Donald Trump has been forced to deny he is a Democratic sleeper agent


Is Donald Trump actually just a Democrat sleeper agent designed to make the Republican Party look bad?

It would certainly explain a lot about the businessman-turned-politician, whose recent gaffes include tweeting an image of Nazi soldiers inside the US flag and calling Mexican immigrants to America rapists and drug dealers.

Carlos Curbelo, a Republican congressman from Florida, apparently thinks it is possible.

He was quoted by the Miami Herald as saying Trump is “quite possibly… a phantom candidate recruited by the left to create this entire political circus”.

Curbelo actually seems to be serious about the theory, pointing out in a radio interview given in Spanish and translated by the Miami Herald: “Mr Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

On Wednesday morning Donald Trump discussed the claim on Fox and Friends insisting he was not a mole for the Democratic Party. Referring to himself in the third person, he said: “Believe me – from Hillary’s standpoint, the one person she doesn’t want running against her is Donald Trump.” As for his contributions to the Clinton foundation? “I’m a businessman, I contribute to everybody… That’s part of the problem with the system.”


TAP – The cabal is, no doubt, happy to have either Clinton or Trump.  They must have dirt on Trump a mile long, which can be used to hold him in check.   They’ll be able to bring in the Police State all the faster with his intolerance rhetoric echoing across the media.  Intelligent opposition to the totalitarian programme can be carted away with a Trump sneer.  The mob will cheer every inch of the way as the FEMA camps fill with victims.  If Clinton wins the wars abroad can all be accelerated.  Either way, theyre gaining ground.  Trump too would be well able to whip up hatred of those who stand in the way of what they call ‘democracy’.

It’s a bit of a worry Farage trying to take a ride on Trump’s coat tails, saying he’s borrowing UKIP rhetoric.  If I was him, I’d leave trumping Trump, to others.  Just getting Britain off the totalitarian hook is task enough.  Unstitching the programme in the USA is several bridges and an ocean too far.


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  1. Mark says:

    ‘Dirt on’ and a ‘direct-recruit’ is difficult to square with history (suggest close-observers), or questions around motives. ‘They’ have plans whoever wins but their predictions on reactions to Trump, cannot be 100% – neither with him. He’s too believable to be all-faker for others. Goes along with in self-generating delusions/deceived more-like? (So you could argue, what’s the difference?). He cared enough with jumbo-jet success drives to do this. Presumably. Why else? He may start self-sabotaging, if he needs an exit. More likely to happen, the further he goes. What is telling, isn’t about his words, it’s about those he gets in around him. This past week has not been encouraging. I think he would, and probably will, fundamentally betray his claims – but’ll consider this expediency. The other ‘telling’ is how he does in speeches, like Farage, too convincing a believer to act this well. Watch if thius changes? He’s an unusually powerful communicator. Bit Rupert Pupkin, touch butch, unnervingly spontaneous and disarmingly forthright. And he keeps on mentioning mainstream no-no’s. The main blessing: What and whose he waking up. He’s become both a barometer on how far T.V. talk goes yet pioneer, in pushing this on. All the cynics will snigger, with much justification, but I’ll stick with a measure of hope. PS. Never, have have I seen Christian writers, set-about excommunicating someone, not obviously agreed by most everyone as deserving. Oh sorry, I forgot… tis everyone – UK this is – but me. And v. few. And it’s “so obviously so” apparently. Found it all v.sad. The implication shows the deep, deep-sleep, over Obama and Hillary, even Sanders, and – all.

    Wake… or shake-up Donald: The mainstream shocker.

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