David Camoron Incredibly Cites Ex BBC David Icke

Camoron says:
“Of course you can say this is all some giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke’s style sort of you know … It is just nonsense”.

Can you believe Camoron is actually citing Icke?!

Hey Dave, what about Icke pointing a huge finger at McAlpine, Leon & co?! No legal action? Wonder why?!


2 Responses to “David Camoron Incredibly Cites Ex BBC David Icke”

  1. Nicky says:

    One of the crew. BBC hero. just like Slimey Evil (jimmy saville) Churchill (The war prolonger) and the masons Gal Maggie Thatcher who brought us the term Affordable housing upon us, As opposed to unaffordable housing. Or as I refer to it, Slavery. Nothing less than Slavery. This cannot and will not end well. I see lodges burning country wide. Masons cooking in the fire. Oh dear and No police to protect them as they will be Busy, Very Busy. Let me be clear right back at you. This greed level cannot end well when the homeless outnumber the well heeled. Not that bright at all. All the public land being stolen for affordable housing and mostly unaffordable houses being constructed. Maybe your neighbour will lend you a fast get away car.

  2. reiverdave says:

    HI Nicky,
    Absolutely right on the money! The whole sorry scenario is i suspect sadly inevltable and merely a question of time.

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