Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 5, 2016


The darkening horizon is fueling ever more desperate denial in populations around the globe. The majority of the masses are clinging tenaciously to a reality that was never sustainable and is rapidly unraveling. If one chose to accept the stated goal of climate engineering/solar radiation management at face value, to save the planet, what a profound paradox we are left with. Killing the planet to save it. Not only is climate engineering completely derailing and contaminating virtually all of Earth’s life support systems, but the three primary forms of “renewable” energy (solar, wind, and hydro), which are needed now more than ever, are also being completely hampered by the overall impacts of climate engineering. “Global stilling” and “global dimming” are a direct result of the atmospheric aerosols related to the geoengineering programs (though the “science” community will not admit to geoengineering and thus blames “global stilling” exclusively on climate change which is patently false). In summary, global geoengineering is causing an overall reduction in wind, sun, and rain. Again, the key word is overall reduction. As the planet continues to warm at an unprecedented rate, the pressure in the climate system will continue to build. This will cause ever more extreme weather events under any scenario. A massive carbon monoxide release along the North American West Coast has been downplayed by “official agencies” as expected. MIT noted extremely anomalous atmospheric heating directly above the record Japanese quake . Could the globe’s ionosphere heater installations be a factor in the carbon monoxide release? The fishing industry along the West Coast continues to collapse along with the rest of the biosphere. Were do we go from here? Will we accept the power structure programming that we have no say in what is unfolding? Or will we stand up and make the fight for the greater good out top priority? It is up to us to stand together and make our voices heard. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.
Dane Wigington


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  1. ian says:

    I was up at 5 am or so this morning, I looked out of my back bedroom window. The sky was beautiful deep blue, and the horizon deep red and orange. A beautiful dawn. By 7 am the sky was white with chemtrails. I could see the planes high up through the white haze flying north south at high altitude. A commercial plane passed to the east, but his con-trail was vanishing behind him. It is as bad and as obvious as I have seen it. It is happening, so I’m not asking that, but why. It could be for many reasons but personally I feel it is for weather modification, just gut feeling. I think that the reason that they are denying it, is because it is also dangerous to us useless eaters. They don’t care about killing us or our kids obviously, but they have governments in place that would have no option but do studies and tests on the likely outcome of the spraying, and the results would cause outrage and widespread trouble for them. Far far easier to deny it and ridicule the conspiracy whackos. They own the media so it won’t expose it other than in little set piece ridicule fests. The pilots won’t talk, as they’d end up dead in a gay sex accident. We are at the mercy of animals who care not one iota for our survival.

    • Troubling comment Ian. What on earths going on. Like a bad dream each day.
      It didnt occur to me ridley scotts blade runner darkness, could be due to stupid chemtrailing. I assumed industrial pollution.
      What is going on.
      Now, ANY councillor, politician, public figure is suspect and in on it in my view. For their blanket fuc*ing denial and or refusal to see and acknowledge and ask questions like we are.
      A Grand Conspiracy certainly.
      Its easy to see public figures their minds thinkibg one thing while they give controlled PC PR spin on message answers. I detest them Ian

      What will this earth be like for my children? Will i even get to have any?

      A possible silverining is the qatar chentrail comment today. Maybe Ian their metal content and haarp applied, really might be intended to prevent or minimise magnetic pole shift havoc?

      In.which case i suppise in an inverse way, i should thank and be grateful to the cabal

    • Just who is Kevin Costner?
      What kind of an insider is he?
      Is waterworld and the postman our future? Or blade runner? Or terminator? Or Elysium?

      Why is Kevin Costner on a youtube US chat show telling us an intimate family anecdote about his three kids going to get their vaccine ‘ shots ‘?

      Does Kevin Costner think im stupid, and that buy his vaccine chatshow routine?

      Whats going on. Who is Kevin Costner. Whats his game. I thought he was on our side. 13 days and jfk i assumed were goid films.

      Ian what the f*ck is going on. Why are things becoming strange

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