Brussels is the Jihadist capital of Europe


March 22nd was a black day in Brussels, a black day in Belgium, a black day for Europe.  The carnage and loss of life in Zaventum airport, and at Maalbeek Metro station near the parliament, were horrific, and we stand in sympathy with all those who lost their lives or suffered injuries in these events.  It is particularly shocking that the perpetrators of these crimes appear to imagine that they are acting in the name of their god.

It is also a major concern that ISIS was able to mount this multi-pronged attack in Brussels just a few days after their leading figure in Brussels, Salah Abdeslam, was arrested, and many assumed that their network had been rolled up.

I was already at my desk in the parliament when the first bombs went off at the airport, so I have no first-hand story to tell, and picked up my news as almost everyone else did, through social and mainstream media.  Nonetheless I had many requests for comment from East Midlands regional media through the day.  My staffer Rachael had a closer call, though thank heaven she came through safely.  She was on a train approaching Maalbeek station when she heard a loud bang, although she did not immediately recognise it as a bomb.  Her train stopped in the tunnel, and she and other passengers had to walk back down the tracks and to exit at the previous station.  Naturally she was very shocked, but she gamely continued her journey to the parliament.

There have been many on social media who have angrily insisted that we “should not make political capital out of a tragedy”.  Allison Pearson of the Telegraph was widely attacked for her Tweet: “Brussels, de facto capital of the EU, is also the jihadist capital of Europe. And the Remainers dare to say we’re safer in the EU! #Brexit”(which I personally thought made a very fair point).

Yes of course we should have a proper respect for the victims of the tragedy, but it would be irresponsible not to try to learn the lessons of the event.  The Remainians will argue that close involvement in EU police structures and Europol are vital in the war against terror.  I suggest they’re wrong, for several reasons:

1          To a considerable extent, Europol duplicates facilities available through Interpol

2          Europol is perfectly happy and accustomed to working with police forces in neighbouring countries

3          Despite Europol, there was a clear breakdown in police communication between France and Belgium which allowed prime Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam to slip through border controls and escape from Paris to Brussels, where he was arrested only recently.

The fact is that Schengen and open borders have brought terrorism to our doorstep.  You cannot have security with open borders.  You cannot fight terrorism with free movement of Jihadists and Kalashnikovs.

Meantime a Telegraph headline reads “‘Questioning EU’s open borders is inappropriate’, says Cameron”.

Sorry Dave.

It’s not just appropriate.

It’s essential.

Major snag for EU Referendum date


Glastonbury Music Festival – by Ewen Macauley

On a lighter note, a major snag has arisen with the date of the EU Referendum, June 23rd.  It clashes with the Glastonbury Festival, scheduled from June 22nd to 26th.  This could keep thousands away from the polling booths.  But in a responsible and public-spirited gesture, the organisers have urged Festival-goers to plan ahead and get their postal votes registered.  Good advice for all who’re planning an early summer break, whether or not in Glastonbury.

Ed Miliband to bat for Labour in EU Referendum

Ed Miliband has come out fighting for the Remain Campaign in the Labour Party.  Whether that will represent an asset, in overall terms, to the Remain side remains to be seen.  Indeed we now have two former Labour Leaders, Miliband and Blair, both committed to Remain, yet both rather damaged goods.

It’s really rather sad that those campaigning to stay in the EU seem forced to talk their country down.  Miliband said it is “simply a fantasy” to suggest the UK could confront “the great causes of the 21st century” outside the EU.

Basically they saying we’re just not good enough, not strong enough, not big enough to manage by ourselves.  But hang on a minute.  There are best part of 200 countries in the world, and we have the fifth largest economy – and we’re “not big enough to confront the great causes etc etc?”.  If so, then practically no one is.  Do you hear Switzerland or Singapore whining that they’re too small to cope in the modern world? No you don’t.  They have a bit more sense, and a bit more self-confidence.  And maybe we’d have more confidence without the Moaning Minnies in the Remain Camp.

And of course we won’t be “on our own”.  We’ll be permanent members of the UN Security Council.  On the G7 and the G20.  NATO. The Commonwealth.  The OECD.  The OSCE.  The WTO.  The World Bank.  We will address the world’s problems with our allies, and we are very strongly placed to do so.  So let’s show some back-bone.  Of course we’re big enough.  Of course we’re good enough.  Let’s get out there and say so.

Roger Helmer MEP


14 Responses to “Brussels is the Jihadist capital of Europe”

  1. salty says:

    Terrorist attack?

    Bring on the dancing Israelis.

  2. Tom74 says:

    Terrorists will always find a way through whether we’re in the EU or not. Presumably the situation in Brussels isn’t that bad or Roger Helmer would have left.

    • sovereigntea says:

      A real terrorist is a rare beast indeed most “terrorist” acts are committed and predicted in advance by criminals.

      Erdogan predicted the Brussels attack a week before it happened.

      Quote Oil Thief, Immigrant Blackmailer and Terrorist Facilitator Sultan Erdogan of Turkey. Why does EU Merkel love him so ?

      “There is no reason for the bomb which exploded in Ankara not to explode in Brussels, where an opportunity to show off in the heart of the city to supporters of the terror organization is presented, or in any city in Europe.

      “Despite this clear reality, European countries are paying no attention, as if they are dancing in a minefield. You can never know when you are stepping on a mine. But it is clear that this is an inevitable end.”

      Ishaan Tharoor, “Turkey’s Erdogan warned of Brussels terror just days before it happened,” Washington Post, March 22, 2016.

      My oh my post the event Israel & Erdogan are now the best of pals… birds of a feather ?

      Turkey ready to work with Israel against terror, Erdogan tells Rivlin
      ‘Terror is terror, whether it is in Istanbul, Brussels, Paris or Jerusalem,’ Israeli president tells counterpart over phone in latest sign of warming ties
      By Raphael Ahren March 23, 2016, 3:26 pm The Times of Israel

      • sovereigntea says:


        Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don’t exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told. The real “ISIS,” more recently identified as a Turkish, Israeli, Saudi construct is, at least in Iraq, run out of Erbil, not Mosul or Raqqah, cannot be identified, or explained. It is a ghost. Let our story begin.

        More –

  3. ian says:

    A typical MP or MEP piece. I felt on reading it that it was a msm article. Acouple of points. Firstly, there are no terrorists, other than official state sponsored ones who always attack innocent people when real terrorists would attack military/police or government targets. The terrorism is counter productive to the aims of anyone wanting to harm a country. The piece also assumes that the vote will be fair. Do some research on the vote counting shenanigans after the Scottish independence vote.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Nevertheless we have two mormons on the scene flashing the mano carnuto, devil sign, per the UK Independent. I suspect gladio.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    And on top of this phony story of the Mormon Missionary at the last 3 Drills, they show footage of the Brussels Airport but it’s really of a Russian Airport in 2011. One lucky Mormon, later day saint eh!

    THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings

    Mason Wells, 19, a Mormon missionary, has survived his third terrorist attack
    Mason was in Paris last year during the attacks and a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the bombings. He is like duracell batteries, he just keeps on ticking!

    Verdict on Brussels Blasts: Fraud Beyond the Pale

    t has been a full 24 hours since the Brussels airport blasts, and a search via Google for images of the event produces pretty much the same photos as yesterday. There’s a a small scattering of new material, but few pictures show carnage. There’s also a stunning lack of cell phone imagery so far. The Daily Mail offers a collection of photos, such as the one below that was taken at a time when the fires were still smoldering and a handful of people nearby. Do you see even one casualty?

    By New Europe
    The European political newspaper

    The 3rd explosion, in the metro, occurred at 9:11 – scroll down in the article to see it:


    One article featured a witness who was at the Boston Bombing.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    One in moderation but the mormon missionary there on the scene in Brussels survived not only Brussels but the Paris and the Boston bombing! This later day saint is like duracell batteries, he just keeps on ticking. What are the odds?

  7. ian says:

    Twice would be astronomical D’, three times is incriminating.

  8. Nollidge says:

    I’ve posted this once already,but a re-post won’t hurt;

    Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport:-

  9. Nollidge says:

    Oh,& have you noticed that it’s ALWAYS Israeli security at the scene of these mass murders.Funny that.

  10. Lynn says:

    Security services are the terrorists. Set up for this purpose. Infiltrated and put in airports around the Globe. They can control the CCTV etc as is always done to hide the truth.. Inside jobs ..!

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