Did a Chilling 1981 Movie Scene Predict Our Current Doom?


Governments have been controlling us for a couple of decades at least. They use the news media as their voice to persuade. They use reality TV as their sedative to put us to sleep. We are no longer awake. We stopped paying attention. And we’ve now become prisoners and guards, we’ve built our own camps. And now we can hardly escape them.

Source: https://truthkings.com/1981-movie-predict-current-world/



Proof that the News is Scripted



2 Responses to “Did a Chilling 1981 Movie Scene Predict Our Current Doom?”

  1. ian says:

    Aye, deffo, no TV Papers or mags. As for the self built prison, I feel that’s a bit simplistic. What I mean is, where the Fu*k would you go?. Would it be better to keep a low profile, like the creeps I worked with who still have jobs while I was made redundant. Make your own choice. We all need to.

  2. RabbiT says:

    Because the news is supplied by Reuters and Associated Press as owned by Rothschild.

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