principle”
    Another dear soul posted an earlier article on this Video on the TapBlog but no link to an actual copy, It took a little searching to find a copy on youtube running at the right speed and not an video about the video. This copy is downloadable as well. I would suggest doing so as it may not be there for long. The Usual addons in firefox will grab it for you.

    • beLIEve says:

      Superb video.

      Earth is at the centre of the Universe and, is stationary.

      Mankind is……….SPECIAL……totes amazeballs.

      Our creation is the result of……INTELLIGENT DESIGN…..and NOT a random by-product of some catastrophic…..BIG BANG.

      • I cannot watch this video, due to internet and no laptop etc. Is it true?
        Is this the big secret? Does that mean……all the stars we see when we look up, arent just other suns with other planets by them?
        So we arent just an unremarkable speck in a cosmos, at its fringe, ?
        Our earth is at the centre of the universe? Are you sure? Universe or star system?

        Does this mean.eric dubay wasnt lying, saying the polaris star lies diectly over the north pole?
        What about stationary earth? Do the heavens move round us Nicky?

        So this video is good, and cinvincing proof?
        If all this is correct…….satanic jew hollywoods decades long agenda to make us believe in aliens ets, becomes clear.

        To deny man the awareness of his own specialness and divinity.
        If you have time nicky, can you please please bulletpoint summarise al the salient points back to me?

        If we are the centre of everything……there certainly couldnt have been a big.bang! Very disturbed and excited at the ramifications of this principle video !!!

      • Nicky says:

        Indeed. I am still digesting the messages myself, The different space/time further out being one area of great interest for me. Fits in with Brahma Loka’s timescale as posited in the Yog Vashistha. Supreme Yog.
        As a child I sat out in the back yard of our house in woodwater lane Exeter after a day of shouting and anger from the household as was the norm. I sat and pulled my parka coat over my knees and zipped it up right to the top, With the snorkel of fur from the hood circling the only opening to cold fresh air. Snug as a Bug. I transcended quite naturally. I remembered thinking after, That was nice I can go there anytime. Get some peace. I walked back in the kitchen and ny dear long suffering Mum glanced down and looked at me with a puzzled look, She Noticed I had altered somewhat. I also remember getting a message, But as with dreams the message soon dissipated and was lost.
        Years later. 2007. In the Maharishi’s Patanjali Dome in Fairfiled Iowa whilst there creating peace with the help of Howard Settle’s generous offer to support all siddhis worldwide whom could attend, as I now lived in a shed at my folks and was free of the negative equity flat I got lumbered with I went. It pissed off my bank manager and Father and all the other cocksuckers whom had been instrumental in my fall no end. I had put my head above the grass you see. Stood as a candidate for the Natural law party. Even managed to split me from other medis in the community some how. I don’t get invites anymore.
        Whilst there I went into the field of silence on one particular day and in exactly the same field of silence as on the day in woodwater lane. I popped back into myself as a child, In my parka coat. I gave myself the message. “Learn to meditate sooner”. I also was faced with a choice. I could drop the body in the Dome and take residence in the younger me. Instantly the choice was made. “I am not going through that shit again”. I came to in the dome. “Ahh ” I thought to myself, Time travel is possible. Bugger, Have I made the right choice, Maybe if I had gone back I would have taken the wisdom I now had with me. Oh well at least the staff here will not have to deal with this dead body had I gone.

    • Nicky please see my comment below to believe.
      Interesting what you said about your lotery ticket. Bloody hell
      And it seems as well, all your online discussions about vedic spiritual truth have made you a target. I hope youre not eating roundup sprayed vegetables now.
      Very very very urgent comment to believe below nicky!

      Ok Dublinmick this a burning question i hope you can answer to this thread. So we have it cleared up, for the record. – Thomas was an gnostic. Im going to read nazareneway next week more. – therefore. We know evil freemasons are gnostics too. The G.with fremasonry logo. We know DM that the high levels worship baphomet lucifer satan and are.highly linked into judaic talmudism.ritual sacrifice evil. – we know that for lower degree freemasons to progress up the degrees. A young couple must agree to give up their child for abuse and ritual sacrifice. Before its even conceived dublinmick! – Made***ne M***n

      All this said DM. Can you, or anyone please differentiate for us the G gnosticsm thats good the Essenes practiced. And gnosticsm evil freemasons practice? – your surgical cutting mind to separate differentiate these two issues are much needed thanks. – could it be evil freemasons practice a perveted, satanic brand of gnosticsm.? ——————————–
      (I wonder if you can help answer this above Nicky thanks Adam)

      • Nicky says:

        Find a way Adam. watch it. There is even a differing space time further out which lines up with an earlier comment on time difference as reported by the coached Jewish childs altered testimony on his NDE, you remember the one conveniently translated sort of with subtitles for us lesser Goy. where he lies for his priest re Obama etc. and the Supreme Yog and it’s mention of the time difference in Brahma loka.
        “Ved is strong in the Torah, Ther are a few mistakes”. Maharishi.
        Some of those mistakes. Goy are not like cattle in there stall, To be milked.
        Circumscision is not nothing.
        This being the get out clause used when reaching the other side. I did not know circumscission harmed me or my child I am innocent. Hence the ruch by the jew for the jew to remove all traces of any scientific works showing circumscision is harmful. any jew whom reads this comment or any other of a similar nature will no longer be able to claim I knew not. In the long run this is a service as it will free them from there man made edifices and return the loving Gods natural Order. And they will no longer Fear the loving inteligence that we all exist within.
        Build ye not kingdoms upon the earth and all that jazz being the biblical lesson on the folly of aiming for world domination. Which leads to a Abrahamic Master Slave world.
        When the preferable proper Master Pupil world was and always will be the preferable way.
        A Karmic tale not ment for the public eye really.
        A Tale told me by Johny Mac an one time Purusa and mate whilst working with Euretek, till I was removed by an ex cop spook Darren’s false testimony whom was employed after our Boss joined the local lodge, along with Darren came some other staff from another lodge members folded company whom joined in the hunt. Euretek is no longer in the hands of Chris. So he ended up jobless to, Rich but jobless. They even managed to get johny mac to join in the hate campaign, He did try and recant. I no longer have to clean up his mess or cover his ass.
        An American at a question and answers session with the Maharishi kept asking this question. “Why are there still Indians on the reservartions Maharishi?” Maharishi fielded others questions on about three occassions Johny related to me as the questions came thick and fast.
        Eventually Maharishi quietly and calmly as ever, Turned to the gent and said. “Those on the reservations now are the ones who created them”.

        Think on that. There is a great lesson here for those whom think they have mastered the game of life and are Bigger than God. Far from from it. Where will they go when Earth is a pile of poison and illness? Have a guess. Or put the blinkers back on. Carry on screwing up the lives of people like me and see where that leads you. Do not ever say I did not know to me. Never again say that to me.

  3. dkblue says:

    Another study confirms sterilisation after GM ingestion.

    ‘Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.’ Henry (Heinz) Kissinger

    This is still a (mostly unspoken) key objective of the elite, associated through different semi-secret organizations like the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the British Chatham House, the Economic Forum (Davos), and others.

    • Wednesday, 2 March 2016

      Bruce Charlton at Wednesday, March 02, 2016

      What special wisdom does life on earth offer to us?

      Wisdom recognises that there are three things that we need to achieve. First of all our unique separate beingness, then the objective understanding of values, which produces the ability to understand the real quality and value of all things, and then the strength and integrity which is necessary to support the being and the understanding; and it is on earth that these experiences have been made available for us, to a degree which they may not be available for us in any other form of experience. That is why there is a wisdom that is able to grow from the earth which is so valuable.

      To recapitulate: the special purpose of life on earth (for those who survive to adulthood, anyway) is related to three types of striving:

      1. To develop as unique, distinctive individuals – we are not supposed to conform ourselves into one single pattern. Life is set-up so that we can (and almost must) become ourselves, more and more, by our choices and experiences; so that the Heavenly world has no replicas but instead multiple characters, each of whom is indispensable to the intended ideal.

      2. We should develop, by our experiences, an objective understanding of values, based on the fullest possible range of experience. Obviously this does not mean deliberately sinning, nor does it mean scrabbling after experience. But it does mean that life is to be lived, embraced as an adventure (in our own destined way) – not a regrettable thing to be minimized or avoided for fear of doing ‘something wrong’. Risk is intrinsic; and even as we do our best we know we will often or usually fail. A recognition of failure and repentance is our greatest friend and infinite saving grace.

      3. Strength and integrity to sustain these qualities. In other words, we should aim at a courageous attitude to life – including repentance of our many failures in courage – no matter how timid we are by temperament or circumstance; we know and need to acknowledge as fully as possible that we are supposed to be courageous. Also that there is such a thing as integrity of living, such a thing as knowing what is right and making the correct decisions – this we need to strive for (while recognizing the objective fact that our own integrity is not exactly the same as other peoples’ integrity).

      In sum – life on earth has been well-designed and planned by God to achieve what he wants us to achieve in terms of our long term, ultimate goal – which is to become ever-more divine in the way that He is divine.

      This goal entails a lot of trial and error type learning, which entails a lot of mistakes and failures – because this is the only thing which has the potential (no guarantee) to work for us (you and me, personally.

      (Those individuals who do not need this difficult and painful type of learning or who only need a little of it – include some of those who have a very short lifespan, including some of those who die (as divinely foreseen) in the womb or early childhood

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