“Migrant sex attack gangs could come to Britain”

Nigel Farage is quoted in the Daily Express warning that the sort of migrant sex attack gangs who caused outrage in Cologne could come to Britain under EU rules. Migrants currently in Germany could obtain EU passports within three years, and the UK would be powerless to deny them entry (unless we leave the EU first).  Dominic Cummings of Vote Leave strongly endorses this view.  Given that the primary Cheer-Leader for the Remain Campaign, David Cameron, is constantly insisting that we need EU membership for our security, this warning is a timely reality check.


It is becoming ever clearer that in terms of border controls, and removing terrorist suspects, and preventing undesirable elements coming to our country, national security absolutely requires that we leave the EU and reassert our independence.

Roger Helmer MEP

TAP – Who in their right mind would vote to stay inside the EU given the threat being faced?


2 Responses to ““Migrant sex attack gangs could come to Britain””

  1. Baz says:

    Scott H commented 1 year ago,
    “The positions of the Jews are becoming more visibly absurd by the hour.
    Jews in Israel are demanding nationalism while Jews in White nations demand multiculturalism – virtually all Jews, wherever they are, are demanding race-based nationalism for Israel and multi-racial hell for White countries.”

  2. Lynn says:

    Hypocrisy rules…their crying victim days are over. The Yidish are not Semites. They are as fake as the tooth fairy. Milking the rest of us for what they can get. All a scam..

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