Age of Alternative Media

by Crystal Sloan

Why is straying away from Mainstream media important? In the wake of catastrophic events, social upheaval and an increasing amount of ‘terrorism’ how can one acquire trusted sources and accurate information? The current world drama is unfolding quicker now than ever and it seems every organization is feeding their own heap of propaganda, manipulation and fear. So, who is right? Learning the role that Mainstream Media actually plays is the first step. The second is acknowledging that Alternative Media is an official reality. Conversations and research regarding controversial subjects are no longer limited to casual blogs, passionate poetry and YouTube videos. Be prepared. The age of Alternative Media is here.

alternative mediaMainstream media has intelligently and strategically turned what used to be news into sensationalistic story telling pulling on primal human behaviors rooted in survival and self-preservation through fear and emotion. Having little to do with truth, justice, or virtue they have chosen to sacrifice their moral integrity in exchange for popular interest and financial gain. Every major network has stockholders monitoring their activity and every major network is dictated by the feelings and choices superimposed by these individuals. Therefore, Mainstream Media is a poor source for unbiased information seeing as the many factors that influence the material they choose to cover are in the interest of money, fervent emotional manipulation and overall control through dependency and indoctrination.

With that said, how is news defined? News (as defined by google) is ‘newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.’ So one could say that news is not standard; it is interpretable. News is what is considered important at the time to a specific entity, individual or organization due to their priorities, perspectives and ambitions. But with so many obvious hidden agendas and re-occurring patterns in how these mainstream stories are being told and revealed (particularly in respect to terrorism, which is an undefinable term used to label just about any attack to suit a particular need or goal), how can the toxic nature and damage of trusting such reporting be dismissed? To remain ignorant of the fact that these political and power-hungry financial tyrants are covering up their tracks through deep lies and endless propaganda is no longer a luxury. So when looking for alternative sources for news one must ask themselves, ‘What is this organization’s priorities, interests and standards?,’ ‘Who are the investors?,’ and ‘What are they reporting and how objective is their view compared to being emotionally responsive?’ These questions will begin to lead one in the right direction, but there is still some deep personal work that needs to be done in the acquisition and pursuit of honest information.

alternative mediaMost Alternative Media functions on educating individuals in a way that allows them to come to their own conclusions. Alternative sources inspire free thinking and the questioning of one’s environment so that there is a sense of empowerment, curiosity and participation – not depression or hopelessness. Though, these emotions are difficult to set aside. The hardships that are being faced worldwide are intensely apparent and are not particularly easy to comprehend or swallow. But what appears to be not so obvious is that how one chooses to feel and what one chooses to believe either strengthens or destroys the fabrication of events that often the Mainstream Media induces. They can quite literally create reality, conjuring up panic and influencing their audience’s actions in spite of what is true or not. Yet just as quickly as they can create it, it can be taken from them. Tapping into one’s own sense of inner truth and intuition will be the greatest tools in the coming age. Understanding how something feels and how information resonates will allow discernment to be better practiced. Does is sit well? Is it hopeful? Is it negative? Does it have an agenda? What is in-between the lines? These are the things to become sharply aware of.

The collective power of humans to create reality is something the mass media plays into and utilizes directly. But that is the power of the human consciousness itself, it is not their power to be had. Unplugging from the hype-producing, fear-invoking, tail-chasing game of mass media may be intimidating, but is the first step to freeing oneself from the slyly placed hand of the small percentage of individuals running this planet into the ground. Groups that have been creating discord between people and beliefs for eons – invoking disturbances where there are none. All the while hiding the fact that they are involved in the greatest disturbance of all, that of a campaign against all humanity and it’s livelihood upon this planet. Every person in this world has an opportunity to make a difference and change the future for the better. It starts with the assertion of walking a different path. Blazing one led by inner knowing, self-trust and a greater dedication to the pursuit of truth.

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