FuckEU Obama. The US President wades into the Brexit debate.


Obama makes his Brexit move

The Independent reports that ‘in the ultimate endorsement’, President Obama will visit the UK in April to back the Remain campaign. It remains to be seen whether that helps or hinders the campaign.


Cameron insults colleagues

The Mail reports, quoting former Lib-Dem Cabinet Minister David Laws, that Cameron called Michael Gove “nuts” and said “Boris is after my job”. He also reportedly said that the EU referendum was “a Party Management Issue”. Separately, the Sunday Times reports that Justine Greening says the Government has decided against the Heathrow expansion expansion. Maybe that’s another party management issue.

Queen/Brexit row

The row over the Queen and Brexit rumbles on. The SundayTimes headlines “Palace fights to defend Queen’s independence”. Michael Gove’s embarrassment looks set to continue.

Turkey could be a big issue in the campaign

The Sunday Express reports a poll showing that a third more Brits would vote Leave if they thought that Turkey would be joining the EU. Remember that Brussels has offered Turkey visa-free access this year, plus fast-track EU accession, as part of its doomed efforts to stem the migrant flow. The Leave side needs to focus on this issue

Cameron on “Brexit Lies”

The Sunday Times reports that the Prime Minister David Cameron is upset that the press is carrying “lies” about Brexit. Maybe it would help if he stopped telling lies about Brexit.

Sturgeon and Scottish independence

In an opportunist move, Nicola Sturgeon has used the excuse of the Brexit campaign to resurrect the idea of a New Scottish Independence Referendum. But I suspect the canny Scots have seen the drop in the oil price and will understand perfectly well that it knocks the bottom of out of the case for Scottish independence.

Roger Helmer MEP (apart from the title!)

German comedians mock the British desire to exit the EU.  Brexit sounds like  brand of cat food on sale in LIDL etc.  None too complimentary and focused on trivia.  The media in Germany don’ t want people thinking they might be allowed to fight free from the trap being set for them, with millions of deranged Moslim ‘refugees’ raping German women.  They aren’t defending their women.  We should defend ours.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Just been reading the daily fail comment section on this…a petion has gone up on the Gov website. Obomber will be laughed out of the UK. …. He is just ridiculed now.

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