Besides poisoning children in Michigan with lead, the EPA also conspired with Monsanto to poison the entire food supply with toxic doses of glyphosate herbicide


(NaturalNews) The EPA has come under fire for the revelation that months before the massive lead poisoning of Flint’s water supply became public, an EPA employee had notified his superiors of the problem. Instead of warning the people of Flint, however, the EPA privately communicated with Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality to get them to solve the problem.

“There was nothing mandatory under the law to alert people,” said Jennifer Chavez, an attorney for Earthjustice who focuses on lead regulation. “It just would have been the right thing to do.”

“I would say there is just a longstanding pattern of minimizing the risks from lead in drinking water at EPA,” she said.

Protecting Monsanto, not the environment

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) collusion with health and environment-destroying corporations and institutions goes further than the shameful poisoning of tens of thousands of residents of Flint, Michigan, however.

Documents received via a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal that the agency also assisted Monsanto in attempting to paint flagship herbicide Roundup (glyphosate) as safe, after the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate a “probable carcinogen.”

The Roundup herbicide was first introduced in the 1970s, but its use exploded in the mid-1990s with the introduction of Monsanto’s line of “Roundup Ready” genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These crops were genetically engineered to resist glyphosate, allowing farmers to spray massive amounts of the chemical directly onto their fields.

The most common Roundup Ready crops are corn, soy, canola and sugar beets. However, glyphosate is also used on many non-GMO crops, such as sugarcane and wheat, to dry (kill) them immediately prior to harvest. Roundup is also used in enormous quantities by homeowners, golf courses, parks and even schools.

Yet, a growing number of studies have linked this ubiquitous herbicide to cancer and a wide range of other health and environmental problems. It was a review of many of these studies that led to the IARC’s ruling in March 2015.

Three days later, Monsanto made calls and emails to the EPA seeking the agency’s help in reassuring Monsanto’s investors and customers (that is, the public), that glyphosate and Roundup were completely safe. The company even suggested “talking points” that the EPA could use. Three months later, the EPA did indeed issue a memorandum supporting Monsanto’s position.

It was not the first time that the EPA would be criticized for its support of Roundup. In 2013, the agency raised the “safe” limits of glyphosate residue on food to amounts significantly higher than those of any other country.

EPA out of touch with science

Emerging science only highlights how out-of-step the EPA is with its mission to protect human and environmental health.

On February 17 of this year, a group of medical and biology experts from the United States, Canada and Europe published a “consensus statement” in the journal Environmental Health, warning about the growing health threat of glyphosate. The scientists noted that even as new evidence emerges of the chemical’s risks, its use continues to grow. The statement calls for regulators to study glyphosate’s toxicity further; begin better monitoring of residue on food, in the human body and in the environment; and take measures to protect people from exposure.

U.S. government studies have shown widespread glyphosate contamination of air and water nationwide, while tests by private groups have found it in a wide variety of foods and in human urine and breast milk.

“Animal and epidemiology studies published in the last decade … point to the need for a fresh look at glyphosate toxicity,” the statement reads. “Regulatory estimates of tolerable daily intakes for glyphosate in the United States and European Union are based on outdated science.”

The scientists particularly emphasized the need for further tests on glyphosate’s ability to disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system. Endocrine disruption is known to lead to cancer, birth and developmental defects, and reproductive problems.

Friday, March 04, 2016 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

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17 Responses to “Besides poisoning children in Michigan with lead, the EPA also conspired with Monsanto to poison the entire food supply with toxic doses of glyphosate herbicide”

  1. Nicky says:

    Just watched a programme on Russia Today. Some Farmers took the step to switch feed sources for there cattle to local glyphosate free feed producers. The Infertility issues the cattle suffered from reversed considerably in short order. Glyphosate and Monsanto are not good for Planet Earth and All Life On It. It has now been detected in rainwater. Greed kills.

    • Encouragi.g that at least RT are beginning to cover this issue. Thats a start

      • Nicky says:

        Yes. I’ve know of a couple Tmers along with Dr fagan whom a while back went to the Eu to bring these matters to light. The majority of the meeting was taken up by highly paid monsanto shills. The same Monsanto shills children will also not be able to reproduce without drugs from the same companies they have been paid by.
        Do you think they will will be saying Thank you for the inheritance Daddy? The knock on effects of this are just horrendous for all life everywhere. It is the dumbest level of a greed driven mind set I have ever come across. An existential threat of the highest order. By the dumbest and twisted bunch of individuals you are ever likely to come across.

    • I meant to add Nickyji i used to expect id have the money and time to go for panchakarma treatments a few times a year, like capt ajit does.
      I thought one day, ill got to skelmersdale, or evenvasant lads place in new mexico, for panchakarma

      Now i realise Nicky this is unrealistic. Not only is it costly, but inconvenient, and hard to do at home.
      Yet im sure, its an excellent detoxification.strategy

      My point here is. This is why i think dr lawrence wilson might be a godsend, with cheap easy home spa detoxification routines, his NB science. That achieves similar to panchakarma
      – the nir sauna
      – the coffee enemas which work tremendously on the liver. And overall detox. Upregulating by 600% upto, not only.liver phase 1 and 2 enzymes
      But lining the intestine too.

      As well as diet, and.bringing way more etheric energy into.the.body
      Im sure this all assists.not only removing toxic metals and chemicals. But our ability to throw off glyphosate and gmo.toxins too. Yes avoidance strategies too, not only gmos. But chlorine fluorine etc. Come first

      One day Nicky unless the cabal destroy our way of life this year or 50 nuclear power plants go off or planet X hits
      One day soon im.going to set up a home based to keep overheads low, NB science detoxification residential clinic. Might not be in.the UK. My mother in her 60s is allergic to nickel according to.misguided drs
      The truth is, she, like all of us, is toxic with heavy metals. Getting her to.understand the concept how toxic our environments are. And malevolent forces spraying us .is hard to get across.
      Also Nicky if we arent all annihilated. Im going to set up a small indian restaurant. Im building capital in various ways to achieve these ideas. Since im very interested in.indian food.
      I also want to marry someone whos spiritually beautiful, not just physically, who makes my heart beat really fast, where ill.never consider another woman

      I hope Nickyji, all these dreams will come true. And that the Rothschilds plans will be derailed. And we will be ok. And you are giving me advice in my indian kitchen

      I hope we will all be ok, and.unseen Forces are looking out for us. This has to be the case

      • Nicky says:

        Good luck with that Adamji. Good to have a plan. Mine was to just go off into the woods and achieve Samadhi once again and leave.
        The Glyphosate has done my bits in so No wifey for me. Looking forward to death now. I am done with this place. Cannot even be still as well since the pacemaker episode. hopefully I will still be able to go back home to the loving God.
        The levels of evil and ignorance here are poisoning me and am getting bogged down with the negativity. Could not even sit in the patanjali dome meditating without being detliberately disturbed by an a fellow brit and friend of my competative sister (Evil dads fave) who decided to move there during my stay. Family. Some Family. I hope my karma with them is over.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I think if they do not manage to trigger WWIII then this is what is going to happen lots of diy and small scale treatment centres being set up. Completely undermining the big ‘health system’ con. It could herald a golden age. I am serious and I know you are Adam. The people will flock once they know the truth and see it themselves

    • beLIEve says:

      I also watched the RT documentary, I believe it might have been the third episode of four ?
      I missed the others, unfortunately.

      The destruction of harvests was staggering; nihilistic and…..PREMEDITATED…. on the part of the …….POISON Corp-orations.

      RT runs some amazing information programmes.

      I think there might be a two part documentary on the CIA coming up on 9th and 10th March.
      I will have to recheck.

      No 85 on the….. FREEVIEW box……should anyone not yet have found RT.

      • Even though ive dismissed RT as controlled opposition. I have to reconsider.this. OK tgeyre not shouting tge truth about chemtrails. But gmos glyphosate, and now the CIA. RT are clearly doing some good.
        I will give my time to channel 85 once again, when i return
        Ignoring bbcnews24 and skynews which makes me want to vomit

      • Nicky says:

        Many have been working to expose just how serious the situation is for a very long time and watched all manner of individuals support Monsanto just to line there own back pockets even as the data kept increasing backing up the claims of those working tirelessly to expose the harm being done, Including Dr Fagan,Dr Michael Antoniou and researcher Claire Robinson. Ever since the whistle was blown by Maharishi’s Natural Law Party. And the Media took the piss. Or just did not report on it. Ha ha. Funny? Not at all really
        Think World War one and Two was against nature and killed a lots of people and creatures. This eclipses it by a long chalk. Very few have grasped the enormity of the problem. Many choose not to. I’m alright Jack syndrome. Not for long are they alright. This problem is immense and still they pump the shit on everything. All those profiting by it in the short term deserve what will/has come. The rest of us do not.

    • beLIEve says:


      Some of the RT documentaries are amazing but, the news slots seem to mirror …….a$hkeNAZI “western” BS.

      I am wondering if RT has to…… toe A line… order to retain permissions to broadcast in Europe.

      • Exactly my thoughts Kingel , the documentaries good….but main news has to obey a controlled opposition line, a poor one. Leaving doubts about David Icke aside. I naively assumed in my enthusiasm in dec 2013, that TPV tv station would get an ofgem or ofcom or whatever license, to sit alongside bbc, sky, rt and aljazeera on Freeview
        Now i realise only certain channels toing the line are allowed for the massess to see. My memory is Sonia poulton seemed genuine and passionate. Ken o Keefes show was good, and Ritchie Allen. I even liked Ickes dot connecting shows.
        But somethings went wrong somewhere

        Yes i think too aljazeeras the same. Some great, dethical, analytical, documentaries about Manila slums etc.
        Butt the news agenda is as bad as the bbc, though pretending to be from.another perspective.
        Strange i think, that top aljazeera presenter and 50 year career at the very top of the w estern media, David Frost, had a heart attack on a cruise ship. Strange. Married to an aristocrat.
        Strange how David Frosts son dropped dead while ‘ out jogging’.
        Strange how the nations favourite , pal of HM, 50 year beeb career, Terry Wogan suddenly died recently.
        Could these deaths be connected in.some way?

  2. Nicky says:

    Must improve my posts and reread and edit them. soz.

  3. Lynn says:

    Don’t worry Nicky….we don’t judge on the writing…the content is all we are interested in. Keep posting, you are among friends here.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Agree. That is a good shout.

      • Sunday, 6 March 2016

        Bruce Charlton at Sunday, March 06, 2016

        What is needed for a change of consciousness

        It is a matter of achieving and developing a type of awake, alert, purposeful consciousness which can also perceive spiritual realities.

        What is wanted is that the kind of intuitive, inspired, visionary thinking which currently or usually occurs only in dreams, intoxication, when immersed in reading fiction or watching movies, and in other altered, passive and in some fashion impaired/ lowered states of consciousness; this must develop to become a part of daily, working, active consciousness.

        So that when we see a situation – people in front of us, current politics, a scientific theory or discovery – what is most evident needs to be the spiritual reality, causes, meaning of such situations.

        This needs to be primary.

      • Herald in a new golden age. This is it Men Scryfa.
        I tried exploring this concept last year, of decentralisation. Like fine mist water droplets everywhere all linked into knowledge, which is power. The cabal wont be able to enforce or infiltrate alk these diy small scale treatment wellness spa centres. It woukd be a true genie out the bottle.
        Buckminster fuller.and the geodesic dome, and systems theory. Where all the node points of the dome, are no less or more important than the others, and society gets strength.from that decentralised underpinning.

        I have realised too how to work alongside treatment centres. Streamlined accessible cost effective hydroponics operations are also needed
        – since so much of the broccolli, carrots, watercress and more, esp here on hols, i can tell isnt mineral and phytonutrient dense
        – roast potatoes i ate this week tasted of chlorine
        – therefore as well as water filtering and inline UV disinfecting light. I thought a large kefir grain water tank could be used for hydroponic watering too. Since microbiotas needed, and glyphosate destroys it in the topsoils
        – heirloom seeds. And working out ways to provide mineral rich feed in a hydroponics operation
        – i can see that a wellness spa treatment centre would not be nearly as effective without accessibility to phytonutrient rich vegetables.

        – small scale farming keeping chickens and goats and a cow,.fed feed id like to do too. Since small farms can be done on a surprisingly small piece of land.

        All in all MS i really think this golden age is coming. I feel it. Maybe i even remote view it and its not just my active imagination for the future.

        But yes im passionately serious about diy treatment centres springing up. This could really take off. Once the public catch on, and look at each other, and realise just what f*cking liars and deceivers the hierarchical elites have been with regards the health carescam…….the cabal wont contain the Awakening. 100 monkey effects will be happening all around.

        So yes, studyi.g and discussing in depth with you when the times right, many alternative health ideas, is what id like. And to compare and contrast with stuff lawrence wilson says. There may be sevral similar ways to skin the detoxification and health restoring cat.

        So i sense urgent voices are pushing me to step into this new golden age i can sense is right here men scryfa

    • Sunday, 6 March 2016

      Bruce Charlton at Sunday, March 06, 2016

      Practical metaphysics -taking sides

      What is most needed is a new metaphysics, and metaphysics are the basic assumptions through which we perceive reality; therefore metaphysics is not something chosen on the basis of evidence (it is nonsense to treat metaphysics as if there were competing systems, and trying to prove – perhaps by scientific or historical or sociological data – that one of these systems is the true, the correct, superior.

      But although immune to proof and independent of evidence, metaphysics is not the ultimate personal reality; we our-selves lie behind metaphysics.

      Therefore metaphysics is a choice – or, at least in principle subject to choice.

      ‘Enlightenment’ is to know that metaphysics is a choice, and to make that choice with deliberation

      Metaphysics is a choice, but not an arbitrary choice (unless we choose to regard it as arbitrary) – because once the point is reached that we are aware of metaphysics as a choice, and know this for a fact, then we are in a position to make that choice on the basis of our fundamental discernment of reality – the truth about things.

      Once that point is reached, then one can go no further. For example, Satan reached that point and made a choice based upon his fundamental discernment of reality – and there is now no arguing with him on the basis of evidence, or anything more superficial than metaphysics itself.

      And if the self is convinced of the metaphysics, having made the decision with knowledge and deliberately then what more can be said?

      At that point we must take sides.

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