EU. Farage warns migration’s a growing risk

Send in the Navy.

Several papers major on the story that the RFA Mounts Bay is being sent to the Aegean on a NATO mission. It’s not clear why this is a big story today – I mentioned it in my Debrief on March 5th. But there are now phrases about blocking traffickers and sending migrants back, which suggests a more robust approach.. The Guardian adds another element to the story.

IT says that David Cameron is heading to Brussels for an emergency summit on migration.

 Yesterday the Coastguard: Today asylum policy.

The FT reports “Brussels bid to centralise asylum systems”, and with remarkable perspicacity adds “risks Eurosceptic anger”. Typical Brussels response: the universal solution to any crisis is to grab new powers and centralise everything.

Farage warns on Security.

The leading headline in The “I” paper reads “expanded EU poses security risk, says Farage”. The story points to the risk of Turkey joining the EU, plus the danger of Jihadists arriving amongst the waves of migrants.

 John Longworth of BCC: the row grows.

The Mail headlines “An honest man knifed by Number 10”, amongst strong indications that Cameron’s team put pressure on the BCC Board. The BBC (keep up there!) reports that Mr Longworth, previously “suspended”, has now quit. The Referendum Campaign is getting down and dirty.

Nancy Reagan: RIP

Ronald Raegan was the most popular President of recent decades, and his wife Nancy was an elegant, distinguished and supportive presence at his side. The papers report her passing. The world will be a poorer place without her.

Roger Helmer


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  1. bluefeather says:

    Home office minister Richard Harrington, after being criticised for failing to send back illegal migrants, said how difficult it would be….
    Well, he would, wouldn’t he?
    He is instrumental and a cog in the whole process of administering immuvasion.

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