The desperate struggles of the regicides


The flight from Europe to Asia is always demanding.  Yesterday’s travel on Easter Saturday arriving on Easter Day was no exception.  The journey however flew by, if you’ll pardon the pun, as I was reading on my kindle, the book written by Charles Spencer, Killers Of The King.

I collect books during the months before we travel to our home in the Philippines, as it is a very peaceful place where reading is a great relaxation.  This ‘book’ didn’t even make it as far as the Philippines, as I couldn’t put it down, and finished it in one sitting on the plane.  The story of the regicides, the killing of Charles 1, and The Civil War was so well assembled.

My interest in The Civil War was spurred by attending a lecture at Shrewsbury’s new university on The Civil War as it occurred in Shropshire.   A relative of mine who lived where we still live to this day was one of the regicides, who was subsequently hung drawn and quartered, after spending three years in The Tower Of London – Colonel John Jones.

He initially married my ancestor, Margaret Edwards, but she died quite young.  He then married Cromwell’s sister.  Prior to his falling foul of the Restoration of the Monarchy, he also had been put on trial at Westminster for alleged disloyalty to Cromwell. Like most other Roundheads who fought the Civil War to get rid of a tyrannical king, he was most disappointed with Cromwell’s increasingly tyrannical rule, his over tight control of  Parliament, and his dismissing the MPs that didn’t agree with him, in Pride’s Purge.  Out of England’s 5 million people, 200,000 had lost their lives.  Scotland had lost 60,000 out of 1 million people.  It was awful to see the waste of the opportunity to create a more fair-minded world, after so much sacrifice.  Unlike many of the regicides who escaped to desperately lonely lives away from England,  Jones stayed and was picked up by the vengeance-seeking agents of  King Charles II.

Jones is only a bit part player in the book, and the story is told of the many other very brave men who paid an equally terrible price for their efforts in trying to eradicate tyranny from the world.  It’s not just a story from nearly four hundred years ago.  It’s the same situation going on to this very day, where we suffer tyrannical rule by entities, who imagine themselves above it all.  The rule of evil is still much in evidence as the posts in this blog and elsewhere indicate.  The Divine Right Of Kings is very much the philosophy of the parasites who still steal from humanity, and subject us to their whims.

The tragic story told by Charles Spencer shows how hard is the fight to remove the tyranny of power.  Jones and his ilk believed The Vatican to be in the control of The Devil, and that a second coming of Christ would release humanity from these bonds.  When 1666 passed without any sign of this prediction coming true, such hopes were greatly diminished.  We need to look to ourselves for our own salvation, is maybe the final lesson of the book.  Relying on a religion, which was designed by Vespasian and Josephus Flavius to enhance our enslavement is hardly likely to bring us freedom.   With the internet we can find out who Jesus actually was, and he’s not the same character as related in the bible.  Jones and his generation were unable to see beyond the beliefs they held at the time, and still hoped that their faith in the bible would bring them salvation from Satan.  Today we have to work from within, freed of mind-programming religions designed by our enemies.  Maybe we now stand a  better chance.  Jesus like the regicides was unable to find a way to defeat Rome, and sat out a lonely exile in his prison in Chester, dying in AD 98, after his capture in AD 70.  His wife Mary Magdalene lived on and founded The Orange Order, which came into England after the Stuarts eventually died out in 1688, bringing in the Modern World, but that’s another story.



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  1. Nollidge says:

    Cromwell was backed by the Amsterdam Jews.The Cromwell ancestors came from Venice,which was a main trading centre of the crypto-Jews who ran ALL cross-sea & cross-border trade in those times.The Jews had been kicked out in 1290 & wanted back in because of the coal trade.European coal was located far from rivers & seas making wagon transport expensive.British coal was near the seas & rivers.
    For more info,try to find a book on the net by Archibald Maule-Ramsay titled The Secret War.
    Or just Google “Cromwell & the Jews”.

    • Baz says:

      Unsurprisingly his statue stands prominently outside Parliament to this very day. A ‘Holocaust’ memorial is to be erected just beside Parliament.

      To understand and know GOD and identify Crypto-Jewry and the role of blood and bloodlines is the foremost duty of every White Man. His future in Eternity, his survival and that of all people in the World depend upon it.

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