2 Responses to “Upton anti-fracking camp has moved to Lower Kinnerton, threatened by IGas with Coalbed Methane Extraction”

  1. 11:22 pm posted Tap. This is a sign. Not only Spirit saying this is an important article, but also that They are with us, watching us, and feel the same as us, and doing all they can from behind the scenes, assisting, fighting, in the realm up there where time is non linear. BUT HAS A DIRECT 2 WAY COMMUNICATION LINK INTO THIS LINEAR TIME REALM. THATS VERY INTERESTING AND PROFOUND

    That means Spirit can operate nanosecond by nanosecond here now. 11:22 is a message that we are all on the right track, doing well, and They are with us. I am sure of it. I see 11s, 22s, 33s, all the time.
    7s and 11s. I allow for natural random chance.

    many forces are coming down to bear Tap on us now, as Satan and his NWO colleagues, minions, have realised, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE THEIR MOVE, SINCE COSMIC ASTROLOGICAL ALIGNMENTS NOW ARE AGAINST THEM. AND IN OUR FAVOUR NOW.



    I am fastening up the full Armour of God, ensuring.i can engage in spiritual, psychological, and if need be physical battle. Like a samurai

    It is interesting to contemplate Men Scryfa. The therapeutic use of DMT in controlled, safe circumstances. In cases of
    – approaching death due to illness, removing fear
    – overcoming grief of loss of a loved one. Seeing the Veil and the multidimensional enormity, complexity, a glimpse. Should surely help
    – a sense of coming annhilation and chaos. Planet X?

    I do not see the point of all the lockdown measures, gmos, emfs, vqccines, chemtrails. In the face of planet X the Destroyer . Why do they bother?

    http://tapnewswire.com/2016/02/the-power-of-dmt-and-my-experience-of-the-afterlife/#comment-53306 [NOTICE TAP HOW ITS 22 COMMENTS THERE NOW]

    Also MS. Why does Paul Laviolette not worry and discuss planet X? It never gets mentioned on etheric.com. and Laviolette has his finger on the true pulse. He does concern himself with an incoming Superwave from the galactic central core. Yet this could have pineal gland and DNA activating effects in us all, ratger than annhilation. Is this why chemtrails etc are being employed instead? Is Nibiru a long in the making carefully laid psyop?

    Also men scryfa why is laura walker at oraclereport.com so optimistic, and challenges the planet X domesday stuff so powerfully with her Gnostic Sabian Vedic astrological daily energetics report?

    Is Laura Walker a Jesuit blqck sun worshipping shill?
    Or might she be calling the illuminati out on their Domesday bullsh*t?

  2. ” •most journalists don’t report the real news;
    •the majority of doctors don’t truly understand the causes of poor health and how to legitimately resolve it;
    •a high proportion of politicians don’t know how the money supply works and what the agenda is of those who control it;
    •many so-called expert scientists ‘believe’ in a discredited philosophy which resembles a dogmatic religion;
    •the majority of teachers don’t realize they’re teaching a system of indoctrination that nowhere near gets close to the information and critical thinking that should be afforded our kids; and
    •the masses are not only ill-informed, divided and feverishly fighting against each other over small and irrelevant topics, but they’re also sleepwalking through one of the most majestic and reverent realities that could have ever been conceptualized.

    Well, welcome to our world.

    As we begin what we call the 21st Century, every system that should be designed to facilitate the health and vitality of the people has been hacked with lies, deception, dysfunction and disharmony. It’s easy to think that this is an embarrassment for our species because it’s beneath our intelligence and ethical capacity, yet there’s no need to lose faith in the inevitable betterment of humanity, including the way in which we organize and economize our societies.

    Why? Because all of this dysfunction has been an effective driver of the collective awakening that is rising in the hearts and minds of humanity. ”


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