Isn’t it time that psychologists identified the psychopaths in the government and authorized their removal?

Sent to The Tap by Gordon Logan
The British Psychological Society should get together with Conservative Campaign Headquarters. I’m sure that the Conservatives will be only too happy to have their leadership subjected to psychometric tests. In fact, shouldn’t prophylactic testing be made mandatory for all parliamentary candidates?
“Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this… That a small minority of human beings literally have no conscience was and is a bitter pill for our society to swallow — but it does explain a great many things, shamelessly deceitful political behavior being one.”—Dr. Martha Stout, clinical psychologist and former instructor at Harvard Medical School.
The political parties need to understand that this is a need that would attract the support of the great majority of British voters. The present government is arguably the most psychopathic British government in living memory.

Twenty years ago, a newspaper headline asked the question: What’s the difference between a politician and a psychopath?

The answer, then and now, remains the same: None.

There is no difference between psychopaths and politicians.

Nor is there much of a difference between the havoc wreaked on innocent lives by uncaring, unfeeling, selfish, irresponsible, parasitic criminals and elected officials who lie to their constituents, trade political favors for campaign contributions, turn a blind eye to the wishes of the electorate, cheat taxpayers out of hard-earned dollars, favor the corporate elite, entrench the military industrial complex, and spare little thought for the impact their thoughtless actions and hastily passed legislation might have on defenseless citizens.

Best regards,
Gordon Logan

4 Responses to “Isn’t it time that psychologists identified the psychopaths in the government and authorized their removal?”

  1. Lynn says:

    These people are hand picked and initiated..we all know now. They are not elected they are selected. Their allegiance is to Israhell. It is all fakery and rigged. We just never knew the system. Good guys are got rid of and destroyed. Towing the party line means shut the F up.

  2. peugeott says:

    Thats why I never trust any of them that’s been awarded an O.B.E. etc

  3. Lynn says:

    All in it together…out to destroy nations and borders. Not immigration it is invasion. These Traitors are on borrowed time now.

  4. bangonit says:

    All OBEs must be returned and the same for Knighthoods they were not given by a royal, our queen is a commoner.
    Love peace harmonies.

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