Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X after viewing it through Hubble Space Telescope

March 6, 2016

Originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.



Upon recent admissions by NASA and other officials confirming Planet X is real after all, one must question the validity of the information presented through mainline streams which may actually be an attempt to thwart the populace from discovering the actual approaching system.

“This thing has got seven planets and its own sun,” said an alleged CIA agent who claims to have witnessed the ‘mini solar system’ after intercepting image and data transmissions from the Hubble Space Telescope during his employment with the Central Intelligence Agency.

“I think this thing has a planet like ours circling it. This is its own solar system. We are about to have a solar system come through the middle of our solar system — this can’t be good,” the alleged agent said.

The alleged agent also said that the system will pass Earth from beneath the ecliptic plane at a distance of about twenty-million miles, “sooner than expected,” after achieving “breakaway speed from the sun.”

The alleged agent claims that the government has been monitoring the system for years and that in 2008 it could be seen in high detail using modern equipment.

According to the alleged whistleblower, “This planet is 47,000 miles across” and gives off an “iron oxide dust,” which has formed a cloud up to 100,000 miles across.

“This thing is just orange hot. I mean, to tell how hot it is I was told that they estimated between 5 and 10 million degrees.”

The alleged agent said he even witnessed the system’s dust cloud taking on the appearance of “wings” as it rounded the sun, matching ancient tales from history that talk about the crossing planet.

“DCIA guys told me that this pole shift will probably happen from start to finish in around twenty-eight minutes.”

“500 to 1000 foot” tall shock-waves may ruffle the planet as this thing passes, the alleged agent said, also pointing out how it may have an extremely powerful magnetic field.

“I watched it through the Hubble Space Telescope. And when this thing looked like it was across the street the Hubble got cut off and they encrypted it and that was the end of any transmissions we had to watch. And we know that the Hubble, in order to be in the shadow of the Earth, had to be at an angle and so that meant that is was looking downward and this thing was coming up from underneath us. I personally thin this thing is real close to us right now, but that’s just my personal feeling.”

The alleged agent thinks that the planet may “experience a poll shift” when the system passes.

“They have known about this thing forever,” the alleged agent pointed out.

It’s “four or five times the size of Earth.”

“This planet is rolling over to face this thing and when it goes by it’s going to grab our southern pole with it’s northern poll. […] There is going to be a massive earthquake when it locks on to us, as it goes passed us we’re going to follow it right upside-down, the oceans are just going to roaring from poll to poll.”

“We should be preparing and expecting this thing to show up […], the alleged agent said before the transmission cut off.

According to the latest, Planet X researchers and alleged insiders like John Moore maintain the system may pass by Earth around March of 2016.

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15 Responses to “Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X after viewing it through Hubble Space Telescope”

  1. Lynn says:

    Well this would explain a lot really. They have raped what they can. They have built underground cities so they don’t have to surface until this thing is out of harm’s way. They have Noah’s arc of every seed safley locked away in the ice cave. I think they have this knowledge and are well prepared for it. They just don’t want us knowing or prepared. Sick and perverted all in one city does not bare thinking about. I’m glad we will be gone.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hello, to help all the good people on this earth buffer and get through any possible earth changes such as warming and or red dust, and have a beautiful future. Please sign and help spread this petition to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and lets bust this open! 😉
      27,435 supporters so far and rising as we speak. Thanks 🙂


      Please help us in our efforts while theres still time to get this petition spread round the doors and help us end this stalemate and usher in a new Second Renaissance Golden Age where every man woman and child is living in safety and abundance and Truth thanks a lot


      Petitioning Vladimir Putin and 2 others

      It’s time to liberate and save the planet. People deserve to know the truth about the Secret Space Programs and have access to all the hidden technology that could save the planet and help humans all over the world.

      This petition will be delivered to: Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping United Nations 27,433 supporters so far vladimir-putin-disclose-all-the-secret-space-programs-and-release-all-the-hidden-technology

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Please Lynn, all of Tapblog, all astute aware on the ball readers. Please sign and pass on the secret space program Putin Jinping petition far and wide. Good people here on earth need it out in the open, the Veils dropped. To help us handle the coming Hercolubus Planet X. It will help us a lot.
      NSW Australia UFO seen on radar and camera going 50 to 100 times the speed of jet aircraft: This will be Thomas Townsend Brown Electrogravitic technology classified in the 1950s by the secret government billionaires. Not Aliens

      This is the moment conspiracy theorists claimed they spotted an unidentified object ‘flying 50 to 100 times faster than a normal aircraft’ over Australia.

      The bizarre evidence comes from a flight tracker app that shows dozens of different aeroplanes operating in the area.

      The video was posted by UFO hunters Secure Team 10 .

      It shows the the flight path of several plane flying over New South Wales area of Australia.

      • ferryt says:

        Sorry to break it to you Adam but secureteam10 are full of shit.

        See Carol Rosin \ Von Braun and her attempts at disclosing the final card these rats want to play out e.g.

        It involves a fake alien invasion.

        Since war and terrorism are becoming exhausted we are now being indoctrinated and conditioned by the scum media about UFOs and aliens.

        AKA predictive programming.

        And it’s all bullshit.

  2. beLIEve says:

    NASA……never A Straight Answer.

    CIA……Cnut… i$raeli… Agency.

    Who would beLIEve a word THEY say ?

    Were the moon landings real ? ?

    The Mars “landing” …..ha ha ha…..Abel Danger has copies of ……OFFICIAL pics…….the CHINCHILLAS…….indicate the shots are probably the ….Atacama desert !

    THEY have built underground cities and stored heirloom seeds in order to …..destroy us with a FF apocalypse event………and the finger of blame will be pointed at the ……..HEAVENS.
    An ….ACT….of God……..YAWN !

    An …ACT…of the DOG Soros…..more like….along the lines of the …rod from god………”gifted” to China…..and the mini nukes gifted to Fukushima !

    There are said to be artifacts on Earth dating back 400 million years.
    This indicates Planet X has visited countless times before and ………NOT WIPED OUT……MANKIND.

    Why are THEY bothering to ….CHEMTRAIL…..if we are all toast ? ?

    Why are they …GENOCIDING…..mankind by means of
    1) Vaccines
    2) Flouride water
    3) Poison food
    4) Big Pharma
    5) Wi Fi
    6) HARP
    7) Endless War

    WHY are THEY fighting wars in the Middle East….asset stripping….the area…………..
    IF…… Planet X….is about to ….STRIKE…and wipe us all out ? ?

    Aaah !
    Let me guess !
    THEY are so…….KNOWLEDGEABLE ….INFORMED….& ….INTELLIGENT…….THEY…..know exactly where Planet X will strike ! $ £

    BLAH di BLAH………..
    The TRUTH being THEY will be ……LOBBING……mini nukes into areas they are happy to ……SACRIFICE……whilst ….MINERAL RICH….lands will miraculously survive.

    I don’t believe anything these SCUM utter.
    Moloch gave his little “HELLpers” ….TWO DERRIERES… of which is embellished with a set of lips
    THEY a’int going to change THEIR spots now.

    Do I believe………..
    1) Professor Nassim Haramein who says Nibiru passed through in February 2003, within 2 weeks of the date prophesied in the Sumerian texts….OR

    2) The…. a$hkeNAZI CRAK-heads ?

    The neurologically inadequate ones have …HAD their DAY….it is time for ….MANKIND……to …..RETAKE ….EARTH.

    AND the SCUM know it.

    THEY are TOAST….not….. MANKIND.

    That is why THEY are ….SCURRYING….to Underground…….TOMBS.

    THEY …are…..SCARED…..of …..MANKIND.

    THEIR only option is to ….GENOCIDE…us….before……WE GENOCIDE THEM.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    That is a pretty good synopsis and hits on most points with historical accuracy. It does look like wings that is why the Greeks call it the winged globe and there is a red dust and the Indians call it the Red Kachina.

  4. Nicky says:

    Why no Video of the rising suns and always lame pictures. Trawled and trawled but yet no footage I can find of a dawn occuring with the two suns rising. Why? Any links to that would be appreciated. Time and again these fear merchants post the dates that come and go.
    Maybe it is to wear us down so when it does occur we will be non responsive as some suggest. Show us some footage of a rising or just can it.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Planet X is reported to be ten times the size of earth and to be very hot. It has never been observed, but only calculated to exist through gravitational effects on other entities. Planets are influenced by electromagnetism, which is several million times more powerful than gravity. It would easily be visible with infra red telescopes. Planet X is total bunk. If you’re in any doubt read The Electric Sky.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Tap im very relieved and happy if this the case. That deserves a proper celebration tonight.
      I really feel we will manage and prevail in life if this is yet more smoje and mirror Truman Show from the cabal.
      Im going to read Electric Sky.
      So i will assume whatever pattern of sinkholes, global warming and earthquakes , meteors, once we allow for cabal Angel Harp etheric weaponry, are the result of an electromagnetic plasma universe and a pulsing galactic centre and Paul Laviolettes superwave comes to mind again.
      Positive so far it feels to me.
      What is still a concern is
      – the Second Sun being visible now in 2016.
      – Dublinmicks extensive research alongside Cosmic Convergence. The red dragon, the red kachina. Wormwood. Planet X.

      Much as i want to agree with you how do these two points get dealt with

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Also, in view of the Electric Universe truth that’s emerging, electromagnetism, plasma. Daily astrology reports like this one take on a renewed vigour and relevance and shes accurate esp as she tracks the cabal

      ”Saturday’s (May 21) Full Moon bring Venus and Mars with it. The Moon is in tight or close conjunction with Mars at the time of the Full Moon. Venus is in range of conjunction with the Sun. This means all of these planets will be working (playing) in concert. Mars-Venus energetics are about romantic relationships, of course, so things will develop or occur within those. But Mars-Venus is also about how and where we use or expend our energy. Is it directed toward love or anger? Is it directed toward what we truly value or siphoned off in the opposite direction?

      Today offers us an opportunity to “recharge our batteries,” in advance of the blazing fire energy that will come with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is best accomplished by spending time in nature (connected with the mind of Gaia Sophia) and taking time for self-care in whatever form is needed. Self-care enables optimal care of others.

      Let’s stop, take deep breaths, and seek beauty. If being outdoors is not possible for some reason, take time to look out of windows. Conscious effort to reconnect with the natural world is the goal. Sophia heals and restores us, and she is available 24/7. Step outside and feel the magic of her Gibbous Moon phase. ”
      Thursday, May 19, 2016

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      In view of the encouraging things you and dkblue are saying here, and what ill put below. Ill assume then that the visible second sun is only going to create gradual change. Good for us. Not good for the cabal which is why theyve turned this into a huge annhilating fear porn FF show. This just leaves the Hopi indians and others with their prophecies and Red Kachina, Kali, etc. I can only hope what the Hopi are referring to isnt whats going down now

      “…with climate change a topic of global discussion, there is talk about the seas covering islands and inundating coastal areas up to mountain ranges and people by the millions being drowned. That will not happen—Earth is not going to endanger the lives of her beloved residents during her return to a moderate climate globally. As polar ice and glaciers continue melting, water levels will continue to rise slowly and in small measure overall, and residents of potentially affected areas—sea-level islands, parts of continental coastlines, banks of your largest rivers, and low-lying countries—will have plenty of time to take any necessary preventive action or relocate.

      “…the prophecy that a sudden pole shift is going to devastate the planet. It would be devastating if the shift were to happen abruptly, but it won’t… Powerful civilizations beamed massive light to stabilize Earth’s orbit…

      “…Earth’s trajectory [going] into a collision course with a planet that some think is Nibiru and others think is a recently-detected planet considerably larger than Earth. Some information… is solely to create fear, but lack of knowledge is the root of most… We reassure you… will continue traveling safely and steadily all the way to her destination in fifth density

      Yes maybe this article above is disinfo for gullible people. But i do need some hope

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      I wonder if its a good rule of thumb on ‘cataclysm’ matters ( i know hes discredited and exposed generally ) that anything Alex Jones on Infowars trumpets is to immediately be viewed as a redflag FF psyop. Jones this year speaks in depth about Nibiru with a huge red pkanet on screen behind him. Ive read Project Camelot isnt to be trusted either.
      Kerry Cassidy earlier this year interviews this convincing sounding man Kameran Faily saying the same as Jones
      Infowars and Camelot singing the same Hercolubus tune, what can we deduce, infer from that?

      I am not saying that the red indians, the mayans, maoris, are wrong in some kind of Red Kachina that comes around. Those second sun videos look reliable and real.

      What i am suggesting however is, maybe in Hopi prophecy the red kachina does not always cause what illuminati spokesman Faily is saying is going to happen this summer. Maybe it isnt always so severe.

      I havent the link to hand but i have read that if theres enough people on earth with higher vibrations and emotions and consciousness. It has the power to effect heavenly bodies trajectories.
      Is this so hard to believe in this interconnected, ether, plasma, electric universe?
      Could this be what tge 144,000 Elect means? The tipping point?

      Red Kachina might just be a second sun nothing more.

      I also dont discount, dismiss, tge possibility of very real planet stabilising technologies being employed, both ancient and modern. And whos to say there really arent benevolent galactic federation motherships in tge solar system, helping?

      If people are prepared to acknowledge and believe the Nefilim being expert interplanetary travellers and gene engineers. Why does that mean no other civilisations with 1000 mile wide motherships cant exist too, who are hopefully benevolent?

      If however we totally dismiss the Nefilim as total disinfo lies, then yes i agree, a strong case too saying there are no aliens other civilisations, humanoid or other, anywhere else.
      Interesting to note the Egyptair crash 66 people died. Thats got sacred numerology significance the illuminati will be inserting i think

  6. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    ALL doom & gloom predictions of incoming planets, asteroids, plagues, flooding, earthquakes, pestilence, etc., etc., are pumped on the internet by agents (witting or unwitting) of military pychological warfare operations. It’s part of the “End Times,” Doomsday-followed-by-Utopia brainwashing package that the Zionists have concocted for the Christian and Muslim goy in order to pave the way for their One World, Zionist Paradise to be headquarted in Jerusalem.

    Regards, Ken

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