David Shayler on why the EU Referendum is a charade


Following on from his excellent interview about The Common Law with Richie Allen which you can find on Youtube, here he is offering his inside knowledge about the EU.  The EU is a Zionist structure.  Large governments do not serve their people.  They oppress their people.  Dividing up nations is a way of guaranteeing future wars, as they did with Iraq/Syria/Iran needlessly separating the Kurds into three nations.  The EU wants to attach part of Southern England with Northern France.

The City Of London is a foreign power.  Conspiring with a foreign power is treason, and that is what the British Government is doing, in getting the people to pay out the debts of the banks.

Shayler is a spiritual person, he says.  You can’t cheat Karma.  He’s written to Blair offering him a way to confess his crimes, but he hasn’t yet replied.  He’d love to see Blair in jail for life for treason.

The Protocols of The Elders Of Zion are not a forgery, but an accurate report of what was said.  They gave an accurate portrayal of what’s happened throughout the 20th Century.  The agenda is still going on.  Why are the people in the mainstream not checking out what many people are finding by researching the internet?  Most people know 911 was an inside job.  The City and Wall STreet armed the Vietcong.  They armed the Mujahideen.  Now they’re arming ISIS.  The CIA were behind them all, including the industrial strife in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s.  There’s a Zionist agenda of subjugation.

They want to create a Civil War in Europe.  That’s their ultimate aim.

The Scottish referendum was rigged.  Bush’s election in 2004 was rigged.  Almost everywhere the polls are giving it one way and the elections go the other way.  The second vote in Ireland was rigged.  You have to be extremely naive to think elections and referendums are not fixed.  Ireland rejected the Nice Treaty, but a year later it went through in a second referendum.  They keep coming back until they get the right answer.  It’s a Terminator machine, that keeps coming back.  It’s full spectrum dominance.  Control through health, food and energy as well as politics.

In Ireland none of the political parties offer anything other than austerity.  People won’t vote for Sinn Fein.  Shayler says that if people voted for individuals, and not parties, politics could change overnight.  If Parties were funded by individuals not by corporations, that would help also.

IDS is chosen to front run the EU Conservative NO campaign, when they know he’s hated across the land.  He will repulse people.  The Zionists have a fairly sophisticated understanding of these things.  They create false idols like socialism, nationalism, communism and so on, and waste peoples’ time fighting for hopeless non-existent causes.

The economic system is about to go down.  They’re printing money all over the world.  Get your money out into physical gold, not paper gold, he says.  We’re on a precipice with a crisis coming on all sorts of levels, including economic, environmental.  Fiat currency could collapse at some point – all governments are printing money.  More debt has been created since 2008 than was created for the previous 300 years.  They will start taxing bank accounts.

People are morally outraged by the non-prosecution of paedophiles, war criminals etc.

www.bookofthelaw.org is Shayler’s site.




3 Responses to “David Shayler on why the EU Referendum is a charade”

  1. Tom74 says:

    That doesn’t explain why so many prominent zionists are campaigning against the EU.

    • ian says:

      Good point Tom, it’s still a way off, so possibly they don’t want to look too keen on staying in yet. They’re sure to pull a lot of tricks and deception out before the big day.

  2. Lynn says:

    They know we want out of this Central Power structure. We will wait and see how they steal this vote.

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