Metro Bank in Milton Keynes gives bank accounts to homeless in scheme believed to be first in the UK

23/05/14 metro bank opening - oakgrove, milton keynes Metro Bank opens on Oakgrove

23/05/14 metro bank opening – oakgrove, milton keynes
Metro Bank opens on Oakgrove

Metro Bank Milton Keynes (Metrobank is Owned from Manila, The Philippines)
Metro Bank in Milton Keynes is helping homeless people set up bank accounts
Homeless people in Milton Keynes are believed to be the first in the UK to get bank accounts, after Metro Bank partnered with the YMCA and PJ Care to help them.

Having a bank account means homeless people can now get jobs – which you can’t do unless you have an account – and can help give them their dependence.

Normally you would need a permanent place of residence to be able to get a bank account, but Metro Bank agreed to allow a DWP letter, housing benefit letter and one from the Milton Keynes YMCA to take its place.

The first person got their account set up yesterday (Thursday, March 3), and the YMCA hope more people will be able to do the same in the future.
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Kathy Howard, housing manager at YMCA, said: “The gentleman that I took yesterday was absolutely over the moon, he had never had a debit card before.

“He can now get a job. Without a bank account you can’t get your wages paid in.

“[Not having a bank account] stopped a lot of people getting jobs, and they couldn’t get a bank account without a permanent place of residence.”

When they don’t have a bank account, many people turn to friend to help, but this doesn’t always work out well.

“Some of the people have relied on money to be paid into friends’ accounts, but friends will often spend their money,” Kathy said.

But Metro Bank’s has differed from the norm, and allowed a didn’t form of identification than is usually expected – normally banks ask for social identification, but many homeless people don’t have this.

Kathy added: “Metro Bank said they would accept a DWP letter, a housing benefit letter and a letter from myself. It’s just made a world of difference and Metro Bank were so helpful.

“We had been trying to find someone to set up a bank account for us and it was just such a difficult process.”
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