Is this the Calm Before the Storm of 2016?

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Twenty sixteen has continued as a pivotal point in human history. Many social commentators have been documenting the exponential rise in awareness and action that has been occurring across our planet, as well as the long-held concerns about the rising issues and risks that we now face as a natural collective called humanity. All of this has been accelerating as we move through the early part of the year.

To summarize the issues, 2016 has begun with:


  • the highest stock volatility we’ve seen for quite some time which is of course a reflection of the underlying fragility and deflationary momentum of the global economy;
  • further floods of people, both genuine refugees and radical extremists, washing over Europe and causing a divide between EU citizens, particularly because of the rising crime and violence in the region associated with this influx;
  • the illegal wars of the Middle East (ME) escalate, and then at least deescalate on the surface, due to the cease-fire between the US, Russia and other geopolitical players;
  • the secret trade agreements such as the TPP and TTIP gaining further momentum (which are more accurately described as ‘corporate/elite power and resource consolidation agreements’);
  • the US presidential race resembling a surreal act of theater; and
  • a period of relative calm regarding terrorist plots and false flag terrorism, causing many of us to be vigilantly watchful for the next inevitable event.


The Global Economy

Many of us would have watched the wild swings in the stock market over the last several months and understood that this is what a crash looks like, exactly like that of 2000 and 2008. Yet it appears that the market manipulators, such as the Plunge Protection Teams (PPTs), are in overdrive trying to keep it from spiraling out of control. They’ve been quite successful so far too, which indicates that the banksters are not yet ready to once again transfer themselves more wealth and power like they did in 2008, by letting the system implode.

Why? Well, they need a scapegoat. They can’t let it all crumble on their watch because then the world would definitively know that the private central banking system, as well as the Keynesian economic model and its Quantitative Easing (QE) stimulus, are all epic failures in regards to the general betterment and wealth equality for humanity. Of course anyone who looks at the real data understands that QE did wonders for the Wall Street economy and the financial speculators, including their bonus packages, but it done very little for the real economy, or the Main Street economy. In fact, there’s been no real recovery in many places, including the US.

At one stage it appeared that some of the banks in Europe, particularly Germany, were going to be the next Lehman Brothers. That still might be the case. The deflationary trend in the global economy – driven by falling trade and commodity prices, a saturation of debt and near worthless global currencies – has already smashed particular economies, such as Brazil, Russia, Canada and elsewhere. Many other countries are either already in recession or at serious risk of it too.

There’s much more to come unfortunately, particularly because the massive global money bubble – which has its sub-bubbles of debt in general, stocks, bonds, real estate, auto/student loans etc – is slowly coming to its inevitable demise. We’ve also seen precious metals been highly sort after by some of the bigger money, driving up their prices, although the manipulators have ensured that they haven’t yet increased by too much which inhibits a flood of smaller money doing the same.

We must remember of course that many markets are manipulated, with very little exception, although at some point they will be beyond any external influence and will undertake their natural corrections. For a full analysis (and many further references) of the current crisis facing the global economy, read this article as a starting point.

The Middle East

The puppet masters and their proxy armies, including Islamic State (IS), have been outsmarted by Russia and the Syrian/Iranian alliance. The radical extremists got absolutely pumped, leading the alliance between the US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations, to reconsider their strategy. Much of this conflict is alleged to be a part of the Greater Israel Project.

Criminally, there’s many so-called leaders all around the world who support Israel’s genocidal actions against the Palestinians. Of course it has gone both ways (albeit a much lesser degree), however one day these war crimes will be globally recognized, like many Israeli and other citizens of the world already publicly condemn. In the art of progress, the matrix-media and their false narratives have been exposed in this and many other matters too, led primarily by the alternative media and the many courageous independent social researchers.

There’s a lot to have hope and solidarity about, even among all this corruption, deception and human suffering.

In saying that though, lets not forget the two separate car bombings that have killed tens of innocent civilians over the past few weeks or so in Turkey. Now we know that these could potentially be false flags, and any link with IS that emerges would more or less confirm this because it has been well documented that the Turkish administration have been harboring and training IS personnel, as well as selling their oil on the black market.

What happens next in the ME is anyone’s guess, but we appear to be in the calm before the storm. Unfortunately, this applies to the emerging global economic depression too.

The US Presidential Race

The social democrat, Bernie Sanders, has been absolutely dominating the presidential race, at least in terms of the debates and the information he has been discussing. His attacks on Wall Street, the banksters and the derivative speculators, has been nothing short of promising for a real change to this toxic and cancerous system. He has been labelled a socialist by the presstitute media, however this is simply untrue. Like many governments and politicians around the world, he has socialist type policies, but he is still in favor of certain democratic, libertarian and free market philosophies.

Many hardcore free market advocates have made him out to be a serious threat to the future of America, however that doesn’t appear entirely valid or justified. He more appears to be aligned with some of the Scandinavian approaches to social services, which we all know have been very successful in some ways, but of course not in all.

In any case, the US is in need of dire change, so anything at this point is better than nothing.

Trump on the other hand has created a great divide. He has exposed some necessary truths, such as some relating to 911, and so far the evidence illustrates that he is NOT managed by the establishment. That’s a good thing. But his politically incorrect approach (which to be direct and fair is a breath of fresh air in an oligarchical order and a failing democratic system), has also included bigoted and harmful energy that has caused an upsurge in ethnocentric and racist rhetoric.

In addition, Hillary has been an embarrassment for the establishment because more and more people now have awoken to her domestic and foreign crimes and now understand her as a hypocritical mouthpiece of the status quo. And that’s exactly NOT what most US citizens want, as well as many people around the globe. The world needs real change, not more of the same with a different cloak, and this election is a significant opportunity for America to once again have a positive influence on domestic and world affairs.

Unfortunately, it looks like Clinton and Trump are the front-runners in this race, however we shouldn’t delude ourselves that it isn’t rigged through the electronic voting system and the way the entire process is designed. Regardless, both do not seem to compare to the progressive impacts that Sanders would have for America, and hence the world.

Of course he doesn’t have it perfect by any stretch, and it’s important to sympathize with the views of those who advocate for reduced government and the removal of the ‘socialism for the rich’ policies which have impeded the fundamental tenets of free market ideology. Ironically, many on the Anarchist, Libertarian and free market spectrum just want to see the banksters get what’s coming for them, and it appears that Sanders is the only runner that will get the ball rolling for them.

They’ve put the cart before the horse; it’s a step by step process which will not see their dreams immediately take place, unless of course the next revolutionary stage in our global society comes by direct and swift action by the majority. It seems Sanders is the best bet to hedge against the US masses continuing to be lazy, ignorant and apathetic to the destructive and deceptive realities that we all now face.

Who knows, it might not even get to the election stage if world events spiral out of control and Obama declares a national emergency to sit another term. If it looks like an anti-establishment proponent has too much momentum and support, such as that of Trump or Sanders, this might just be their approach instead of blatantly rigging the votes.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

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Final Thoughts

All this noise really is building awareness and energy for the American people to lead the world in a peaceful uprising against the crimes of the elite power structures and the corporate monopolies that use the monetary system and matrix-media as their primary methods of control. Hopefully we’re close to the tipping point for the creation of the conscious society where the best interests of the people, as well as the natural systems of earth, are finally put into the spotlight for instantaneous implementation.

A better, more just world, really does await us; it’s simply up to us when and how we create it.

Ultimately, we should count our blessings for the relative calm that has unexpectedly continued for the last couple of months, both geopolitically and economically. It might have given us more time to focus on expanding the collective consciousness of humanity and translating that knowledge into local and global action, but that doesn’t mean that we should be complacent.

Anything could happen from here, which is why it’s wise practice to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

If you’d like to get active in bringing about real change, then join the Full Circle Project to connect and take action with like-minded people. If you’re Australian, or even if you’re not, read the highly relevant policies of the Australian Sovereignty Party and join if they speak to you (we need more political parties who actually understand the real issues). There is also this petition on, which is raising awareness of the cancerous banking system that has stolen the wealth of the peoples across our planet.




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