Climate change profiteers have so far created a $53 billion market based on FEAR and FRAUD


Climate change


(NaturalNews) It used to be that pharmaceuticals were one of the biggest profiteering frauds in the global market (besides warmongering). But “climate change,” and the ever-present fear of it, has created a whole new market for carbon dioxide “trading,” that analysts at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon say is now worth $53 billion worldwide.

The value of global markets for carbon dioxide, says the group, rose by about nine percent last year, bringing the total to just shy of 50 billion euros. And this amount is expected to climb even further in 2016, as the United States and other North American countries are forced into the new “global warming” paradigm of carbon taxes and credits.

North America is precisely where the biggest gains in CO2 value were seen in 2015, rising an astounding 220 percent to about 10.6 billion euros compared to 2014. This is due to the massive expansion of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) scheme, which now covers transportation fuel emissions.

Also known as “cap-and-trade,” the scheme involves government-mandated use and emissions restrictions for CO2, a concept that stems from the idea that carbon dioxide is somehow responsible for a disastrous situation known as “climate change.” But rather than focus on the worst climate offenders – which include factory farming, confined animal feeding operations and industrial chemicals – cap-and-trade initiatives are targeting everyday consumers.

The program has also been accused of making climate conditions worse, due to the fact that it’s routinely abused as a way for corrupt entities to make money, while doing little to curb environmental pollution. We’ve been saying this all along – that, and the fact that carbon is good for the environment, when properly sequestered in soils where it should be.

Cap-and-trade has led to more pollution, carbon emissions

According to a report by the Stockholm Environment Institute, carbon credit schemes in Europe have already led to an increase in emissions of about 600 million tons. Particularly in Russia and the Ukraine, companies intentionally generated more “climate warming” chemicals, so that they could then “destroy” them in order to claim carbon credit cash.

Cap-and-trade should also make people immediately think of Enron, the now-defunct energy company that just so happens to have been one of the first major traders in carbon credits. This commodity exchange, explains the report, allowed Enron’s stock prices to rise to unrealistic levels very quickly, which in turn eventually led to the company’s failure, along with the collapse of the coal industry.

“We were surprised ourselves by the extent [of the fraud]; we didn’t expect such a large number,” stated one of the co-authors of the paper, Anja Kollmuss, to BBC News. “What went on was that these countries could approve these projects by themselves [since] there was no international oversight, in particular Russia and the Ukraine didn’t have any incentive to guarantee the quality of these credits.”

And yet, the carbon credit market continues to boom, despite mounds of evidence showing that it doesn’t work and has no, or only negative, effects on the overall amount of emissions released into the atmosphere. It’s no better than any of the other commodities scams we’ve seen over the years, that basically invite fraudulent activity.

“As researchers we can not prove the fraud, we can just point to the facts,” Kollmuss adds about the three projects in particular that she and her team evaluated. “[W]hen they could gain credits they immediately increased production of [polluting] greenhouse gas in order to destroy them, and that lead [sic] to them getting many more credits than if they had produced it like they did before.”




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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Adams is probably not a good source when it comes to climate change. I would recommend talking to the islanders who are having to evacuate due to rising seas, seas that are rising because the ice caps are melting.

    “Epic” methane release in the Laptev Sea and many other areas are cases in point. Even the recent quake off the coast of Fukushima appears to have triggered significant methane release in that region. Main stream media is doing their part to obscure such dire truths from the public till the last possible moment. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of the population is all to willing to ram their heads into the sand and gulp down whatever the corporate media machine feeds them.

    Fortunately the Russians are able to see what is happening with their own eyes. These islands either appeared or they did not.

    Russia Changes Arctic Map Due To What It Calls Global Warming-9 New Islands Discovered

    With the islanders there is no debate, it is either leave or your arse will drown.

    The interconnectedness is clear and unambiguous: The warmer the east Siberian permafrost regions become, the quicker the coast erodes. “If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius in the summer, erosion accelerates by 1.2 metres annually,” says AWI geographer Frank Gunther, who investigates the causes of the coastal breakdown in Eastern Siberia together with German and Russian colleagues, and who has published his findings in two scientific articles.

    Florida Scientists and Local Government Officials Urge Presidential Candidates to Address Sea Level Rise

    Rising Seas Threaten Nuclear Power Plants


    Sea Level Rise And Climate Change From Fort Lauderdale To Norfolk Causing Problems, Twice As Bad In Norfolk, Virginia

    But there’s another issue that could have major implications for the nation’s economy, and it’s barely mentioned at all: the soaring costs America might face in generations to come from climate change. More specifically, the very damaging and very costly effects ofsea level rise.

    With the Arctic becoming warmer and its natural riches more accessible, leading nations are eager to get their share of the pie. Thanks to its geographical position Russia will get the biggest slice. And it’s not sparing any expense to add a military backing to its economic claim, especially since it has an edge due to experience and the world’s best fleet of icebreakers.

    Louisiana’s fishing towns are disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Heat wave setting new historic record over Europe, relief expected early next week


    Typhoon Soudelor impacts: at least 17 killed; Grade-IV emergency issued for hard-hit areas in China

    Death toll in scorching Egyptian heat wave rises to 93

    Japan raises warning level on volcano not far from nuclear plant

    Forecasters warn El Nino is getting stronger and could cause more climate ‘mayhem’

    Japan heat wave intensifies – death toll surges to 55

    Wildfires rage across California – 60,000 acres burn, more than 13,000 evacuated
    Plagues of locusts darken skies, threaten crops in Southern Russia

    Heat, drought cook fish alive in Pacific Northwest

    42C heat wave begins in Cyprus – code yellow warning issued

    Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record

    Bremerhaven, Germany (SPX) Oct 31, 2013
    The high cliffs of Eastern Siberia – which mainly consist of permafrost – continue to erode at an ever quickening pace. This is the conclusion which scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research have reached after their evaluation of data and aerial photographs of the coastal regions for the last 40 years.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I recommend the Russians over Mike Adams.

    Russian scientist Dr. Dmitriev Of The Russian Academy of Sciences Indicates The Earth Is Moving Into An Area Of Space With A Much Higher Energy Level

    We have all been treated to a litany consisting of rocket scientists on blogs, many who receive grants to espouse climate change denial, that nothing is going on, it is just Algore trying to impose that carbon tax on us. A snow storm in the midwest is generally used to deride any other type argument.

    Dr. Dmitriev refers to Natrium in the growing atmosphere of the moon, the changing poles of various planets of our solar system.

    Let’s talk about Earth now.
    The Russians report two more facts: On Earth, the overall volcanic activity increased 500 percent from 1875 to 1975, while the earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent since 1973. Dr. Dmitriev says that comparing the years 1963 to 1993, the overall number of natural disasters — hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, etc. — has increased by 410 percent.

    The Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing. This decrease actually began 2000 years ago, but the rate of decrease suddenly became much more rapid 500 years ago. Now, in the last 20 years or so, the magnetic field has become erratic. Aeronautical maps of the world — which are used to allow airplanes to land using automatic pilot systems — have had to be revised worldwide in order for the automatic pilot systems to work. (This is very easy to check. Simply look at an aeronautical map prior to 1990 for any particular city airport, and then compare it to a present-day map.)

    Late last year, the Arctic ice cap on the exact spot of the North Pole completely melted for the first time in known history. Green Peace reported that, relative to the winter ice pattern, the cap had previously melted over 300 miles toward the pole, and that late last year both military and civilian ships were able to actually pass directly over the North Pole. It was water. Until now, as far as we know, there has never been a time where the ice was less than ten feet thick.

    n contrast, the South Pole has an ice cap that is about three miles deep, and yet huge pieces of ice continue to break off and melt.What Is Going On?

  4. dkblue says:

    Obviously, no real climate change discussion can be had without factoring in the vast global climate/weather modification programmes that have been underway for decades now. Geoengineeringwatch is a good resource.
    I have insider confirmation of this programme in my country but was told there wouldn’t be anywhistleblowers. They are obviously compromised/bribed to the hilt then or mindcontrolled or sociopathic perpetrators.

  5. dkblue says:

    Sadly, Adam there is indeed photographic evidence of weather modification in the form of chemtrails and haarp cloud formations in China, Mongolia and Russia.

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