Leaked report: petrochemical pollution causes microcephaly

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Leaked report: petrochemical pollution causes microcephaly …. Not Zika

by Jon Rappoport

March 1, 2016

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Microcephaly = babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

As I’ve demonstrated in numerous articles, the purported cause of microcephaly, the Zika virus, is completely discredited. There is no science to back it up. In fact, the findings of Brazilian researchers constitute evidence that Zika has nothing to do with microcephaly.

Now we have this: Jerusalem Post (2/2/16), “All eyes on Haifa after damning study results leaked”:

“…preliminary results of a University of Haifa study indicating that exposure of pregnant women in the Haifa area to pollution from the petrochemical industry [including an ammonia factory] caused their babies to be born with heads 20 to 30 percent smaller than average.”

The five-year study is only a quarter of the way done. The preliminary results were leaked, causing an uproar among residents in the city of Haifa, where cancer rates are five times the national average in some neighborhoods.

The Post:

“Early findings of the five-year study, which has been carried out for only one year so far, were revealed on Sunday night by Channel 2. The study, sponsored by the municipality and the Haifa-area Municipal Association, was financed by the petrochemical industries and the Israel Electric Corporation.”

More from the Post article:

“The Channel 2 report claimed that the researchers working on the study had demanded to take soil samples from the area to test for possibly carcinogenic materials, but that the Haifa-area Municipal Association, which was among those paying for the research, refused.”

“Rambam Medical Center, Haifa’s largest hospital, said it was not aware of babies being born with smaller-than-average heads.”

So on one side, we have the researchers, who were funded by the petrochemical industry itself, stating that microcephaly is prevalent. On the other side, the local hospital says it’s not.

Facts need to be sorted out, but if this report is true, and the ongoing study continues to validate the early findings, we are looking at one obvious cause of microcephaly. The published literature is clear: any insult to the developing fetal brain can cause microcephaly. Heavy industrial pollution would certainly qualify.

I’ve already reported on several sources of this birth defect in Brazil. They include: toxic pesticides; the Tdap vaccine; a larvicide which was dumped in water supplies; and anti-mosquito indoor sprays.

The Zika virus functions, in fact, as a cover story to divert attention from the true causes of a wide range of birth defects and neurological impairment.

Corporate predators and their profits must be protected.

Jon Rappoport


Source: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/leaked-report-petrochemical-pollution-causes-microcephaly-not-zika/


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  1. bluefeather says:

    Maybe, reading through to near the end of this article, the end game is to change the environment with the air mainly consisting of methane, formaldehyde and ammonia – as in the porter ranch catastrophe ( although minus the ammonia) Read after
    “The newly engineered race of Zion will no longer require a sun”

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