Was Winston Churchill the lovechild of the King of Serbia? Book makes extraordinary claims that British hero’s mother had secret relationship with Balkan prince

  • Author claims Lady Churchill met Milan Obrenovic while studying in Paris
  • Dragoslava Koprivica claims Lady Churchill’s sister wrote about their love
  • She claims Churchill tried to cover up romance by altering mother’s diary 
  • Koprivica even claims that Joseph Stalin may have known about romance 

TAP – This is cover-up in my opinion, and that of many ‘alternative’ historians.  Churchill’s father was Edward 7th, son of Queen Victoria, herself the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of the King of Serbia, a new book claims.

Author Dragoslava Koprivica claims the former British Prime Minister’s mother had a secret relationship with Milan Obrenovic before he went on to rule the Balkan state.

She also alleges that Churchill tried to cover up the romance by altering his mother’s diaries.

In her book King Milan and Lady Churchill, Koprivica, 44, says she spent years studying archives across Europe, gathering information on Jeanette Jerome, who became Lady Randolph Churchill when she married Churchill’s father Randolph in 1874.

Winston ChurchillSerbian King Milan Obrenovic

Koprivica claims her sources included the diary of one of the Lady Churchill’s sisters which reportedly described her love for Milan Obrenovic.

During her research, Koprivica also found letters from the Obrenovic family that reportedly made it clear they knew about this love.

She says Milan Obrenovic and Lady Churchill met in Paris in 1867 while they were studying and that she left diaries which Churchill allegedly altered to hide the romance.

She said: ‘After his mother’s death Churchill took her diary and removed from it all the pages where her love relationship with Obrenovic was described.

‘There are many gaps in the biographies about Churchill’s family about the time when Lady Churchill was married and conceived.

Lady Randolph ChurchillRandolph Churchill

 Koprivica alleges that Churchill removed pages from the diary of his mother Jeanette Jerome (left), who became Lady Randolph Churchill when she married Churchill’s father Randolph (right)

‘There is also clear evidence that Churchill was interfering with his and his mother biographies and in the relevant years removed everything that he didn’t like.’ 

According to Koprivica, the memoirs, diaries and letters show that her son was in fact the child of the Serbian king Milan Obrenovic (1854-1901), who was notoriously unfaithful to his wife

Presenting her book in the north Serbian town of Gornji Milanovac, she said: ‘I used hundreds of books and details from different archives to complete the book in three years.’

She added that Joseph Stalin probably knew of the relationship.

Lady Churchill pictured with her sons Winston (right) and John circa 1885

She said one of the compelling pieces of evidence was at the Yalta Conference in 1945 when Churchill met Stalin and the US president Roosevelt to decide upon the fate of post-war Europe.

Churchill was apparently strongly against the idea of a monarchy prevailing in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia at the Yalta Conference.

Koprivica used some records by Stalin in which he wrote that both him and Roosevelt were surprised by Churchill’s support for the Communists of Yugoslavia.

Because of Churchill’s policy, Stalin humorously asked (paraphrasing) ‘Did one of the Serbian monarchs personally step on your toe?’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3101024/Was-Winston-Churchill-lovechild-King-Serbia-Book-makes-extraordinary-claims-British-hero-s-mother-secret-relationship-Balkan-prince.html#ixzz3bVcBC9ns


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  1. According to Lynn Cherie Blair is or was a Monarch MKUltra mind controlled sex slave and ‘ Honey Trap’

    Can this nightmareish thought be true?

    Tap, i think we have identified the NWOs Ultimate Weapon forget everything else. This is my achilles heel.

    I will surrender and happily roll over to the NWO JWO ZWO than be forced into bed with that honey trap!
    And not to haunt the rest of your day , honey trap Fatty Abbott in a threesome i think will stop our Resistance in its tracks eternally

    • bow says:

      Cheryl Blair being a honey trap… makes sense, they spend most of their time, pursuing personal interest. But ultimately co-relate. I.e indigenous people have no human rights, yet sheblair claims to defend such rights, like terrorism rights.

      Furthering the agenda of fear an hate. As for her being mk’ed. Well haven’t they all, up there. Then they pass it on to there kids. The pedo parasites, guaranteed free sweets, amongst their minions.

      I’m yet to meet persons around here who are awake. We’re all scattered around the world. Some days, I think good will prevail, others. It goes so deep and back so far. Can this really fail can it really win. ? Is God our only hope or another weakening phy op. ???? How do I protect my child with out looking like I’m part of David ca-morons alleged conspiracy theorists death cult.

      Such attempt at any of above questioning, can cause looks of horror. “That sound to organised for our government “. Or are we all mad an that’s why I’m drawn to such sites.

      Oh well if I’m to due in the name of something. It’s not going to be evil. I do not consent to any format of abuse. I DO NOT CONSENT in the name of good.

  2. beLIEve says:

    Seems to me the ….UBIQUITOUS ….RATS-childs….are distancing themselves from their…….NUMEROUS PROGENY ?

    Yesterday I read the story of the …DISCONNECT…..of Merkel from papa …HITLER.

    Today Churchill is ….REASSIGNED….a new father/family……. DISOWNING…..the RATs-child connection.

    I can only assume RATs-child & Co: are…..INVENTING…..CLEANER parentage….for their numerous offspring in order to……..PROTECT their OFFSPRING & HEIRS….from the upcoming ….PURGE…..of all RATs-child …FILTH.

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    You don’t know of their arrival untill 1,000 years after the ….S*IT has been spitting out of the FAN !

  3. Lynn says:

    Yep.. you are correct on that score beLIEve.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    I thought he was the spawn of Ahriman?

    At least Lizzie’s mother was one of us as she was hatched by the french cook. That is why those in the know called her “cookie”.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    I believe just French, a commoner if you would. I could be wrong though. The redshield leaves remnants everywhere.

    • beLIEve says:

      And her dad ?

      Winston….. RATs-child….. “Churchill” if….. Greg Hallett is to be believed ?

      Churchill was said to be illegitimate spawn of “cween” Victorias eldest son, who was himself a ….RATs-child.

      http://www.theworldoftruth.net/Hallett Report/

      So, “cookie” is, in my book an……IMPOSTER…COMMONER….FRAUDSTER…and ..possibly a Paedophile, according to Hallett……..


      When was the last time SHE travelled abroad ?
      Isn’t there some sort of International Arrest Warrant hanging over her “personage” issued by Kevin Annetts ….Common law Court ?

      • beLIEve says:

        APOLOGIES…… for the incorrect link above……


        I wouldn’t want to deprive visitors to this site of the entertainment that Mr Hallett provides reference the “EL-iteS”…………….
        …….SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM.

  6. Lynn says:

    The redshields are in for a fall now. The Genie is out of the bottle. These fake monsters Inc are doomed. We know the history was all set up to hide this from us.

    Well hidden no longer…it isn’t going away.

  7. Lynn says:

    The Rotshields family tree is a massive squid. Their bad seeds were planted far and wide. Their offspring groomed and mentally deranged,, were manipulated and put into MKd trances. Hypnosis etc. And placed into power. Protected by a perverse system. It has worked a treat…up until now that is. You are going to see them pay dearly for their crimes very soon. They are very vulnerable and visible to the world…their black Nobility is going to be history. The Bankers are exposed as a Maffia and their casino’s finished. They will face ruination. And about bloody time. Game set and match to Putin.

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