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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Just want to say I went and spat on the steps of the MI5 building tonight.

    Feel free to give me the thumbs up!

    • An incredible things just happened. An extremely unusual thing. They must have keystroke monitoring going on. I just finished 5 mins ago, a fantastic comment to you about Icke, the BBC, littered with loads of devastating observations and attacks and points made. And questions asked.

      I even copied the text. Just at the point of clicking the send button, the page froze. SO I quickly went to gmail to paste it there. Paste function wouldn’t work. SO I tried to open another gmail page, still the paste wouldn’t work. The whole computer froze , had to restart, and of course paste comment was lost.

      I think this episode has been very revealing about weak spots of the Enemy. I will try and retrace my mental steps and type it again.

      BBC wogan Icke gorilla99 motives reasons for.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yep Adam you have definitely graduated to the Premier League. They have to have an individual appointed to shadow you online to pull that kind of caper off. Most of it is by A.I. but some of it cannot be done without having a team monitoring as it requires too much discretion. They used to run a police car by the house I was in at times when I was blogging and they would do a quick burst on the siren to say, “Don’t Post that”. Sometimes I would listen sometimes not.

        Watch out for them downloading kiddie porn to your computer and then doing a raid. That is a favourite set up – esp now that they can “legally” hack “suspects” phones and computers. We are going to see a massive surge in that kind of fit up


      Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana
      Is Cannabis Curb Coming to an End?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        That f***in munkey ‘Abe’ was a classical example of this kind of pollution

        It is of course also about money and making criminality legal – law of reversal

      • beLIEve says:


        There is a you tube video posted somewhere, that describes the protocol adopted by a lady in Australia ? who I believe had lung cancer.

        She successfully treated herself with …Cannabis ?…. oil but made it into pill form using organic coconut oil and …..placed it up the…. “north west passage”……..enema style.

        I do not know if …..”northern territory”… use of these remedies makes any difference ?

    • Pothead says Marijuana is a Trap

      (did you say last night the makow site is now discredited? Must find that flat earth one)


      When i get round to making the alternative medicine blog. Which is in its embryonic stage. And will grow in fits and starts and maybe have periods where i do nothing. I would really like us to synergystically put coresearch things to clarify matters, strategies. Get at truth.
      Heres a few matters on my mind
      – the worldwide ‘antiestablishment’ medical marijuana movement is being orchestrated by rockefellers and others i am sure of it. There must be a catch. Maybe the strains out and about the cabal are alowing to flood the world, kill delicate brain areas for 6th and 7 th chakra spiritual development and independence from Tyranny?
      – yet cannabis oil, or juiced leaves, seem to work. Need to navigate thru this minefield issue.
      – Protocel for cancer. What is it how does it work is it good or fake. Should we be trumpeting protocel and cantron plus pancreatic enzymes pancreatin therapy. Plus coffee enemas. Like the murdered dr gonzales in NYC practiced until recently?

      – why am i the only one questioning marijuana? Theres a rockefeller catch somewhere!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Probably onto something there with marijuana – it is linked to too much psychiatric illness for it to be harmless.

        Of course some people might want to argue about that but by my own limited observation I think there must be some truth to the assertions that it can cause psychological damage. But I agree the cannabis oil appears to have remarkable results with cancer and other illnesses so perhaps one needs to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        Makow was getting hammered by his commenters regarding Flat Earth. I am not sure exactly what to believe at the minute but I tend to think that Makow has at the very least let himself down with a very dismissive and ridicule ridden article that in fairness did not address any of the serious points and questions that have been raised by the flat earth gang.

        It is sad to see a member of the AM falling into the same reaction and response that the mainstream has given to so-called ‘Conspiracy Theory’ (i.e. Truth) research.

        Questioning = Good

        Dogmatism = Bad

    • How can I watch out for, stop that, disturbing development? And even if I do watch out for it and identify it, it will still open up a terrible situation to fight out of.

      Let it be known here and now Tapblog, for the record on 14th February 2016, what Men Scryfa and I discussing. Please if anything of this nature should happen, I want and hope you will all aggressively come to my defence. Henry, Mike? and help. I could not cope with that kind of association. Please take notice of this disturbing thing Men Scryfa has just said Henry, Mike. Please

      • beLIEve says:


        The kiddie porn …………….STITCH UP.

        Chris Spivey site has put a call out for …legal/Lawful HELP……for a man on hunger strike in, I believe, Birmingham prison.

        He has been stitched up with ….kiddie porn…..on his computer.

        His…..REAL….. crime….he wrote a book an expose, it may have been reference the Princess of Wales ?

        Some….OVERLY SENSITIVE types……Fcuk’d his computer……. then arrested him……….apparently.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Thumbs up!

    As I have said there is nothing new in the idea of destroying Germany, that was always the goal along with destroying Russia and dividing up the resources.

    WWI and WWII were about the same, get Russians and Germans killing each other. The little corporal and the jesuit priest Stalin did a great job there. Hitler had 30 million Germans and 90 million Russians snuffed, Germany divided and blown to the stone age, the establishment of Isreal. Diesel subs to Israel from Germany at cut rate bargain basement prices, reparations money for 70 years and counting and the yellow dog press bombing Germany with guilt feelings so they are now more easily destroyed by ISIS.

    Yeah Adolf Rothschild is a hero alright.

    Now the game is the same, work Russia through the Ukraine and Germany with the mass immigration, rapes and crime. Same goal, different tactics.

    The vatican and crown which have always installed Germany’s masonic politicians smell blood and final solution.

    After all Rome has never forgiven Germany for stopping the roman legions outside their borders. Can’s have any more of that in the future and they need to be snuffed out fast before some of them wake up.

    • ian says:

      Well put D, it is starting to make sense even to me now. I have had difficulty believing that Hitler was against Germany, but as you put it there, it makes sense. Thanks.

  3. Lynn says:

    Ah the unforgiving and unrelenting NWO. What a bunch of cretins. Their strategy may change but their goal remains the same.
    Well said DM.

    • Dublinmick says:

      You can see it in the Russian press and their commenters today, most don’t want to admit that Stalin was working for the man.

      Krushchev was a khazar also and he gave away Crimea and parts of Russia to form the Ukraine.

      • beLIEve says:

        I there a Nation on the Planes of Earth that has …….AVOIDED…an……a$hkeNAZI …INFESTATION ? ?

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