Lady threatens ‘speed’ van staff with arrest. Nice work, lady!

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Video.  Good camera work.  Good approach.  The poor ‘coppers’ have nowhere to go, but turn tail, and keep schtum.  “You’re robbing the public, she tells them, impersonating Police officers, and not correctly carrying out their task.


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  1. ian says:

    Speed cameras are a money making racket under camouflage as road safety. Speed is a major contributing factor in accidents. That is a fact no-one can deny it, but as it is such a good way of robbing people, they don’t really want to stop it. They would argue with that, but if they wanted to stop it, they could give a mandatory 12 month ban as they do with drink driving. It’s a tax masquerading as a road safety measure. They would say, well don’t speed. I don’t, much to the annoyance of many, mainly due to the ridiculous placing of speed limits in unnecessary places and the 40mph speed limits on HGV’s an single carriageways in Scotland. Everyone knows that the lorries do 60 excepts where there’s a speed check, but lorries doing 40 can encourage motorists to speed. That’s who they’re after. Cars civilians as it were. Lorries are 40 vans 50 and cars 60. They’re always after cars. If a van or a lorry happens to break the car speed limit it will get done, but rarely ever for just breaking their own limit. A bit of a rant, I’m sorry.

  2. bangonit says:

    What a quality lady she should be our Prime Minister.
    Love peace harmonies.

  3. emm jay says:

    Wow, this woman is an absolute joy and I salute her … she took those two jobsworths, cowardly little traitors right down to size …

    Those two creeps are representative of all that’s wrong … and that fab lady, of all that is right.

    I so respect that fabulous woman!

  4. Lynn says:

    What cowards … This is how we fight back now. Confront them and call them out. Film them and tell them we are not the guilty ..they are. Well done to that lady. I think women will destroy these thugs and bullies.

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