X-files is a government-controlled TV show. 9/11 was predicted by the show 6 months before it happened. The first episode of the new series shows a world stock crash happening on a Friday. Will this happen in 6 months as well?


by magnora7


I think we should take seriously for a moment the idea that this TV show is used by intelligence agencies to muddy the waters of conversation. They pair 1 part truth with 1 part aliens, and make the whole thing look like sci-fi. Then when the real thing happens, people don’t want to jump to the conclusions presented on the show, because they pair it with the outlandish alien stuff, so they think the actual conspiracy is fake too. The baby gets thrown out with the bathwater.

There’s no doubt the X-Files is owned by the MSM and the intelligence agencies. It’s about the FBI, so you know they’re going to be involved. It was advertised constantly during the super bowl, so you know the MSM is on board with the show, which means that the intelligence agencies are on board as well.

Consider the following quotes:

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – former CIA Director William Colby

“There’s really five companies that control 90 percent of what we read, see and hear.” – Ted Turner founder of CNN

“A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.” – Joseph Pulitzer

So, if I were an evil super-powerful guy who was going to cause a world stock market crash on a Friday to ensure economic legislation like TPP and TIPP gets passed worldwide, I would probably talk about it on a show like the X-files right beforehand, making sure to pair it with conspiracy wackjob nonsense (as they did in the episode) and then when it actually happens, everyone will be afraid to touch the “X-Files explanation” even if it is correct. It would muddy the water, making real discussion more difficult, and making thinking clearly about the issue more difficult. Especially considering the entire country watched it. “You believe the world stock market crash was orchestrated? Do you believe aliens did it too?” will be the MSM refrain after it happens. This will give more buffer room for the powerful to get away with their crimes unquestioned, and keep the masses trapped in confusion instead of figuring out what’s going on. Controlled-opposition predictive programming, to put it in other words.

So, I just wanted to post this in the event that a few months from now the stock market crashes worldwide, I want to be able to say I saw this pattern in this show and that shows like the X-Files are probably disinfo of a sort that trains us away from thinking clearly about real issues, individually and as a culture.


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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Guaranteed, China and Russia no longer take the dollar. They have cut back on gas to Ukraine and Turkey because Turkey is not paying.

    Trust me, I am your only hope 🙂

    • Ok. I am unhappy and somewhat upset about your Sitchin nibiru insihts. Very sad in fact.
      But i know youre the man with.a surgical cutting device in your mind, assessing the world. And disseminating it.
      Re Bucegi for example. But much more. Its almost as though the Cobra/wilcock etc crowd linked to the 5 eyes. Respin and put a cabal angle on. Things people like you say DM. So they stay at the forefront and in control of truth narrative.

      I notice the Secret Space Programmes absent from breaking news, and here comes the sun. Maybe its a vital piece of the puzzle, youve missed

  2. salty says:

    The statistician and the mystic both want to know:

    When is a coincidence not a coincidence?

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I don’t remember the details but I saw something about the space program wasn’t going that well for them and it looked like they would be here with the rest of us. Coud have been the Van Allen belt thing. I am not sure about any of that however, I have no knowledge of it. Anything is possible though.

  4. beLIEve says:

    The…..INEVITABLE…collapse in World Stock Markets has been prophesied by integrity pundits in the world of finance for some considerable time.

    The expected …DROP….is likely to be in the range of 70% – 90%.

    It will be an …EVISCERATION…of peoples wealth.

    A …DELIBERATE evisceration.

    It has been …ENGINEERED….through ….money printing………theft through rehypothecation…LIAR LOANS…….LIAR LENDERS…..FRAUDULENT BANKS….FRAUDULENT so-called “governments”….which we now know are ….CORPorations !

    By “some considerable time” I am talking …BEFORE…the last crash of 2007/2008.
    The theft/iniquities/malign “finance” that came to a head 9 years ago, were not addressed but….COMPOUNDED…by greater money printing and….LARGER …THEFT$.

    As a result of the so-called …BIG BANG….the removal of restraints on the financial markets in the 1980s……some of those working in the financial world could FORESEE…FINANCIAL ….CARNAGE…that would manifest in the future.

    It would manifest when the …CLOWNS of FINANCE….could no longer keep a lid on….THEIR THEFTS.

    Monetary FRAUD…QUANTITATIVE Easing…..has “devalued” paper notes, and this is reflected in the rising price of groceries etc ….for the man in the street.

    A different scenario applies to the …CHOSENITES….who print the money.
    They and their cronies have been given access to the trillions of ….FRAUDULENTLY printed notes….and have been enriching themselves with the purchase of …HARD ASSETS…..gold…silver…precious stones….properties… farm land.

    So, one group has been ..UNLAWFULLY & FRAUDULENTLY…..impoverished whilst the…..FRAUDSTERS…have enriched themselves.

    The …..ILLEGAL ALIEN…SCUM….are now in the ….FINAL DAYS……”filing their boots”.

    The Hawaiian Soetero is currently attempting a ….MAJOR SWINDLE……an attempted theft of 1.8 million acres of lands rich in ….GOLD & SILVER….in the USA.


    RAT-child Rockerfella and ….associated SCUM….have …STOLEN $9,000,000,000,000….from their ….PRIVATE PIGGY BANK….the …”Federal” Reserve.

    MISSING from The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE


    The above video is available to….VIEW….but only if you ….TYPE….in the….. TITLE…….THEY have disabled the link…..but left the video.

    The SAME illegal alien SCUM have stolen all/most of the GOLD….in the USA….and almost certainly in the UK ?

    GOLD in the NY “Federal” Reserve…Fort Knox…..and the other ….TWO stores….. is thought to have been …..STOLEN…by the ….RKM….RAT-chid khazar MAFIA.

    ‘Americas Book of Secrets The Gold Conspiracy’


    The GOLD STOLEN is owned by the peoples of the world…Americans…Germans etc.

    In April 2016 the ….THEFTS …of the RKM will be ….EXPOSED…..when China reintroduces …GOLD…into the Chinese currency system.


    Marc Faber interviewed on ‘King World News’ has been “intimating” at the illegal thefts of “governments”… reference NIRP…negative interest rates.

    Andrew Maguire a precious metals …WHISTLE BLOWER…..has a fascinating and alarming…. sound video… currently available at ‘King World News’.


    What are the ….SCUM ….going to do when the people wake up to all THEIR ……..THEFTS ?

    The….ILLEGAL ALIEN… a$hkeNAZIs are …PLANNING to inflict ….TERROR….on the…SOVEREIGNS….of the UK and Europe.

    THEY are going to do what they always do……..BLOW …THINGS UP………
    Tourist sites …etc…..AND…..then they will blame the ….MOSLEMS !

    THEY….will ….HUFF and PUFF…and say….Oh Dear ! $$ £ !…….LOOK what the Moslem…..TERRORISTS……have done…………….

    WE…. are going to have to ….CLOSE DOWN the BANKs……….

    cos we don’t want you to find out that your money has been……

    1) STOLEN…by….a$hkeNZI…SCUM.
    2) Is worthless…….because China has reintroduced GOLD into it’s currency.

    How do I know this………..

    1) Terror ….DISTRACTION…followed by an …UNLAWFUL……attempt…..to sequestrate …UNALIENABLE Sovereign rights….is an …a$hkeNAZI pattern of …….ABHORRENT behaviours.

    2) RT News aired today…showed two a$hkeNAZI politicians….”Terry” May and a “french” politician by the name of ….Manuel Valls ?……saying that ……Terrorists attacks are expected in Europe and “Terry” M …named one of the groups as the…….I$raeli $ecret Intelligence $er-VICE……aka……I$I$.

    • beLIEve says:

      A…… five minute read…. on the emerging collapse in the finance sector by…….. Egon von Greyerz.


      He suggests areas that will provide some protection from the expected chaos are likely to be….

      1) Precious metals….gold and silver.

      2) Agricultural land…as mentioned by Adam.
      Hyperinflation is expected and, this will impact food prices.
      My personal suggestion is we should all be looking at …HYDROPONICS…..a lot can be produced from a little space.

      3) The …SECURITY INDUSTRY…………….
      alarms…fencing…etc….much needed in times of anarchy.

    • Hi, great comments. And thanks for uplifting advice, ill try not to live in fear, at whats gripping, or attempting to.grip, our world.
      How interesting Kingel the 2003 nibiru pass videos have been removed.
      How interesting all the financial shenanigans, Rothschild trillions of theft. The resource rich land acquisitions. All a bit odd if nibirus coming now. However agreed, they are psychiatrically deficient and in need of severe treatment, or even better, being thrown into the cleansing flames of hell one day.
      Again, great comments from all lately, thanks to all for tremendous inputs of info, facts, advice, and moral support.

      On a tiny phone its hard to keep track. On a laptop multiple windows can open to flit back and forth fast.
      Nickys comment cant remember where, recently, blew me away. Akasha Space.
      Nickys saying, to.my mind, how theyve lied about the very nature of space above the ISS. Is there an iluminati reason its called ISS btw.
      It seems it isnt a dead vacuum after all. The whole hawking dark matter mystery seems bullshit.
      Nickys points seem to be having loads in common .with Laviolettes SQK theory, spontaneous genic creation of matter. No big bang. http://Www.etheric.com
      Threrefore whats it really like up in.space? Do ghosts and angels and reptilian entities and souls, and fairies, all traverse space alongside ufos, on interplanetary journeys? FWIW corey goode said the SSP research vessel he was on on his 20 yr stint, was studying blob like intligent glowing life forms orbiting jupiter.

      What are we actually looking at when we see Hubble cosmos images? Heaven, literally?
      Yes Kingel, at the tap recent house greenhouse built around post, i left hydroponics ideas. Heirloom seeds are important too.
      However im in no position over the next month. To do all this. If i survive the next few months. Ill ceftainly realise, this is an essential thing i must do.
      One can see clearly now, the motivation of Government to disarm the people . Dunblane false flag? Though im sure the sickos were kiling a few birds with one stone that day.
      Could a far simpler, more elegant solution be. I just start buying Yuan cash at exchange places with my savings? And rubles perhaps? Both gold backed.
      Yes as dublinmick says what goods any of it if youve nothing to spend it on.
      But at least its a comfort to know, one holds notes sti with some proper value.
      If tshtf i might have to flee.
      Brazil perhaps. Or australia. Not NZ after reading greg hallett. I dont want to be in the same country as helen clark
      Speaking of Helen Clark, depraved evil sick twisted lesbian and worse individual. Aldouss, masha gersoncomments seemed like she is another helen clark.
      I remember in Orwells 1955 1984 film, the woman at the restaurant table saying……the aim is to.compketely do away with the family unit. And indeed the love bond between man and woman.
      This is Masha and Helen Clark, Zion Agents
      Sick individuals. Seeing Clark on the RT interview last year, i could read her aura , and sense by her eyes, skin colour, manner, shifty attitude, and Butler Sloss Savile teeth……..that woman drinks childrens blood

    • https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/dna-replication-distance/

      Luc Montagnier

      The joint winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier, is claiming that DNA can send ‘electromagnetic imprints’ of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. You can read the original paper here [PDF]. (Source) Montagnier also filed for a U.S. patent on the technology of detecting phantom replica of DNA in water: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20110027774.pdf

      The popular press and self-appointed blog experts, without bothering to investigate any further, have decided to misrepresent this important work as “teleportation” or “magic”. For example:

      Can Our DNA Electromagnetically ‘Teleport’ Itself? One Researcher Thinks So (popsci.com) The Nobel disease meets DNA teleportation and homeopathy [Respectful Insolence] (scienceblogs.com) Nobel Prize Winner Says DNA Performs Quantum Teleportation (science.slashdot.org) Scientists Debate Magical DNA Teleportation (escapistmagazine.com) Teleportation Magic Established By Science, At Last! (randi.org)

      Characterizing Dr. Montagnier’s work

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