Just last week I was thinking we’re due another False Flag

 ……and true to form here we go again.

Two bombs have gone off in Brussels Zeventem airport just over an hour ago. Casualties and injuries on the rise. Airport in lock-down.

Unconfirmed reports from firemen attending the scene state that other suspicious packages have been found.

Kindest regards to you and yours.


TAP – I wonder how long it will take for the usual coincidences to be reported.  Was there an exercise in progress?  Are the TV interviews staged?  Are some of the victims, victims’ relatives or escapers ‘crisis actors’?   Let’s see.

Report from The Telegraph.

Brussels explosions: Up to 13 dead in Zaventem airport ‘suicide attack’ amid third blast on Metro train – live

Latest updates amid wave of blasts in Belgian capital feared to be part of terrorist attack following arrest of Paris atrocity suspect Salah Abdeslam

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• Two explosions rip through Brussels airport during rush-hour
• Reports of 13 deaths and 35 others injured in departure hall
• Blasts at Zaventem airport reportedly part of ‘suicide attack’
• Third explosion on Metro train; details of casualties unclear
• Suspected terror attack as Belgian capital on high alert
It comes after arrest of Paris atrocity suspect Salah Abdeslam
Images show shattered windows and smoke rising from airport
Video footage shows people fleeing building in terror

Everything we know so far about Brussels attacks



Recap: Everything we know so far

At least 13 people are feared dead and many more have been injured after terrorist bomb attacks on the main airport and Metro system in Brussels this morning.

The coordinated attacks came as the Belgian capital was on a high level of alert following the arrest of Paris atrocity suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week.

There were unconfirmed reports of shots being fired and shouting in Arabic at the airport in what Belgian media said was a suicide attack.

At least one explosion hit the Metro system near a station close to European Union buildings.

Here, our Europe Editor Peter Foster brings us everything we know so far. Stay with us for the latest updates.


Latest pictures from Belgium’s Zaventem airport

The scene at Brussels Airport after two explosionsThe scene at Brussels Airport after two explosions  Photo: Stephanie Vanhemelryck/PA

Damage at Zaventem airport in BrusselsDamage at Zaventem airport in Brussels  Photo: XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Passengers are evacuated from Brussels AirportPassengers are evacuated from Brussels Airport  Photo: Corbis


Security increased at London’s Gatwick airport

Security has been increased at London Gatwick following the explosions in Brussels, an airport spokesman has confirmed.


PM to chair meeting of emergency Cobra committee

David Cameron has said he will chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee in response to the explosions in Brussels.


Death toll rises to 13

Belgian media is reported that at least 13 people are dead and 35 injured in the Brussels airport blasts.


Location of Brussels Metro blast

The Metro blast is believed to have happened on a train between two stations – located here in this map:

Explosion reported between Maalbeek and Schuman metro stationsExplosion reported between Maalbeek and Schuman metro stations


‘Explosion appeared to come from front of train’

A witness at Maelbeek station told Belgian broadcaster RTBF: “We left Maelbeek station towards the centre at around 9.07, 9.10, when we felt an explosion which appeared to come from the front of the train.

“The lights went off, there was panic given what happened at Brussels airport.

“The doors of the train were forced open to get off the train. There was a lot of smoke. We left via Maelbeek station. The glass doors were blown out. The explosion must have been violent.”


Images show injured passengers outside Metro

On the Metro, traveller Evan Lamos tweeted a picture of passengers climbing from his train into the tunnel, saying: “We are being evacuated from the back of the Metro, between Schuman and Maelbeek. Smoke in the tunnel as we evacuate.”

Images on social media showed the injured being treated in the street.

Treating the injured outside a Brussels Metro stationTreating the injured outside a Brussels Metro station

Maelbeek station is around 500 metres from the buildings of the European Parliament.

As well as the airport, the whole Metro system was closed after the attacks.

Schuman Metro station in Brussels closedSchuman Metro station in Brussels closed  Photo: @SofiaBettiza


Airport explosions were ‘suicide attack’

The explosions at Zaventem airport in Brussels were part of a “suicide attack”, according to the Belgian state broadcaster.


Latest death toll: Up to 10 reported dead and 30 more injured

Several people are feared dead and many injured after the suspected terrorist bomb attacks in Brussels.

The Belgian capital’s airport was this morning rocked by a double blast, with reports of up to 10 dead and around 30 more injured.

Another blast was reported by local media at a Metro station at Maelbeek in the city, close to European Union buildings. Unconfirmed reports suggested another blast at Schuman station.

The suspected terror attack came as Brussels was on the highest level of alert following the arrest of Paris atrocity suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week.


David Cameron: We will do everything we can to help


Unconfirmed reports of blasts at two metro stations

Local reporters are now reporting blasts at two Metro stations in Brussels, at Schuman and Maelbeek.


Belgian terror level raised to maximum

The Belgian terror level has been raised to its maximum level in the wake of the airport explosions, according to the interior minister.


Reports of third explosion at Brussels Metro station close

According to unconfirmed local reports, a bomb has gone off at Maalbeek Metro station in Brussels close to European Union institutions.


‘It was chaos, it was the worst thing’

Jef Versele, 40, from Ghent, Belgium, was at the airport when he heard the two explosions.

“I was on my way to check in and two bombs went off – two explosions,” he said.

“I didn’t see anything. Everything was coming down. Glassware. It was chaos it was unbelievable. It was the worst thing.”

He added: “People were running away, there were lots of people on the ground. A lot of people are injured.”


‘Shots were fired in airport and Arabic shouted before blasts’

Shots were fired and there was shouting in Arabic voices before the first of the blasts, according to Belgian news agency Belga.

Videos and images on social media show smoke rising from the airport building’s shattered windows.

Images are beginning to emerge on social media of the wounded.

A wounded passenger lies on the floor at Brussels airportA wounded passenger lies on the floor at Brussels airport  Photo: @tabagari


Video: Evacuating the injured

Footage shows rows of ambulances outside the airport, ferrying the injured to hospitals. Around 20 people have been injured, according to firefighters.


Witness: ‘I could feel the buildings move’

According to reports, the incident centred on an American Airlines desk in a departure hall.

Sky News Middle East correspondent Alex Rossi, who was at the airport en route for Tel Aviv, told the channel: “I could feel the buildings move.”

Wounded passengers at Brussels airport after an explosionWounded passengers at Brussels airport after an explosion  Photo: @NewstalkFM

Describing how people were “dazed and shocked”, he said: “The word is definitely two explosions. The thinking here by everybody is that it is some kind of terrorist attack although that hasn’t been verified by anyone here at the airport.

“No word too of casualties. Don’t know how the explosion took place, the method if you like. But it certainly seems Brussels airport has been targeted in a terrorist attack.

“We are all being moved out of the airport now towards the emergency exit. There is a great deal of confusion here. Certainly there are a number of very upset, as you might imagine, very frightened people.”

He added: “There are fears that there might be other attackers.”

Wounded passengers at Brussels airportWounded passengers at Brussels airport  Photo: @tabagari

Mr Rossi, who had checked his luggage through the main baggage area and was at a departure gate, said he thought he was “fairly close” to the explosions but he could not be sure.

He told Sky News as he was being ushered out of the airport along with other passengers: “We felt the walls of the building rock. Dust came down from the ceiling.

“I think it was a very big explosion – hardly surprising the windows are blown out.

“I would expect if there were people around when those explosions happened – we heard two explosions – there will be a number of casualties.”


Tiles strewn across floor – suitcases abandoned

Footage from inside the building shows a scene of devastation, with ceiling tiles strewn across the floor and suitcases abandoned.

Airport spokeswoman Anke Fransen said: “There were two blasts in the departure hall. The first aid team are in place for help.”

Passengers were led onto the tarmac and travellers were urged to stay away from the airport.


Video: People flee from Brussels airport explosions


‘At least 11 dead’ – Belgian media reports

Unconfirmed reports in Belgian media say that there have been 11 deaths at Brussels Zaventem airport.

Brussels Airport Smoke rise over Brussels Airport   Photo: Jef Versele


‘Several injured’ – airport spokesman

Anke Fransen, a spokesman for Zaventem airport, says: “There were two blasts in the departure hall. First aid team are in place for help.”


Two ‘seriously wounded,’ explosion took place ‘in departures area’

Two people are seriously wounded after the explosion, which is feared to be a terrorist attack, and the blasts reportedly took place in the departure zone in the charter area and at counters 4 and 5, the Telegraph’s Henry Samuel reports.

The Belgian authorities say they have launched a “catastrophe” plan in response to the blast, according to Belgian media.


Windows shattered in blast

This image appears to show the destruction wrought by the two explosions at Brussels airport, authorities say is “too early” to comment on.

Damage at Brussels airport after an explosionDamage at Brussels airport after an explosion  Photo: @goldennike


Passengers evacuated from airport

As the cause of the two explosions at Zaventem airport remains unclear, video images are beginning to emerge of passengers fleeing the airport. The Belgian authorities are yet to comment on what took place.

Brussels airport being evacuated after multiple explosionsBrussels airport being evacuated after multiple explosions  Photo: @khalidkhan


Airport closed following explosions

The airport has been closed and flights cancelled, whie rail routes to Zaventem airport have been diverted.


Panic at Brussels airport entrance as passengers flee from explosion

Video footage has emerged of passengers fleeing the airport


‘Injuries in departure lounge’

Injuries have been reported in the departures lounge of the airport, while authorities are yet to confirm whether the explosion was part of a terrorist attack.


Two explosions at Brussels airport

Two explosions have been heard at Brussels airport with video and stills pictures showing smoke rising from one of the terminal buildings

A plume of smoke rises over Brussels airport after an explosionA plume of smoke rises over Brussels airport after an explosion  Photo: @News_Executive


11 Responses to “Just last week I was thinking we’re due another False Flag”

  1. Mark says:

    Is there increasing reluctance to be overly-suspicious of f.f’s? Have investigations been waning recently, erring more-readily and quickly, ‘this is Islamist doing’? If so, is the perceived pressure on more stringent immigration policy, the cause?

    I still struggle to understand the Islamicist/alone motive? Could be wrong but sense f.f.-looking fatigue, in some recent frequency, is upon us?

    Already there’s BBC-talk of ‘Belgian intelligence services had been playing “catch-up” (since then) and did not have a “very good system” of sharing information across the various authorities.’ What kind of ‘system’ does it require?

    Let’s be one E.U. nation eh? Think of the ease of sharing? We can all be one system – surrounded by Eurasia or it it East..?

    And all the while, bombs kill and families grieve.

    • ian says:

      Yes indeed Mark. Orwellian dystopia for many. I’m sure that there are no terrorists other than the security forces, and those trained, equipped, aided and abetted by them. The Mafia need terror as a driving force to implement their plans for us. Immigration causes fear and distraction terrorism causes fear and distraction, ideal circumstances for the verminous cretins who run the show, to take the pretended high ground to save us. Fu*kin’ crooks, the lot. Any nay sayers can be dismissed as Goering famously said as putting the people and the country at risk. I of course can be dismissed as being mentally dysfunctional, and a silly old man.

  2. driver47a says:

    Now Belgium will bring in martial law. It’s getting closer to the UK.
    No doubt Camoron is going to tell us all we should stay in Europe because it’s more safe together. It is very strange that a suicide bomber right next to the eu offices decided to blow himself up(allegedly) in a train station. Let’s all get ready for the laughable lies coming to us.

  3. Tom74 says:

    Yes. The giveaway is that the EU was plainly the target, which is consistent with the pattern of American and Israeli attempts to destroy the EU by a variety of means. Also, there is the similarity between these attacks and the suspicious double strike in London in 2007.

  4. Lynn says:

    Who is falling for this???? Isis do not exist..they are a ghost. Never to be found anywhere. An invention of insane minds. A creation of evil. Pushed by a fraudulent media. It is a circus of madness. A blueprint of how they get what they want at the top. We have to restore some sanity now. This cannot go on. !!!!!

  5. Nollidge says:

    Well hows about that one guys & gals;

    Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport:-


  6. Nollidge says:

    In fact,justa bout everywhere there’s been a major loss-of-life “incident”you’ll find an Israeli “security” company.Time to ban Israeli “security” companies – in the interests of safety & security.

  7. Lynn says:

    And Amsterdam….all the security in and around Airports are Izrahell operatives. Mossad NSA etc etc. Abel danger reported this.

  8. salty says:

    Did the MOSSAD just reveal the true reason for the staged false flag terror attacks in Brussels?

    Posted on March 28, 2016.


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