Icke replies to ‘snake oil salesman’ Cameron


Cameron tries to land an easy hit on David Icke.

Is this a sign that Cameron senses he’s losing the argument, and that more and more people are becoming aware of the EU’s role in the New World Order?   Icke fires back with his version of what the EU amounts to.  We’re pressing a nerve, he says.  People are now aware that there is a conspiracy to end democracy, and flood our nations with migrants.  Thanks, Mr Cameron for showing that ‘we are having an effect’.


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  1. Nicky says:

    Nicky says:

    One of the crew. BBC hero. just like Slimey Evil (jimmy saville) Churchill (The war prolonger) and the masons Gal Maggie Thatcher who brought us the term Affordable housing upon us, As opposed to unaffordable housing. Or as I refer to it, Slavery. Nothing less than Slavery. This cannot and will not end well. I see lodges burning country wide. Masons cooking in the fire. Oh dear and No police to protect them as they will be Busy, Very Busy. Let me be clear right back at you. This greed level cannot end well when the homeless outnumber the well heeled. Not that bright at all. All the public land being stolen for affordable housing and mostly unaffordable houses being constructed. Maybe your neighbour will lend you a fast get away car.

    • Many thanks for all your interesting replies Nicky.
      I will make a point watching the principle on my return

      3 weeks ago i got a telescope out and studied the full moon with my own eyes.
      My eyes couldnt be sure it is spherical, and not simply a flat disc. But lets say for simplicitys sake its spherical.

      My eyes showed me, it is certainly….a real place to walk on. With dust and craters. It may well have been artificially shaped and formed and put into position by advanced beings. But it seems they used natural materials. Therefore, it feels to me highly likely a thomas townsend brown electrogravitics secret government SSP craft could fly up there.

      I still have to read and absorb all the implications of your comments.
      As well. Here on holiday im able to observe in.uninterrupted fashion. The rising and setting of the sun, trajectory, on a blue sky. A prodding voice keeps tellling me……its the sun moving, not us.

      The 400 relationship.between earth, moon, and sun, is insane. To get the head round. Unless one wakes up and realises advanced advanced intelligent hands engineered our dna, us, put the sun, moon earth, planets around…….as some sort of experiment. The 400 thing cannot be explained anyother way, no way is it coincidence.
      Talk that the univrse is a flat plane……..ill shelve that rabbit hole for now.

      Henry and i quite convincingly confirmed, earths not a flat plane. There is some curvature. Yet caughteric dubay out red handed as a flat earth liar. But yes. Something somewhete doesnt add up AT ALL and higher degree freemasonry know, and are weaving complex red herring deceptions.

      As well as a cover for the real SSP programmes…….what else was Nasas mission? To perpetuate grand lies and deceptions im.sure about reality around us and.history and antarctica and space etc.
      Im just not sure yet how to make sense of the can of worms
      If i understood you right……..theres nothing wrong with your heart? It was the meditation slowing it? But doctors picked up wrong end of the stick?
      Mel gibson. We know he was smeared attacked. Could he have been trying to tl real truths the tribe dont want out with the passion of the christ in aramaic? Essene gospel truths
      I wonder why the cabal arent blanketing chemtrails equally across all populated areas of the world, why
      – why does it apoear n western europe, the usa, nz, australia, and russia and china are targeted, but less so other places?
      I take in butter ghee Nicky to my local indian restaurant where the owner uses it to make saag ghosht , tadka dal, and any other sauce based dishes i ask for.
      Perhaps ghees low burn point makes this a mistake? A busy restaurant prob wont care if the ghee burns. Virgin olive i could.take in. Or mustard seed oil perhaps. Anything but the GM soybean or drums of rapesed oil thats cellular and metabolic poison, in my saag ghosht

      Anyone would think Nicky thrres a gigantic conspiracy out to poison us! 😉

      • Nicky says:

        Hi 🙂

        Re mass poisoning. this is Definate.
        Glyphosate causes fertility problems and all the other issues suchs as depression that come with that.
        This just came up on RT minutes ago.
        In this short documentary Cattle where suffering. Some Farmers in Denmark chose to use only Glyphosate free feed from local suppliers and the fertility issues in cattle started to reverse in short order. Glyphosate is draining into the Sea and is now detected in rainwater. Monsanto Is EVIL. Die offs in species worldwide are on the increase. Fact.
        Keep calm and carry on though apparently it is all in our heads and nothing to do with Big Pharma or depopulation or deliberate in any way.
        The boring bit.
        I have no knowledge of the Dubay chap. And no belief the Moon is a disk. I think there has been some cross wire comms there. Re Herat condition. The passing out started after Evil Dad sprayed my food source with round up. As for the pacemaker. I was forced to consent or loose my driving licence.
        I was just about to end fasting when the pass out episodes occured.
        Whilst fitted with monitors The readings of my drop in heart rate occured at precisely the times I meditated and this was used wrongly as a reason for fitting me with this piece of crap in my chest.

      • Nicky says:

        The point on Ghee. Because ghee burns at a low point it means you tend not to overcook food. Using lower temperatures to cook with. Other oils burning at high temperatures cause cancers.
        Using sesame oil to cook with gives you skin conditions that age you quickly. This I have seen. My ex wife has the skin of an old chineses woman and was led wrongly to believe sesame oil was preferable to cook with.

        Using ripened sesame oil for the skin in massage has the opposite effect and is beneficial. To ripen the oil place one drop of water in a pan of oil and bring to the heat until the water in the oil stops spitting and has boiled off. Take the oil off the heat as soon as that has occured. let it cool and voila ! good to go.

    • Hello Nickyji 😉

      It doesnt sound as if your dads been a loving father acting in your best interests at all. I hope he acted just thru ignorance and not malicious intent

      Yes gmo and glyphosate toxin avoidance, is clearly crucial now in 2016. If no calamities befall us all and we still keep rolling on, more or less ok, no pound sterling value going to toliet paper etc……
      – alternative medicine detoxification remineralisation and
      – hydroponic gardening indoors with heirloom seeds

      Are going to be my priority. Keeping organic goats and chickens will have to wait

      Yes, its my random mind jumping about. I just thought id pick your brain on moon, sun, earth, cosmos issues 😉

      Good tips on.ghee and sesame oil thanks

      I think as wl as lots of cooked greens, a quality calcium magnesium zinc supplement could be good for the heart, such as solgars
      Magnesiums very important for the heart

      I hope and pray Nicky we will all get through 2016 in tact and ok, and 2017 and beyond too! Bye for now

  2. Aldous says:

    Tap, I’m suspicious. Nothing in politics usually happens by chance or accident – and certainly not at PM level.
    Is the Brexit/Out campaign being linked with David Icke quite deliberately in order to undermine Brexit/Out credibility and compare them to ‘conspiracy nuts’ – aka those who question known liars?

    As much as I would like to, I cannot identify with – as far as those I know around me are concerned – the significant and accurate points you make regarding the EU’s role in the NWO and their conspiracy to flood western nations with migrants.

    Most people I know and speak to, seem totally focused on the effect of migrants and are near blind when it comes to the root cause.

    I like a lot of what David Icke says but there is no getting away from the fact that one has to be careful when using him as a credible source because of the sheeple’s programmed negative reaction to the very mention of his name.

    Associating him with the Brexit/Out campaign could be very damaging to their efforts imho and probably why Cameron has chosen to do it.

    • Tapestry says:

      Good point, Aldous. Yet Cameron’s also publicising Icke and by mentioning his name, giving him oxygen. He’s also assuming that people trust him. My mother does, but she still believes in Father Christmas. Most people are moving on, and looking at sources like Icke with different eyes to how they did thirty years ago. Boris, Kate Hoey and Farage etc won’t be drawn in.

    • ian says:

      Good points Aldous. If they can associate Brexit with Icke, I’m sure it’ll have an effect, and whoever decided to use the idea must be of the opinion that it will benefit them rather than the Brexit voters. We are staying in, I’m sure, but they’d rather if they could coerce people to vote that way rather than have to fiddle it too much.

      • dkblue says:

        Silly as it may be after controversial TPV issues etc I can’t help but like the man…. why is that? He actually seems sincere.

        On the positive, as they say in media any publicity is good publicity so maybe Cameron has shot himself in the foot by directing people to Icke’s info.

        However, in order to to bring in the NWO they will villianise one group thereby causing chaos through revelations of truth -(child abuse, corruption) in order bring order that will look good initially but it will be the NWO. So in directing people to the truth or some measure of truth, they are setting up the chaos to order scenario.

      • ian says:

        Aye indeed dkblue, Icke is very likeable, and I agree with much of his material, though I don’t follow him, and you may be right, I hope you are in saying that Cameron has shot himself in the foot, but I do feel, that by aligning Brexit with the loony left, a lot of voters who are terrified of being associated with anything conspiratorial will shy off the Brexit crowd and agree with the right wing media. Conformity drives the majority, and not being open to ridicule is excruciatingly important to many. A bit of a paradox for me. I’m sure it’ll be a vote to stay in, but I’m voting to come out and desperately hoping my feelings that it will be a stay in, will be wrong.

      • dkblue says:

        Yeah, I hear what you say about associating looniness with ‘out’. When in doubt bring out the old ‘conspiracy theorist’ label to damage a reputation!

  3. NPP says:

    Good one TAP.
    Good one David Icke.
    EU OUT!

    This bloke gets knocked left right and centre e.g. Thomas Sheridan frequently makes snide remarks, though I enjoy Thomas’ commentaries.

    Good for you David. You actually have oink oink Cameron citing you. Good job.

    Icke on BBC Question Time? Now that could be fun.

  4. NPP says:

    Meria Heller: “Cameron Name Dropping David Icke Tells Me The Establishment Is Running Scared!”

    • Dee says:

      I really enjoyed this lively interview 🙂

      • Hi Dee, ive found Icke an intetesting, likeable humurous, chatty intimate talker amd speaker.
        And reassuring too, in these changing times.
        I dont know where the catch is with him, but thete seems to be one. Maybe ultimately it doesnt matter and we shoukdnt worry about it too much.
        But he seemed a different personality when gorilla99 polittely wanted to chat to him in hyde park on youtube.
        So somethings going on

  5. Aldous says:

    Something else that has just crossed my mind about this dodgy referendum is: “Why the four month lead up to the 23 June referendum day?” May was ruled out because of other UK elections but what was wrong with April – or even March? I know Easter is end of March but surely a Thursday either side was possible.

    Official calling of referendum

    On the morning of Saturday 20 February 2016, just hours after a deal was struck between the EU and the UK in a European Council summit in Brussels which concluded the UK’s renegotiation of its EU membership, Prime Minister David Cameron held a special cabinet meeting in 10 Downing Street with his fellow Ministers (the first such meeting to be held on a Saturday since 3 April 1982 at the start of the Falklands War). After the meeting he announced outside the door of No 10 that the Government was to recommend to the British people that the United Kingdom should “remain” within the European Union and that the referendum would be held on Thursday 23 June 2016. This marked the official launch of the campaign. He also announced the Parliament would enact secondary legislation relating to the European Union Referendum Act 2015 on Monday 22 February 2016. With the official launch, ministers of the UK Government were then free to campaign on either side of the argument in a rare exception to Cabinet collective responsibility.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_European_Union_membership_referendum,_2016#Calling_of_referendum +

    I’m suspicious that the incessant ‘remain’ propaganda will require that amount of time to sway ardent ‘leave’ voters and the undecided.
    Note: The UK’s Electoral Commission persuaded Cameron to change the ballot paper answer from Yes/No to Remain/Leave.
    Q: Why is ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ before/ahead of ‘Leave the European Union’? Alphabetically Leave should come before Remain. It’s only a minor point but may have some psychological significance on voting day.



    • dkblue says:

      It gives them time for another FF Aldous… the tube perhaps? This will scare the people into capitulating. Dare I quote the man – ‘Problem, reaction, solution!”
      Obv hope this won’t unfold but it is their favourite MO….

  6. NPP says:

    We will remain. That is the establishment policy.
    I do not trust Boris et al…. don’t trust any of them, but so far Boris helps the OUT cause.
    If we do secure OUT, I will eat my words, open a bottle and celebrate.

  7. Lynn says:

    Cameron and co are the conspirators…they have fooled us forever. Now is a true awakening and a turning point in history. A time to be alive for the showdown. They have been exposed and they fear us. You start blowing things up Davey boy, and we will have you.We want our country back from you and your dark Lords. And we won’t give up until every last one of us draws breath.

  8. NPP says:


    Here it is, about 7.40 mins in, David ‘oink oink’ Camoron actually refres to David Icke conspiracy:

    It is quite bizarre. It’s lovely.

  9. beLIEve says:

    23rd June 2016 date of the EU Remain/Leave ……..decision.

    If you play around with the numbers 23/6/16….you can produce 666 !

    2+3 = 5 add 1 (borrowed from 16) = 6………..The number of the beast 666 !

    Maybe THEY have a …….whopper FF…..planned for that date……rather than an oddly scripted……..Remain/Leave………”choice” ? ? ?

  10. Lynn says:

    Yes you could expect rituals etc to divert us from the important job….the usual tactics of the Neanderthals. Sick and twisted mindset.

  11. Dee says:

    Adam, the interview I was referring to was the Richie Allen, Maria Heller one 🙂 But I do agree with you on Icke, something doesn’t feel completely right there. Thanks.

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