Cameron protecting ISIS chiefs from attack by British forces

‘Dithering’ Cameron bans SAS from hunting ISIS chiefs

A flag bearing the emblem of the Special Air Services (SAS) © Cathal McNaughton
Britain’s fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is being derailed because of Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to let special forces hunt and kill jihadist leaders, military figures claim.

UK special forces will not be allowed to track and kill jihadist leaders around the group’s Syrian capital Raqqa, the Sun newspaper reported on Wednesday.

It is alleged Cameron fears the political fallout from anti-war MPs if casualties are sustained. There is also a legal minefield surrounding extrajudicial killing overseas.

An anonymous military source told the paper that restraints on the unit are like “fighting Daesh [Arabic pejorative term for IS] with the handbrake still on.

We have an SAS squadron in Kurdistan, but they aren’t allowed to cross the border because of political restraints. We could be doing so much more, and it is frustrating,” the source claimed.

Former soldier turned Tory MP Johnny Mercer shares the same view and is willing to put his name to it.

In a comment piece for the Sun on Wednesday, he rejected recent calls by the Scottish National Party (SNP) for more transparency over special forces operations and said the work of elite units is essential.

We are all nervous of foreign adventures turning bad,” the Afghan war veteran said.

But to let this fear inhibit the work and duties of our PM and his executive team in keeping us safe is not the answer.

Although mentoring indigenous forces is useful, he argued it could not replace “a deliberate, targeted, well-resourced and committed man-hunting operation.

On Tuesday evening General Sir Richard Dannatt, former head of the British Army, criticized Cameron over the UK response to the recent Russian bombing campaign in Syria.

The Russians are now all over this like a rash, which makes it a lot harder for us to be,” he told the Sun.

While we vacillated, Vladimir Putin has trumped us. We dithered too long, while he acted decisively,” the ex-general added.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Yes just like all of the other FFS they all stood back. This is how they operate this terror, it’s called standing down. This is now becoming crystal clear to the masses. All the security and CCTv. Not working???

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    He’s not dithering. The UK backs Jihadism because Israel created Jihadism in order to wreck the Arab world. Like Al-Qaeda, ISIS doesn’t exist. Without Israeli control (and NATO subservience), the whole Jihadi thing would collapse. After Cameron’s breast beating in the Commons debate on 6th December, the RAF is doing nothing at Akrotiri. Corbyn was right and Hillary Benn is a mug. As I’ve said before, Jihadi John was a stooge and even the MSM realized that his videos were faked in a studio.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Where is the UK’s Putin ?

      key points in recent Putin speech “sovereignty” “lawful process” you will never hear traitor Camoron and his cohorts utter these phrases.

      At a meeting in the Kremlin’s St George Hall, Vladimir Putin presented state decorations to service personnel and defence industry specialists who distinguished themselves in the performance of special missions in the Syrian Arab Republic.

      I would like to note that we have significantly restored the potential of the Syrian air defence forces as well. All the parties concerned have been made aware of this. We proceed from fundamental international norms – nobody has the right to violate the airspace of a sovereign country, Syria in this case.

      Comrade officers,

      You remember what the situation was like in September of 2015. Back then, a significant part of the country was seized by terrorist groups, and the situation was getting worse.

      In full compliance with international law, at the request of the legitimate government and the country’s president, we made a decision to launch our military operation. From the very start, we were very clear about its goals: support of the Syrian army in its lawful struggle with terrorist groups. Our actions were also timed for the period of active assaults against the terrorists. We stated clearly that we did not intend to get involved in an internal Syrian conflict. Only the Syrians themselves should seek a final solution and decide their country’s future.

      The main target of our operation was terrorism. The struggle against international terrorism is a fair and righteous cause. This is a struggle against enemies of civilisation, against those who bring barbarity and violence, trying to renounce the great spiritual, humanitarian values that the world rests on.

      I would like to repeat that the main goal of our actions in Syria was to stop the global evil and not to let terrorism spread to Russia. And our country has demonstrated its unquestionable leadership, willpower and responsibility.

      Regarding the results we have achieved. Your actions and intense combat effort turned the situation around. We did not let this terrorist tumour grow, destroyed the bandits’ hiding places and munitions depots and blocked oil smuggling routes that brought the terrorists their main funding.


      I would like to note here, for this audience and for the entire country: Russia’s main agenda today is that of peace. It has to do with developing the economy in complicated conditions, with maintaining and improving the wellbeing of our people. However, without ensuring our security, without creating a battle-ready, modern and efficient Army and Navy we would not resolve a single task. Moreover, the very existence of a sovereign and independent Russia would not be possible without it.


  3. Lynn says:

    True Gordon….it is theatre and programming. Well most now know what they have done. Scamming the masses will backfire into a takedown of these criminal government gatekeepers. Fakes all of them.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    It is not Puppet Camoron’s decision Rothschild agent Oliver Letwin is your real dictator.

    Brussels is a mere stones throw across the channel

    This is what Letwin said in Nov 2015

    Has he a crystal ball ?

    MP OLIVER LETWIN: Terrorists are a threat to the stability of the whole world

    Walking in the peaceful hills of West Dorset, one might well be misled into supposing that none of the shockwaves emanating from Mesopotamia could possibly reach us here. But when those shockwaves reach a city just a stone’s throw across a narrow channel and a short stretch of countryside from Dorchester or Bridport or Lyme Regis, that comforting illusion is stripped away, not just at the theoretical level but as a matter of practical, emotional reality.

    In his arguments Letwin accepts that “terrorists” are a grave threat and warns of that, yet UK policy driven by foreign agents and Letwin dictates that the most effective foe of the terrorists Vladimir Putin’s Russia is “The Bogeyman” .

    Our armed forces are hamstrung by the same corrupted UK govt, when we should be allied with Russia in that fight.

    Do Letwin and his fellow cronies seek to perpetuate the so called war on terror in order to fulfil their treasonous goals and drive mass immigration. You bet they do — Off with their heads !

    • Lynn says:

      Well said these frontmen all have a handler. Hidden from view. Mr smiley face…well they are screwed now. Too many witnesses and whistle blowers speaking out. This is the Media they can’t control. History is a complete piss take. All out and they know it. A Jewish state is illegal. This is a crime and an outrage to the rest of the world. Supremacist racist and politically incorrect. They have broken the rule book and woken a sleeping world to a crime syndicate Maffia that is beyond mercy. They are murdering raping muggers. This will now stand up in courts of real justice. Tick tock. You are guilty of murder in the 1st degree, premeditated . bring on the Gallows.
      State is

  5. salty says:

    Top 10 Clues That ISIS Is A US-Israeli Creation

    Posted on April 7, 2016.


    When is a coincidence not a coincidence?

    When American/Israeli neocons are involved.

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