Whatever happened to Dennis The Menace?


Trump’s on the verge of winning the Republican Nomination.   Is he intended to be the easy, unelectable opponent for Hillary ‘The Killer’ Clinton designed to ensure yet another Democrat Presidency?  The US Dennis The Menace doesn’t look like the UK original in The Beano.  I guess the UK one came first.  Did he?  He wouldn’t be that politically correct Stateside.  He’s been modernised to please the EU PC brigade as it is.


Our own UK political Dennis The Menace is fighting back against the Cameron killjoys.


If he succeeds in swinging Britain out of the EU, the Trump/Johnson special relationship beckons.  It would at least be entertaining.


I’d vote for that.


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  1. Mark says:

    Yep. DT’s a rarer than his history would indicate to expect, “I just can’t take it anymore” – and won’t. Or, as detractors trawl and wave: A narcissistic inner-player on ‘both’ sides. He could be going as far as… Until, he knows it’s ‘back-off or be killed’. Then he goes so-mouthy mad and enough swinging Republicans stay home vote-day out of protest. Job done. The R’s delegate process is supposed to let the members decide (first round/not got 51%) but even that, seems to have loopholes sufficient to circumvent. He’ll need one-big-big margin.

    He allegedly spent a week walking the golf-course, upon finally considering and deciding. R. Stone, a long-term, close and all-wake one seems to suggest he’s not got skeletons and for real. Appreciate he could go any-which-way politically but there’s still… ‘why do it?’.

    I’m less hopeful Boris is for-real and again, could he/they, come out with some OTT guff to cause a backlash the other way. Again significant margins needed to make fraud conspicuous and unworkable. And people can change or come-out from all and every con. Even Boris, I s’pose? The world is at stake after all. Boris /…they all/ his grade, know the rogues deeds, conniving and threatening, toward the bad-old world order. Perhaps ye old conscience is ticking too loud to live without – some genuine resistance?

    ‘Out of Europe’ couldn’t be worse than remain. Similarly Trump not Clinton. And Dennis – who possibly could carry that mantle or association among contemporary top-level UK or US politicals? Perhaps some very young/just-in-ones – potentially. Certainly thereabouts a handful or two, retired or gone. In Govt or opposition? No one comes immediately to mind.

    Like you, I think it’s too far a conspiracy to say – all – a play-act and all-controlled. The narrative just doesn’t speak that and make sense. We should find whatever vague hope we can and err on benefit of doubt and speak-out best-can… encourage in case. Write-out,,, not only more-Tap but more-Taps.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    I love it when a long rambling comment appears directly after something pointed.

  3. Dee says:

    Cos white men never rape anyone do they.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    In this world the simple and natural fact is that for the most part, men prefer freedom, while women prefer security.

    Some comments I have found from others and which though may be seen as provocative, I include below [not necessarily my view, understand] for the purpose of prompting intelligent and constructive debate:

    “It is exactly the reason women should have never been given the vote. A woman’s vote becomes nothing but a veto of her husband’s vote and we end up with the hated nanny state in which we now exist”.

    “When morality is not HARSHLY enforced upon females by males, they bring shame upon their men and dissolve society. Stealing children, bankrupting males, lesbianism, bisexuality, racemixing, baby-murder, sterility, totalitarian egalitarian laws, scheming and manipulating and destroying work environments, pornography, prostitution, masturbation with sex toys, etc. etc.”

    These two view points might be seen as extreme by many, but they do venture into areas of debate which it would seem are now starting to have relevance to developments in the West.


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