Cameron confirms Project Fear

Prime Minister David Cameron hit back at claims was running a ‘Project Fear’ operation ahead of the EU referendum, arguing that “The only project I’m interested in is Project Fact. Project Fact is about saying: ‘Stay in and you know what you’ll get.’”

TAP – He would have said ‘or’ but that would have been too obvious!

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, former Foreign Secretary William Hague argues that “the biggest risk to the Prime Minister securing the result he has asked for is not Boris Johnson or Michael Gove… but the possibility of four months of mounting crisis in the EU itself.”

Open Europe

TAP – That would be the ideal outcome.  Whatever way we can find to dismantle the system that’s delivering rapists and murderers onto Europe’s street by the million should be embarked on forthwith.  That’s the fact that Cameron won’t face up to.  If we let them they’ll dismantle us, so we have to dismantle them.  Go for it!

Boris rejects Cameron’s Project fact as ‘Baloney’.


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