British expats must register to vote in Brexit Referendum – NOW!!

Ann Widdecombe backs Brexit


Ann Widdecombe has recently accepted a rôle as head of the Campaign Group “Christians for Britain”, a pro-Brexit Group.  She seems quite realistic about it.  She doesn’t argue that Christians have a God-given duty to vote for Brexit, not does she argue that Brexit by itself will enable us to control immigration (though in my view, it will help).

She’s just doing what she thinks is right.  She has been out of front-line politics for quite a while, but she still has considerable name-recognition, and commands the respect of many voters.  I’m delighted that she’s put her head above the parapet from Brexit.

Terrorist event in Brussels

There seems to be a strong link between Brussels and Paris when it comes to Islamic Terrorism.  Yesterday there as a shoot-out between terrorists and police in Brussels, reportedly as part of a mopping-up operation related to the major ISIL terrorist event in Paris in which 130 people died.  One terrorist died in Brussels yesterday, and several policemen were injured.

Of course we can’t suggest that the UK is immune to terrorism.  But it does seem that the large numbers of migrants admitted to continental countries are facilitating terrorist activity.

Could expats swing it for Brexit?

In an earlier life I spent a dozen years in East and South East Asia as an Expat.  But I continued to take a keen interest in UK politics.

Asa Bennett in the Telegraph believes that two million British expatriates have the ability to swing the referendum – and he seems to believe that on balance they will vote out.  The timing of the referendum, June 23rd, means however that few have a chance to register to vote.  So a group of Expats has gone to the High Court to demand a delay, so that they are not disenfranchised.

Reportedly Cameron is very concerned about any possible delay, because he expects the migrant crisis to get worse through the summer.  He’d much rather have the vote on June 23rd, than (say) in October).  Personally I’d like it settled as soon as possible.  But if a delay helps us to win, so be it.


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  1. Gordon says:

    “Christians have a God-given duty to vote for Brexit”.

    I’d like to know where that came from?

  2. ian says:

    Given this speech from Theresa May, I’m sure we’re about to be inundated anyway………………..
    Britain To Phase Out ‘Whiteness’ By 2030 Says Home Secretary Theresa May, ~Apologises To Jews


    ‘British’ Home Secretary Theresa May rushed to apologise to the Jewish community for any misconstrued inference in her remarks at her annual dinner speech to the LGBT FOR OUR FUTURE conference in Neasden, London last night that might have offended Jews.

    Ms May in her closing words to the LGBT conference also said that the government along with other changes to further equality for all regardless of colour or sexual preference were committed to end the outmoded prejudice of paedophobia.

    The Home secretary underlined, as she had done so on a round of TV and radio programmes and press interviews earlier in the day, that she never meant to include Jews as ‘white.’ Ms May was responding to a flurry of complaints from the Jewish community, including from the Chief Rabbi Lord Norman Shekelstein of Stamford Hill as well as the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Antisemitism John Mann MP.

    Ms May said she could at least try to understand how Jews took it as a very hurtful personal slur to be called white particularly as whites were collectively guilty of the murder of over six million Jews at Auschwitz alone, and the murder of up to one hundred billion Jews across Europe over the course of history.

    Ms May particularly called out to a large number of Holocaust survivors who had contacted her office to express dismay. “Of course I did not include the Jewish community in my remarks. We on all sides of the House are careful never to include whites under the term ‘community,’ a term I did not apply to whites in this speech. “Whites are not and never have been classed as a ‘community’ as agreed by all parties and all areas of government, education and media” she said, “Whites, particularly for us, indigenous British whites, with their inborn and intrinsic biological condition of divisiveness, xenophobia and racism, remain the stumbling block to the integration and assimilation and racial harmony not only of minorities in the UK but around the world” she said.


    “As long as whiteness exists other races will always be placed in a position of inferiority to them. This can only be solved by ending whiteness altogether which is why we are setting out a paper in which we look at issues like increased access to white women by ethnic minorities, including mating grants and tax breaks for working mothers of interracial partnerships, increasing homosexuality and transgendering for young white males, and the eventual possibility of making marriage between whites illegal.

  3. Lynn says:

    Yes Gordon…very current..!

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