FuckEU. A vote for IN is a vote for mass rape.

“Muslim rape gang victim: They shouted ‘Swedish whore’ and cut my breast with a razor blade
ByPAMELA GELLER on March 7, 2016
Sweden refugees welcome

Another glimpse into the future of Europe, and of the United States as well, unless these disastrous immigration and refugee resettlement policies are halted and reversed.

Nathalie Hager

“Taharrush victim Nathalie, 29: They shouted ‘Swedish whore’ and cut my breast with a razor blade,” Fria Tider, March 6, 2016:

Inrikes. Nathalie Hager, 29, was on her way home from a bus stop when a group of Arabic-speaking men suddenly attacked her outside a church. She managed to fight her way out of a gang rape but was left badly injured.

“They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore,” Nathalie told Fria Tider.


The attack took place near the church in the pittoresque [sic] town of Nora, west of Stockholm, late Tuesday night. Nathalie Hager, who has suffered memory lapses because of the hard blows she received to her head during the attempted gang rape, had followed a friend to the bus stop.

Later, she went back to the bus stop again, since her friend thought she had forgotten her gloves there. When Nathalie was walking home for the second time, she noticed a group of men walking briskly behind her. She called her boyfriend and started to run, but after a chase of about a hundred meters the men caught up with her.

“They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley. I have no memories of them beating me, but my face is all blue and swollen. They also cut into one of my breasts with something that must have been a carpet knife or a a razor blade, the wounds are long and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they held me.”

Came around when the rape was about to start
Ms. Hager has no recollection of what happened until when she saw the men pulling their trousers down.

“Then I came around and noticed that they had ripped up all of my clothes. Somehow I managed to get away, I guess I must have beat them and clawed my way free because my hands are blue and black and swollen. I also had blood under my nails, which has been sampled by the police.

While running away Nathalie saw her boyfriend 50 meters away. At that point, the men departed from the scene. Soon thereafter, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, she contacted the police. She went to the police station to report the assault.

According to Nathalie, who has worked with Arabs, the men were about 30-35 years old and spoke Arabic with what she believes is the Syrian dialect. One of them was wearing a white baseball cap and the others regular winter caps.

“Swedish whore!”
“My friend, whom I had earlier followed to the bus stop, had observed a bunch of foreign guys at the bus stop after I walked away. Some of them climbed aboard the bus but three or four remained here,” Nathalie said.

In addition to speaking Arabic, the men used a few simple insulting expressions in Swedish during the attempted gang rape.

“It was only dirty words. ‘Swedish whore’ or ‘Swedish slut’ and ‘cunt’. No full sentences. In my impression, they spoke no Swedish except these words, so I assume they were asylum seekers.”

According to Nathalie, the police have not been in contact with her since she reported the assault on Tuesday evening. She herself has tried to contact them, having discovered more injuries and having realized that some details of her recollection had been inaccurate. But nobody has called back.”


– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/03/muslim-rape-gang-victim-they-shouted-swedish-whore-and-cut-my-breast-with-a-razor-blade.html/#sthash.R5E6GzyJ.dpuf


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    These kids/men (can we really use that word, are they not animals?) must be being paid or incentivized to do this surely?

    The recent stories out of Ostersund in Northern Sweden are mainly of physical attacks. That is young girls being attacked and beaten with sexual assault absent or only present as a secondary motive. What is this about?

    Yes mass mind control is likely to be present in one or a number of forms. Even so I would expect there to be more motive and so suspect that there is money involved. This looks totally like Pseudo Gangs, that is terror squads in camoflage, being let loose to terrorize and herd the population.

    Is anyone else getting this picutre?

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes loud and clear MS.
    Done deliberatley to incite hatred. It is the new War on the west. They can’t bomb or shoot us so this is another way, threat, dressed up to gain entry . its another covert black op.

    • ian says:

      Indeed Dublin. Merkel ist ein verraterrin

      • Dublinmick says:

        By the way Ian did you finish looking over the Nefilim thread? What did you think?

        I thought I pretty well laid it out!

      • ian says:

        Excellent Dublin’ it gives me for the first time in my life, a theory for our existence that makes complete sense. As I often say and I tend to keep it to my self more these days, but I’m not into the bible, the talking snake, and penguins walking to the middle east ‘n stuff, put me off. Darwins theory works to a degree but is lacking in the evolution of man. The Nephilim explains plausibly the likely events that led to our evolution. Like most things on your site, an excellent article. Cheers Dublin’.

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