Boris – Stay out of the EU like we stayed out of the Euro.

THE cheek of it — the bare-faced cheek. Do they think that we have forgotten?

Look at the people now trying to scare the pants off us all about leaving the EU.

They are exactly the same people who said we should scrap the Pound and join the euro.

Peter Mandelson has been all over the media, wagging his finger and warning about Brexit like some deranged Old Testament prophet. It will be an economic disaster, he says.

We will lose trade, lose jobs, lose influence in Brussels. Well, he would have more credibility, frankly, if he had not said exactly the same thing 13 years ago.

“Staying out of the euro would prove a disaster”, he said then.

“The price we would pay in lost trade and investment and jobs would be incalculable.”

Out ... Boris has had enough of scaremongering
Out … Boris has had enough of scaremongering PA:Press Association

Thus spake Mystic Mandy — and it is hard to think of a politician who has got it so spectacularly wrong. It would be comical, if it were not so sad.

It was the euro that was the disaster — an economic doomsday machine that in some EU countries has consigned a whole generation of young people to unemployment.

It was Britain’s decision to stay out, to keep our currency, that allowed us to control our own economy and to mount a sustained recovery from the crash of 2008.

Britain Stronger in Europe boss admits sky-high immigration is the ‘cost’ of staying in the EU

The scaremongers were wrong then — and they are wrong now. Because staying in the EU is not just a question of sticking with the devil you know.

This bureaucratic devil is now growing more fiendish with every piece of new EU law — an excruciating ratchet that is stifling our democracy.

Now they want to try to save the euro by trying to turn the Eurozone into one system of economic government — with taxes and budgets controlled from Brussels.

Britain should have no part of it, but if we stay in the EU, we will inevitably find ourselves dragged in. It is time to break free.

It is time to take back control of our money — the £8.5billion a year we send to Brussels and never see again, enough to build a new UK hospital every week. It’s time to take back control of our borders and end uncontrolled immigration.

And it is time the British people were given back the power to kick out the people who make the decisions.

Forget Project Fear, it is time for Project Hope. Of course the EU will do a great free trade deal with us. It is blatantly in their interests — we are a huge export market, the fifth biggest economy in the world and growing the whole time.

Outside the EU we will at last be able to do free trade deals with the US, with China, and the growth economies around the world.

Let’s believe in ourselves again, rather than clutching the skirts of Brussels. Let us lift our eyes to the horizon and take a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ignore the scaremongers, we are bigger, better and greater than they pretend.


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  1. Tap.
    Theyre both Bulingdon khazariam.jews. both terrible playground bulies, having a spat between.themselves
    I see the names BoJo, and Ivan sacrificing Cameron and his.butter wouldnt melt Elite Satanist wife who was on.the day im sure parcipitatibg in a Ritual to Satan, when the 3000 got sacrificed. Ground zero point of the pentagram
    Tap, all this is.good.cop bad cop bullshit. To find a solution to the evil, we neef to.think.on.higher leveks than.bojo, brexit, cameron, eu

    How about the Secret Space Programme since the
    1940s powered by free energy????!!!!!??????

  2. NPP please see this burning comment above, on tge same topic youre saying on previous posts
    Bulingdon evil khazarisn jews. Cameron apparently

    Did a bullingdon ‘ party ‘ initiatin, having sex with a dead child.

    Our worlds not like we thought NPP

    They are goung straight to hell

    God where are you? Why arent you meting out Justice to the Evil? God?

    Yours sincerely


  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Adam agressively on form today. Great to witness.
    I had a recollection of that little Samantha laying flowers, white flowers at the graveside, at the ‘ground zero’,

    Now I wonder what that is supposed to mean, and what it actually means?

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “In the “language of the flowers” the meaning of white roses is “I am worthy of you” ”

      Also of interest is this from the ‘Hunger Games’

      “No one will fully understand – how it’s not just a flower, not even just President Snow’s flower, but a promise of revenge.”
      ―Katniss Everdeen, on white roses

      • emm jay says:

        So, could the Hunger Games ‘President Snow’s flower’ and the laying of white roses by her, be a wink for Samantha Cameron’s alleged nickname of ‘Snowy’ and her alleged cocaine use?

    • Hi Men Scryfa many abundant topics and.insights and connections snd depresssions and dissapointments bith on the micro family level and macro cabal earth universal interdimemsional level
      As above so below
      Good to chat again. I await yr unmoderated commemt
      Heres some coments from.a while back

      Also charlotes web cannabis, also brexit snake oil, also muhammad jesus, though i hardly contributed to that. Though some intetesting Jesus Issa Nazarene Gospels of Peace nag hammaddi unbastardised Truth insights from various comenters with way more inteligence insight than me. But im curious to witness where Truth leads

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yep Issa. I caught some of that again not enough energy to enter the fray that time round. All good + very interesting stuff!

        Popping over to the link now. Drones, pre-crime, it is all going bonkers

    • The womans.a smirking, butter wouldnt melt, Smythson, satanist Lincolnshire family background. Smirking satanist 10 downing street.Khazarian background Synagogue crypto attending blood drinking FAKE

  4. Lynn says:

    Both Sam Cam and Fergie were in NY on 911. We know the snuff films were got to Tavistock house. Time to ram raid these Establishment enclaves.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Boris may be all sorts of things, Adam, but he has taken on the cabal and is risking all to try and stop the EU. It’s probably our last chance to avoid full absorption into a permanent totalitarian state – 1984 – a jackboot kicking a human face forever. Whatever freedom we have enjoyed in our lives (a relative term I agree) will be gone in the future unless we hurl off our new oppressors at every opportunity. If Boris is a trick and acting a false role, it doesn’t seem like it. He’s a free spirit himself and he sees no future. If he thinks the future holds nothing for him to the point that he’ll risk all, it means that things are far worse than even we know. If we get a chance like this, we just have to back it. Confusing ourselves with what goes on on Mars is not going to help.

    • ian says:

      I agree Tap. Choices are relative things. This situation is extremely far from ideal, but it’s our best hope under the circumstances. We don’t have many choices.

    • In a way Tap what you say is a ray of light, ray of hope. I didnt realise thete such divisions in the cabal, i thought they all moved in lockstep with each other.
      This seems good news.
      Less good news as you say……how bad are things really?
      Well all i can say is i really hope Brexit happens.
      In spain it doesnt feel like tyranny, being in the eu. But thats a holiday illusion im.sure.
      If there is no brexit, and the EU tightens its grip, and there are thought crime hit squads going round rounding up people for simple free thouht and critically analysing….
      Then i will be on a plane to brazil or phillipines

      I agree it would distract, and maybe they use Mars as an intentional.distraction.
      I just have this naive hope that………the massess learning the truth about free energy and the SSP would jolt them all so tremendously it would punch holes and body blows to the creeping Rothschild 1984 totalitarianism that seems to require everyone like asleep unquestioning zombies taking their cues for life from.the TV….for the totalitarian rollout plan to work.

      A work managers CommonPurpose booklet ive looked thru looks straight out of 1984 mysterious doublespeak. And much discussion about ‘Leadership’ .
      All very dodgy

      Yes lets hope Brexit happens

    • dkblue says:

      Even if there is an ulterior motive within the ‘Out’ movement, just like in Aikido, the momentum and energy of the opponent’s force can be taken and redirected and used to ones own benefit.

      • Good aikido point ill keep in mind when trying to fight and outwit the cabal.

        Synchronicity and the mind of God
        My own journey began with Synchronicity – those unexplainable coincidences, little sparks of magic that transcend space and time, strange connections that light up new synapses in our brain, the bizarre events that defy logic or reason or a linear understanding of our universe. So deep… so grand… often so impossible to fathom.

        Now, I’ve known Synchronicity rather intimately for most of my adult life. Synchronicity, as coined by Carl Jung, is the meaningful connection between two or more events that cannot be explained by the perception of cause and effect. It’s serendipity, or in laymen’s terms, a ‘spooky coincidence.’ – Prologue, Season of the Serpent: Book One

        In the moment of Synchronicity I would often wonder – How can I be having this conversation with the Universe, through the lyrics of a well timed song, or a passage in a book that seems to jump off the page, or a voice on the television that suddenly answers a private inner question, or a random stranger who does something odd triggering a profound personal connection. How is this possible? Is time travel involved? Does the material universe work like a giant synchronized clock? Or does it go beyond space and time?

        Yes – to the very nonlinear nature of our truest self

        Back in the early 1980s, in college, when all of these bizarre coincidences were just beginning to happen to me, I didn’t have a term for this phenomenon, that is until one of my favorite rock bands, The Police, came out with their final studio album… Synchronicity… which at the time was a Synchronicity about Synchronicity. (Sting was inspired by the work of Carl Jung.) After that, the blue, yellow, and red pattern of primary colors became a repeated Synchronicity.

        Synchronicity doesn’t always have a discernible meaning. Sometimes it manifests as simple patterns – a sequences of repeating numbers, a pattern of repeating colors, a repeated awareness of a specific time on the clock. The ambiguity baffles us, and our own mind lends it some special meaning, though it may have no human meaning at all. It may be nothing more than a knock on our door, our growing awareness of cosmic consciousness. Sometimes it’s best not to read too much into it.

        We always seem to choose sleep, resisting all those ridiculous, nagging coincidences. Our eyes open briefly for a few minutes, only to close again as we cloak ourselves in blankets of comfortable amnesia. The more the Universe struggles to wake us, the harder we dig our heels into this illusion of normalcy. And so something in the Universe is constantly striving to manifest new methods to get our attention. – SotS:Bk1

        Sometimes Synchronicity acts like the snooze feature of our alarm clock. It gently tries to wake us with a simple tap on the shoulder or a soft buzzing in our ears. It’s our choice. We can hit the reset button, completely ignore it, and fall back to sleep; or we can wake up, get up, and seek out the source.

        My snooze alarm went off the first week of June 1997, when I received a most unusual message. An acquaintance of mine forwarded an email-chain about an underground phenomenon that was quietly going viral. I was completely mesmerized as I scrolled down the screen and read the details. The attachment contained a specific recipe – instructions for an extraordinary event.

        This email was a catalog of the ‘spooky coincidences’ that occur when the classic film The Wizard of Oz is played simultaneously with the equally classic Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon. After years of extraordinary personal encounters, I had finally stumbled upon the Holy Grail – an experience that transcended individual perception. – SotS:Bk1

        The Wizard Behind the Curtain

        Sometimes Synchronicity serves as inspiration, as revelation, or motivation to do something we never considered before. For me, discovering the Synchronicity of The Dark Side of the Rainbow was the inspiration and motivation I needed to write my metaphysical novels. However the Synchronicity didn’t stop with the ‘spooky coincidences’ that occur when The Wizard of Oz is played simultaneously with Pi

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