US, NATO ‘very nervous’ about Corbyn’s disarmament plans

Published time: 14 Feb, 2016 11:14

Britain's leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn © Suzanne Plunkett
US and NATO officials are “very anxious” about Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, specifically the Labour Party leader’s aim to scrap the UK’s four Trident-armed submarines, as well as his “support for Russia.”

According to a senior government source asked by The Independent on Sunday, foreign diplomats had voiced fears about Jeremy Corbyn’s agenda to pave way for nuclear disarmament, and also his settled approach towards NATO-Russia relations.

In August 2015, Corbyn, then the left-wing frontrunner in the Labour leadership contest, used the 70th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima to declare that if he were prime minster he would not replace the Trident nuclear weapons system and would get rid of nuclear weapons entirely.

“Britain should accept that such weapons are impossible to use with any guarantee of safety and we should scrap plans for renewing the Trident nuclear [defense] system, freeing up £100 billion to spend on our national wellbeing,” said his policy paper, entitled “Plan for Defense Diversification.”

Speaking to the Independent, former NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson confirmed that there was “a great deal of nervousness” among the alliance’s members, who see Britain’s nuclear capabilities as a security guarantee.

“It’s coming from the Americans, but other countries too. People forget that the British deterrent, as well as the American deterrent, is committed to NATO.”

In a clear intervention in domestic UK politics, Lord Robertson said that Corbyn’s policies would damage Labour’s chances of winning the next general election in 2020, because of the party’s “increasingly radical stance” on defense and security issues, The Telegraph reported.

His comments came after Labour MP Madeleine Moon, also a member of the House of Commons defense select committee, told a private party meeting she was approached by NATO diplomats in Washington.

“So many delegates wanted to speak to me about the Labour Party and the stance we are taking on NATO and Trident. They were very, very anxious,” she said.

Countries in Eastern Europe rely heavily on the nuclear deterrent the UK has, Moon said, and they are “nervous about what they are hearing,” citing “much more assertive, aggressive and belligerent Russia.”

Corbyn is a long-standing advocate of peace and nuclear disarmament, saying in one of his interviews that opposing violence and war has been “the whole purpose of his life.” As chair of the Stop the War Coalition, he campaigned vigorously against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2014, when the Ukrainian crisis unfolded, he wrote an article in the Morning Star, arguing that the main cause of the war was rooted in “the US drive to expand eastwards.”

A year later, when NATO-Russia dialogue deteriorated, he told parliament that “there would be a better chance of reaching some kind of agreement with Russia if there was a clearer statement that NATO does not intend to expand into Ukraine, and that in return Russia should withdraw from its border regions.”

The latest YouGov poll suggests that Corbyn’s policies on defense issues are strongly supported by a majority of voters. Sixty-seven percent said “Yes” to Britain leaving NATO, while 65 percent and 52 percent, respectively, support significant defense budget cuts and scrapping the Trident missile system.


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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Israel can guarantee UK, freedom just bring them into the army bases for protection! 🙂 Yeah I am being funny.

    Since europe is being overrun by mass hordes anway what good is NATO protection?

    • ian says:

      Too true Dublin. Our glorious leaders will all be up to their greasy chins in the Carlyle group which will supply much of the Trident equipment via no bid contracts, thus meaning plenty of money for shareholders. Westminster also is happy to keep it in Scotland, so that a first retaliatory strike would harmlessly kill Scots, thus leaving Britain unharmed. Bastards.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Scotland was part of Britain last time I checked. Do you mean England instead of Britain?

        Funny how in English use of the word Britain happens when really someone means England. Then when someone reminds them of the true history of Britain they suddenly don’t want to know and just call it English history…

        Someone recently sent me an email about making the song ‘Jerusalem’ the new national anthem for England. They were obviously thinking this was a good idea even though it is a Rothschild agenda to try to distract from the White Genocide which is particularly bad in England and from which the English are suffering some of the worst (but are still sleepwalking along in total denial..). Anyhow back to the bright idea that Colin was trying to sell of making Jerusalem the English national anthem. This I suspect was being touted across the UK at the time as trucks began appearing around Westminster and Parliament Square advertising this campaign with music blaring, which is a sure sign of Ratchild / Cabal / Jewish involvement (imagine someone doing that with a sign saying something positive for England / Britain like immigrants out or an end to Corrupt Banking etc etc – no never in a million years). Anyway getting back to the email. I was busy at the time so my email response was to the point:

        A song about an event that happened in a part of Britain that is not English and at a time when there were no Anglo-Saxons living in Britain and when England had not yet come into existence, being used as a national anthem for England was and is a laughable idea and I said as much.

        As soon as that email was sent that whole campaign died (one of the benefits of being watched like a hawk by the scum that oppress us I can have more effect on policy than if I was paying millions to lobbyists each year lol- they have to do that when you have repeatedly slapped them and spat in their faces – do I sound like I am goading someone lol!)
        Jerusalem anthem for England RIP.

        It just shows how the Crypto Jews run things in Westminster as any native person with an ounce of historical knowledge would know instantly how flawed that idea was and so would not have proceeded with it to the stage that money was being put up for it.

        By the way I am all for England having its own anthem (the Scots have theirs the Irish and the Welsh have theirs etc) and I think it is fair and right. What is needed is an Englishman or woman to write a good tune and words. Would it not be better for the government to set up a competition and put up a prize for that?

        Just don’t give it to some crypto or blackie

      • ian says:

        Aye, I was trying to be satirical MS, sort of trying to imagine that though Scotland is part of Britain, only the South East corner of England matters and is truly Britain. Keep winding them up mate, you’re doing a good job.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Balanced and Truth Based Reporting only available on the Free Internet Press

    Northern Europeans are The Children of Israel.

    If you have not understood that then research it. If you still cannot come to terms with it then examine your own racial history and then question that.


  3. salty says:

    Germans stage anti-NATO protest in Munich

    Feb 15th, 2016.

    Hundreds of Germans have held a demonstration to express their outrage at the warmongering policies of NATO and the West in the Middle East, where they have been engaged in a so-called anti-Daesh bombing campaign.

    According to reports, some 2,000 anti-war protesters took to the streets of Munich, where the 52nd Munich Security Conference (MSC) was underway, saying the meeting had nothing to do with peace and security.

    The protesters held banners reading, “North Atlantic Terror Organization,” “End the terror war” and “Abolish the Bundeswehr,” referring to the German armed forces.

  4. Lynn says:

    They are losing and they don’t like losing, bullies never do. They want Turkey to strike at Syria to keep the idea they are fighting Daish.
    It isn’t looking good as once Russia retaliates in defence the world will be fooled into all out war blaming Russia.

    They were invited to protect an ally. NATO will then go in under the guise that Turkey is a NATO member and they will be the real scum that kicked this hot war off.

    What a bloody scam.!!!

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