Japanese Master Demonstrates the Power of Chi by Controlling Animals

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We too often take it for granted that human beings only have five senses, and whenever something cannot be immediately explained within the framework of modern science, we tend to brush it off as an anomaly, or an oddity.

“I exchange energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep.” -Master Kanzawa Sensei

For thousands of years practitioners of eastern martial and meditative arts have been attuned to the subtle presence of chi, the life force energy that animates all living things. Masters of the cultivation and use of this energy have forever been able to perform remarkable feats of concentration, longevity and strength, yet we in the West are have always been reluctant to credit them for their mastery of something we cannot even grasp… that there is a subtle energy that connects all living things.

Qigong is the practice of cultivating the energy, and Japanese chi master, Kanzawa Sensei is known for his ability to control animals with the power of his mind and chi, a rare and extraordinary example of the powers of Qigong. By standing near animals, concentrating his mind, and manipulating chi with his hands, he has demonstrated that he can calm, entrance, and even put to sleep many animals, including buffalo, elephants, even ostriches.

Master KanazawaAs he explains it, he exchanges energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep. As simple as that.

Featured in an episode of the television program, ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans,’ Master Kanzawa is seen visiting an alpaca ranch in California, where he baffles ranch owner Cecilia Secka by subduing an entire herd of her alpacas. In addition to this remarkable demonstration, a subsequent message on the ranch’s website notes that after the filming, Master Kanzawa did some extraordinary healing work to an injured animal:

“What he did after the filming though was most extraordinary as he worked with one of my female alpacas who that same morning was behaving very strangely. She was almost paralyzed in her hind legs and hips as well as not being able to eat as if her jaw was paralyzed. I gave her some Banamine hopeing that would help. As the day went on she showed no improvement. I told Mr. Sensei about her and at the end of the day he went to see her. She was still not able to eat. Mr. Sensei started working on her, standing 4-5 feet away from her, just using his mind and Chi power. We gradually started seing improvement and after about 20 minutes she was fully restored, moving and eating totally normally. She has never had the symptoms again!” [Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch]

Further in the video presentation, Master Kanzawa is seen working with a herd of buffalo, an unapproachably large and dangerous animal. As witness to this, a veterinarian familiar with buffalo was present, and was, of course, flabbergasted by what the chi master was able to do with these enormous beasts.

The comments between the host and the veterinarian after Master Kanzawa subdues the buffalo get right to the heart of the blind spot in Western science, showing how there is simply no room in the current paradigm for this ancient wisdom.

Host: “Doctor, there any way to explain this in the realm of science?

Veterinarian: “Not in the medicine I know.”

Life is connected in ways more subtle than most of us can ordinarily sense, and Western science is way behind the curve when it comes to understanding the depth of this connection. The energy body is one of our innate super powers, and although abilities like this are typically relegated to freak show media in this rigidly thought-controlled world we live in, we all have the ability to cultivate and develop the energy body.

Many modern day chi masters are revealing their secrets to the world, and while it may seem like Master Kanzawa’s powers are super-human, any one can train to develop awareness and mastery of this subtle energy.

Watch the demonstration of Master Kanzawa’s extraordinary ablities for yourself in the videos below:

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For a further demonstration, take a look at this video from Japanese television, showing Master Sensei working with a small herd of deer, an ostrich, and many smaller animals, all of which appear to be calmed and hypnotized by his presence and energy.



13 Responses to “Japanese Master Demonstrates the Power of Chi by Controlling Animals”

  1. Nicky says:

    Came across another doing similar many moons back, Nice to see another Gentleman doing the same.

    • Its very clear to me Nicky whats going on.
      ‘ Western Science ‘ is nothing more than a cover up of truth using lies, blind eyes, wilful ignorance, blackmail and bribery, run by bast*rds from the very top. I am fed up with it.
      Rockefelkers controlling alk the text books, university science depts. It is quite unbelievable and one wonders what the world around us would lok like if all the physics truths, starting with this japanese guy, was taught widely and honestly at every school and university
      Dr Emotos water consciousness findings too.
      Its enough to make me sick Nicky.
      Interesting how you said the maharishi in Vlodrop in his last days may have been held in.isolation.against his will. Bizarre.
      News reports said maharishi was on his own, getting videotapes of days events, put at his door along with food..while he meditated deeply.
      While reality seems to be, something sinister going on at the top of MAV.

      He was in.his 90s when he died, and goes to show, even though a good age. All tge ayurvedic herbs and panchakarma treatments.failed to give longevity past a normal good age

      • Nicky says:

        Hi Adam. My thoughts on the Maharishi are that he desired to return to India in his last days and was pressured into staying. those are based on that one broadcast where he breaks off and pleads with someone. I cannot recall what he says now and the recording of it has vanished.

        Re his ill health. He Almost died from an poisoning incident many years before, Orange juice I believe. He miraculously survived that assasination attempt. Much of the online stuff around that event has been quietly removed. That is what shortened his life Adam. Not Maharishi Ayur Ved Products. Or the Movement.

        It is rumoured the same occured to Guru Dev, Suspicion was wrongly put on the Maharishi for that by the ones most likely to have carried that one out. The Shankarcharya of jyottir Math that sits on the throne now in India is not the one Guru Dev chose. He sits behind the plush building in the shadow of the false one. Bit like the Chinese and the Dalai Llama farce.
        Re the Dutch and those at the top there. One goes to the fire to put it out. Most likely why he set up house there. Much has come from them to undermine the UK over the years. Including that arse Cromwell. Another funded by Jews from afar. Dutch Jews whom had been thrown out of the UK for killing kids and other foul practices on such an large scale that they got completely removed from our shores, Until that idiot Cromwell let his paymasters back in again. Now we have the Hampstead whistleblowers case and all the other cases of these evil ones feeding on Goy in their households being treated as cattle in their stall Adam. As it says in one of their Book’s. Goy in their household are like Cattle in their stall. 60 million russian non catholic Christians Killed off in the Bolshevik uprising. Most self sustaining land owners living a pastoral heavenly life. Killed off by Banker Jews. Jews want slavery and mastery over you. They invented a false God and think there is no real Good God. When they speak of God They speak of fearing God. How screwed up is that.
        Re our current state.
        You cannot even get a decent jar of Honey or a pint of unadulterated (glyphosate rich) Milk anywhere in Our land of Milk and Honey. Welcome to the New World Order. Thanks a bunch Cromwell. Thanks a bunch piss head Churchill. Hero’s ? wake the f up people. They sold you down the river.

      • Nicky says:

        Would like to clarify I never said “Held in isolation”. That sort of error led to “Be still and know that one is God”. Becoming “Be still and know that I am God”.
        And quite posibly “There is no way to the Father except through one(ness)”. becoming ” There is no way to the father except through me”. Which puts a third party between you and what makes you. Or you and your Divinity.
        A tactic employed by enslavers. Flim flam. False. Bullshit. lies. Beware the decievers and those that employ deception. Even more important, Try not to employ the same methods as it corrupts you and keeps you from attaining peace, In some it fills them with thoughts like “What a dumbass, I bested him” which is another lie being told to one’s self. Which is not good. Tricking yourself that it is ok.
        In some it is alright to do so to others not of there religious background or non members of the brotherhood they are in. but not there own kind, Which is even more Deluded. I try not to join in or let myself be conditioned by others anymore, It is a distraction and a weight I would rather not carry. Unfettered is best I feel. I do not want to go to Jew heaven and fear God and live under all those rules, So many rules, So many third parties to please. Sounds like a Hell to me. When one analyses the whole experience of that lad’s NDE. And you cannot go back. Not somewhere I would choose to end up.

  2. ian says:

    He could make a fortune helping

  3. Lynn says:

    We have deliberatley been fooled by the Billionaires club. Dumbed down and kept in the dark. They control the science, the history, and religion. The sheep have been led astray by this parasitic race. Well now we know how they fooled us we can at least see that life wasn’t meant to be all work and bed.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    What of course no one tells you is that the process of switching on ‘the energy body’ as mentioned here can kill.

    People die from an excess of chi energy Admittedly this is a rare event among people in the West as they are not very aware of these forces generally, due to diet and other cultural and bioelectric factors, but it can and does happen.

    I suspect that in the East the dissemination of the information is more regulated so that the dangers are better managed too. But speaking with yoga teachers and people who teach martial arts it is interesting, especially in the field of yoga how few seem to understand what is going on.

    • Nicky says:

      Baby steps I would say are advisable for sure as per Maharishi’s good advices.

      Death by Yoga? . Relaxing a body full of toxins does/will/can lead to a touch of overloading the natural channels of elimination for sure if not assisted in some way, Not come across anyone dying from it.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Perhaps ask Stan Lee, maybe he knows a little more than he is telling. Sorry Nicky am not in a very agreeable mood with these people today. This reminds me of a chat I had with a yoga teacher, she was very good, very beautiful and kind lady, but she did not understand why there was a statue in each yoga room. Most of the teachings are restricted it is just like the Mysteries

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    I have a feeling that Stan Lee knows a little more than he is letting on here.


    • Nicky says:

      I read your posts on the Jewish historical child abuse today, carrying that around inside is enough to put anyone in a foul Mood. My post on this thread above this one in reply to Adam coincidentally goes into this very subject in it’s way.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Hi ya Nicky. Its unpleasant stuff but on a lighter note I saw this in your comment,

        “Now we have the Hampstead whistleblowers case and all the other cases of these evil ones feeding on Goy in their households being treated as cattle in their stall”

        I was round there when they came round to get the mother bloody hell that was really really dicey. I don’t want to go into too much detail but bloody hell, I am sure they had an injection kit one of them was carrying. Fortunately within 30 minutes I was out of that joint sitting on the back of a good old red double decker bus. With mother elsewhere off on her way to safety. It was touch and go, touch and go, though!

        It is a sweet moment in life when you smack something evil right in the eye!

        I suppose one day they will turn me into an ashtray like they did with Geronimo

    • Nicky says:

      Strewth, Sounds from your comment you where close to it all. That must suck.
      I found myself Booked into guest houses whilst working for Euretek which took us country wide . Some had a flyer with a discount for members of a certain Spartacus club I think it was called. Anyways as this occured a few times I suggested to the chap back at the office all the technicians join it to take advantage of the discount. No No No I don’t think that is a good idea says the office waller. A strange over reaction I thought at the time.
      Years later the same club came up in an article and it was a bloody peado club. And They must have known this when they booked me into rooms in their foul guest houses. The Bstards.

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