Massive FDA crackdown coming on natural product companies: New FDA head Robert Califf to unleash sweeping nationwide surprise inspections under 2011 FSMA law

FDA crackdown

(NaturalNews) Following the confirmation of new FDA head Robert Califf, I have been told by people in the legal field with close ties to FDA staffers that the FDA is planning to ramp up a wave of inspections and crackdowns targeting natural product companies.

This sweeping crackdown assault, I’ve been told, will be invoked under the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), which was aggressively pushed into law following a series of highly suspicious outbreaks of E.coli and salmonella in food products in 2010. These outbreaks were widely publicized by the mainstream media which obeyed its propaganda marching orders from the government to whip up a frenzy of irrational fear over all fresh food. From that fear, the political establishment passed the FSMA and Obama signed it into law on January 4, 2011.

FSMA to bankrupt small businesses by requiring pharma-level manufacturing practices

The FSMA essentially requires all nutritional supplement, herbal formula and superfood companies to adhere to many of the same quality control procedures as multi billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. The FDA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines describe these measures and have been the law of the land since the signing of the FSMA. Yet most small supplement and superfood companies are nowhere near GMP-compliant due to the extraordinary costs of compliance. (Our own operation is GMP compliant, which is why I am intimately familiar with the extreme costs of compliance and the mountain of paperwork that must be produced to achieve this compliance.)

It is this non-compliance with GMP and FSMA that the FDA is now planning to use as a regulatory weapon in nationwide, sweeping shut down of natural product companies, I’ve been told.

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And yet some of these companies legitimately deserve to be shut down…

As the author of the new book Food Forensics — launching July 26th in bookstores everywhere — I fully understand that some companies in the natural products space are irresponsibly cutting corners and totally failing to adhere to basic safety procedures in food manufacturing. So I can see a reasonable argument for taking action against the most egregious violators of food safety. But this new sweeping crack down by the FDA appears to be far more than that: It seems to be a politically motivated attempt to destroy Big Pharma’s competition and further monopolize pharmaceutical profits that rake in hundreds of billions of dollars a year worldwide.

It seems no coincidence that the FDA’s new head, Robert Califf, has accepted money from 23 drug companies and has already stated he thinks the FDA should be a partner of the drug industry. What better way to accomplish this than to use the FDA as a regulatory weapon to destroy Big Pharma’s competition?

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