Out means OUT. Bojo clarifies his stance on Brexit.

Having woken up rather early, I found time to look back at this assessment of Boris Johnson’t career path and biography.  He’s clearly a shrewd political operator.  Would he bumble into backing Brexit unless he thought it had legs?  It doesn’t seem so.  He’s a risk taker, and here he is taking a risk.  He’s a far cannier player at politics than many realise.  The sinister Telegraph Editor, Max Hastings played a big role in Boris’ early start up the slippery pole.

Tap Blog readers probably think I’ve gone soft following Bojo’s progress with Brexit.  I’m prepared to sup with the Devil if we can grab back any level of freedom from the totalitarian system of world government.  Sometimes you have to do that, if you want to be more than simply a keyboard warrior.  If Boris is rebelling against Cameron Minor and his paedophile Satanic regime, that’s a step away from the furnace of hell for the rest of us too.

Today Boris clarifies what he means in his approach to the EU.  Out mean Out, he says.

Roger Helmer MEP for UKIP East Midlands (maybe sensing the political ground moving for him too) writes –

BoJo clarifies

Boris Johnson makes it clear that ;Out means Out’. He agrees with us that it is not just a negotiating plan to secure better terms.

If, however,  as the Prime Minister says, a ‘Leave’ vote is followed by the Article 50 process, there will indeed be further negotiation. But it will be about a Free Trade Deal, not new terms for UK membership.

Two million migrants

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports accusations that Tony Blair presided over a secret plan to allow two million migrants into the UK.

As someone once said, “Tony Blair hated the British working class, so he decided to import a new one of his own.”

Perhaps too true to be funny, especially when EU ‘Free Movement’ allows mass immigration to continue.

Brussels silly season

And here is an example of Brussels silly season – The FT reports a cunning Health and Safety plan from Brussels to control the boiling of kettles, potentially making a cup of tea impossible.


9 Responses to “Out means OUT. Bojo clarifies his stance on Brexit.”

  1. ian says:

    Aye it is possible. It is also possible that the film was made as a PR promo video to sing his praises. I feel that it is possible that the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia, might want to spare Britain the ruination that it is visiting upon Europe, but, and it’s a big but, it is only if they have decided to bring us out, that will we be brought out. BOJO being of the silver spoon brigade would happily take a “king of the world” role. His mention of being of international Jewry, amongst other things, may be more significant than he indicates. A wasted comment I suppose, as I’m only saying that what will be will be. I still favour the idea that they want us wrecked along with Europe though.

    • Tapestry says:

      Up to a point they do want us ruined, Ian, especially the North of England, and Scotland. The Rothschilds don’t call them the Home Counties for nothing. There’s no fracking proposed around Witney. They have to live somewhere, and insiders like Boris don’t want to be on the list of slaves themselves. Cameron wants him in the back of the cart with the riff raff, but Boris isn’t ready to go there. Join his fight and we might get a leg up at the same time. Being outside the EU is a sine qua non of the survival of freedom, even though it will be made as difficult as possible for us. America/The CIA likes us inside the EU where we are no challenge and neutralised. Do we want a million young rapists delivered to our door, as is happening in Germany? Now is the moment to fight. Bojo is right, and he’s giving us a chance, our best chance. When he says it’s time to be brave, he knows the risks of challenging the Bush’s Fourth Reich Satanic Cult, as has seen the assassination of many good men and women – whether that be real, reputational or both.

      • ian says:

        Certainly our best chance. I agree and will vote, but doubt Boris will turn out to be our savior. I accept what you say though.

  2. Lynn says:

    I still smell a Rat Tap. This is another tactical move. Perhaps they are Protecting the City of London the Square mile of Banking Barrons. It is after all a hidden state above any law. It’s all smoke and mirrors yet again.

  3. bow says:

    But Boris out there, as being on the side of the people, one of us. we later, make him pm. Boris ends up being no different than the last. This is a age old patten that we should stop falling for.

    Or Boris has broken his mind control an hasn’t been found out an killed.

  4. Tom74 says:

    He’s another Daily Telegraph trojan horse – see also Carswell and Hannan. Johnson will make sure the Out side lose and then be amply rewarded. Wait and see.

    • Tapestry says:

      The problem with discounting all possible good chances to nil is that our enemies win every time. Politics is a slippery game, but there can be gains to be had. If we don’t fight back at all in resignation, we’re toast.

      Cameron gave Boris the chance for Mayor thinking he’d lose the vote to Livingstone – the poisoned chalice, never imagining he’d win two terms.

      On the back of that success, Boris has to make moves which could unseat Cameron or face no progress from hereon. No politician offers anything much, but at least we should take what they do have to offer. Any enemy of Cameron is a friend of mine. Any enemy of Cameron who unseats him is a hero to be cherished. Boris can then show if he’s sold out to the Satanists or not. At least he doesn’t appear to be the classic paedophile political leader, while Cameron’s family set-up seems decidedly false, like Blair’s, Brown’s and many many others.

  5. ferryt says:

    You have gone soft tap.

    Boris is a total establishment tool!

  6. Mark says:

    Watched vid/while doing something else. Felt slightly nauseous, not so much BJ but the compromise and corruption even he’d have to/has to swim in. Is he a pragmatic, go-as-far as can (?), be against because, into life and the crowds he believes look to him? Can’t help but speak-free-ish? Wants for moderate gains and hopes? Might not be so all-persuaded to… what? Not care at all. It’s his reactions to his past and the blush that shows most.

    He knows who’s planting the troubles? Might as well hope wins over – what? No choice? Maybe? But we, or I, don’t know. I look for some human-in, real over all-act. So Boris might, just… do some good. Or at least, hold-back the other.

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