British Intelligence keeps Britain out of Syrian conflict

A major US-backed assault to win Syria’s crucial Golan Heights, by jihadist rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Jabhat al-Nusra (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda), and Harakat Ahrar Ash-Sham (the largest rebel group in Syria, though it’s ignored by Western news-media), was repelled on Saturday morning, January 30th, by the army of the non-sectarian Syrian government, the Syrian Arab Army, which are the forces of Syria’s non-sectarian Shiite President Bashar al-Assad and his ideologically non-sectarian Ba’ath Party, the only political force in Syria that insists upon separation of church and state. (The Ba’ath Party in Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein, which George W. Bush’s forces eliminated there. American regimes, both Republican and Democratic, are anti-Ba’athist, pro-jihadist.)

All of the anti-Assad – which is to say anti-Ba’ath – forces in Syria are fundamentalist Sunnis, jihadists who are backed by the US and the Arab royal families, the latter of whom are fundamentalist Sunnis themselves. The United States is supporting those royal families, which are trying to seize Syria, because it’s a strategically crucial pipeline route into Europe for Sunni Arabic royal families’ oil and gas. Under Assad, those pipelines are blocked from being built, and the Arabic royals fear that if Assad isn’t overthrown, then Shiite pipelines will instead be carrying oil and gas from Shiite Iran to Shiite-allied Iraq, thence into Syria, and then perhaps into Europe. It’s a commercial war, not just a war between Sunnis and Shiites. The US wants to replace Russian oil and gas in Europe, by the oil and gas of its Arabic friends who finance international jihadism-terrorism, and who dominate the list of nations that buy the most US-made weapons. (Those are weapons-sales that don’t go to the world’s second-largest weapons-producer: Russia.)

The United States sells weapons to the Saud family, which then are transported via Erdogan’s Turkey to al-Nusra, ISIS, Harakat Ahrar Ash-Sham, and other jihadist fighting forces that have been flocking into Syria and backed by the Arab royal families and Erdogan and by the United States government, in order to force a removal from power of the existing non-sectarian Syrian government. One prominent early news-report about this was Seymour Hersh’s «The Red Line and the Rat Line», which was rejected by US print-media and then published in Britain by the London Review of Books. It was subsequently confirmed by a study that was done by a committee of Turkey’s Parliament.

Hersh had reported that US President Barack Obama’s effort with Erdogan of Turkey and the Sauds of Saudi Arabia, to arrange a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad (who has been demonized in the US press as being the cause of the ongoing civil war in Syria, which is actually between Assad’s non-sectarian Syrian Arab Army versus the foreign Western-supported invading jihadists, fundamentalist Sunnis from all over the world – an invasion of Syria by the US-Saudi-Turkish-UAE-Qatari coalition), was intended to ‘justify’ Obama’s bombing Syria. But Obama needed at least Britain as an ally for that invasion. Britain refused to join it. British intelligence (Hersh found) had confirmed that the sarin attack was a set-up and lies from Washington. David Cameron’s government decided not to do what its predecessor had done – serve as America’s lap-dog (as Tony Blair had done). This time around, Britain wouldn’t invade on the basis of an American President’s lies and fake ‘intelligence’. This time, Britain acted on its own intelligence services, instead of ignored them.



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