Film industry controlled by NAZIs

Indy film industry infiltrated by Nazi-linked SLOAN Foundation: Science propaganda money influences movie scripts at Sundance, Tribeca, Carnegie Mellon and more

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In looking more deeply into the Tribeca Film Festival censorship of the “VAXXED” documentary, we’ve uncovered an extraordinary story that reaches all the way back to the Nazi era.

The Sloan Foundation, founded by Alfred P. Sloan who helped the Third Reich fast-track weapons factories to slaughter innocents in Europe, has financially infiltrated all the top film festivals and film schools across America.

They’re using cash handouts to influence and alter film scripts, essentially “buying” influence across the independent film industry, including Sundance and Tribeca.


What’s their goal in this? Very likely to portray science and eugenics as the answer to humanity’s problems. It’s the same twisted realm as vaccines, GMOs, synthetic biology and the use of human children for medical experiments (still happening today under Big Pharma).

I’ve created a stunning infographic connecting all the dots on this.

And click here to read my well-documented article that will leave you reeling in disbelief that this is still happening in our world.


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  1. Baz says:

    Re-post of comment from 2013:

    “As for waking people up, well, some friendly advice there – don’t. When you first uncover the truth you will want nothing more than to shout it aloud from the rooftops. However, it will not be welcomed. There is a very high probability that once you uncover more and more, you will become a social pariah as you will move away from the material, false and superficial facade that passes for reality. You will become angry. It happens to us all. You will provide proof and it will be ignored and thrown back in your face for the most part. Just plod on and you will eventually find like minded individuals.



  2. Baz says:

    Don’t mention the j…

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